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ZendProfitz Review


Welcome to my ZendProfitz review and today I will introduce to you a brand new fully automated traffic and conversion app.

But wait! If you are wondering that this app is the same as many other traffic apps out there which just promise you free traffic and leads but can not get you to the right way, it’s definitely not. Of course, I am just happy when you feel satisfied. That’s why I just bring to you a software that truly works.

As an online marketer, I know how hard it is to get real traffic and leads especially if you are a beginner. Tons of generating-traffic applications advertised you targeted traffic with fast results. But does it show you the real result or just ended up messing everything?

If converting traffic to sales is too hard for you, let’s give this product a try. If you like the idea of getting your hands on top quality free traffic on demand and having a ‘done for you’ automated system, you are in the right place. So let’s dive into my review to find out what exactly this product gives you!



Creator Jason Fulton & Seun Ogundele
Product ZendProfitz
Launch Date 2021-Jul-07
Launch Time 09:00 EST
Official website Click Here
Front-End Price $19
Bonuses YES
Skill All Levels
Guarantee 365 Days Money Back Guarantee
Niche Tools & Software
Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend Highly Recommend!


ZendProfitz is the world’s 1st fully automated software that gets leads in any niche for free, sends traffic to any link or offer with a single click, and uses a powerful conversion loophole to make us $21 per click with no hard work required.

All you need to do is in just 2 easy steps for free targeted traffic:

Step 1: Grab Targeted Leads in  any niche for free (app automatically finds targeted leads and loads them into the included push-button conversion boosting autoresponder)


Step 2: ZendProfitz automatically sends unlimited traffic to the exact ‘done for you’ campaigns that pay us $21 per click.



The product is developed by Jason Fulton and his partner – Seun Ogundele.

This couple maybe not strange to you, especially if you passionate about online marketing. By launching a long list of high-quality products, their name is always at the top of vendor and recommend by gurus in this field.

Before launching ZendProfitz, Jason and his colleague have proven their talent with several hit products such as Tocked, Crypto Profitz, Fast Commission Generator, ProfiTorial 2.0, Ghosted, Phizz, Scratchz, ChecKitz, Pockitz… and many more. And I believe their next product will not disappoint you.

Let’s figure out what exactly this product brings to you in the next part!


Here is what you will get inside this miracle tool:

   ♦   2-Click ZendProfitz App (Valued At $47/Month)

Inside The ZendProfitz Easy-To-Use dashboard, you will get access to:

   [+]   Audience Builder: which collect targeted lead in any niche for free

   [+]   Conversion Booster: that send unlimited advertorial emails for results without monthly fees

   [+]   Click Booster: There is no selling income system, you get paid when people click on your links, regardless if they buy.

   [+]   Done For You Campaigns: You will receive the exact campaigns which are used to make $21 per click on autopilot.

   ♦   Step-By-Step ZendProfitz Video Training (Valued At $197)

Follow along with the video training, it will show you exactly how you can use ZendProfitz to get FREE traffic that makes $21 per click with no hard work required. You can do this in your spare time, so it is perfect if you don’t have a lot of time, or you have a day job.

   ♦   Cheat Sheet: $1,000 This Week With ZendProfitz (Valued At $497)

Moreover, this product also includes Cheat Sheet that reveals an insider method that beta testers are using to make an EASY $1,000+ per with ZendProfitz so you can follow along and replicate their results.

   ♦   24/7 Premium Support (Valued At $297)

ZendProfitz is cloud-based and easy to use, but if you ever need help with the software, their dedicated support team is just an email away 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.


Let me show you how you can successfully apply this product and start running your promotion campaigns in just a few steps.

Firstly, using your registered email to log into the system:


Once you successfully get log in, you will get access to all stats of your account and campaigns on the main dashboard like this seen below:


Build Audience

Firstly, to have the best results for your campaigns, let’s get access to section “Build Audience” to build your targeted audience list.

Here you click to the link available to download Lead Grabber software and install it. Don’t worry about complication because it includes the detail tutorial and video instruction for you. Just follow some simple steps to grab targeted email leads easily:


After installing it successfully, you just need to enter the keyword about your niche that you want. There are various source for searching leads, all from major social media and websites that ensure your leads from trusted sources:


In minutes, you will have your targeted email leads as below. You can stop searching leads and download leads in a button:


Move to the next part, you get access to Manage Leads to create your new list and import leads into this list. In just some simple steps, you have your own targeted email leads that helps you drive unlimited traffic via email campaigns:


Create campaigns

In the next step, you can create new campaign yourself or choose DFY campaigns:


There are 2 types of campaigns that you can choose. Click to Regular campaign if you want to choose email-embedded advertorials campaign:


Choose your list and follow these simple steps as below to complete your campaign:



ZendProfitz handles content for you. All you need to do is just select a template, customize the content the way you desire with powerful but easy-to-use HTML email builder as below:


You can also use drag & drop editor to customize your campaigns. Then click Save & close:


From now you can send out advertorial emails. And you can review your email as you want and check it again:


You can also set the delivery time to send emails as below:



Don’t forget that this product also provide you DFY campaigns that help you start from scratch. It includes various templates in many niche for free. Just click and use it, or customize as you want to create your own campaigns easier and faster:


ZendProfitz Review – The Demo Video


   ♥   This App Totally Sets Apart With Other Traffic Apps By Advertorials

There are many traffic apps out there that promise you generating more traffic, sales and conversions in various ways. But no one has ever released software that leverages the power of email-embedded advertorials to skyrocket profits.

Of course, advertisement is obviously an effective medium for online marketing. So that the creator team started to brainstorm and decided to harness the power of advertorials. As result, here you have the perfect art of generating completely ‘done for you’ advertorials in any niche that convert like crazy.

   ♥   This Product Finds Targeted Leads To Make Real Money

As you might know, the best kind of traffic is targeted traffic. But finding hot, targeted leads does not happen overnight. People are getting smarter, it is harder to make them click on your websites. Instead of using the old-school method, this product collects targeted leads in any niche for free.

With Audience builder, it allows you to create your own customer list which truly brings money into your pocket in a simple push-button way. Stop desperate with long list customers but don’t get the real result, take first place in your competition with this proven-to-work product. This exact conversion-boosting campaign will make you $21+ per click with less work.

   ♥   Done-For-You Campaigns Helps You Start From Scratch

This product is completely created for beginners, it means anyone can explode the profit with this app. With an easy-to-use interface, a newcomer can totally your first campaigns with DFY package. It includes step by step video training and cheat sheet to make sure you are possible to generate traffic, leads and sales using this product.

Let’s look at what beta testers talk about ZendProfitz:



If you belong to the list below, I would highly recommend you to consider buying this product:

   ♥   Affiliate Marketers

   ♥   Video Marketers

   ♥   List Builders

   ♥   Product Creators

   ♥   Students

   ♥   Full Time Employees

   ♥   Single Parents

   ♥   People With Limited Time

   ♥   Retired People

   ♥   Newbies

And anyone looking to get push-button traffic without paying for ads needs ZendProfitz.


ZendProfitz FRONT – END: $19

Obviously, we can not deny tons of opportunities to make money with this product meanwhile you only need to pay a low price – $19.  Finally, stop wasting time and money and get the consistent results you deserve.

You are in luck today because you can get your hands on something that is so sophisticated, easy, and effective at an incredible price. Don’t waste another precious moment, hit buy now to avail ZendProfitz at the lowest one-time cost. Pay once & profit for eternity.

If you use ZendProfitz and don’t make money for some crazy reason or just change your mind anytime during the next 365 days, open a ticket or send them an email, and they will send you a refund. This investment is totally no risky.



Besides offer such a great software empowering you to creating an affiliate site promoting cryptocurrency related offers, the vendor also offers some handy bonuses which combine perfectly with ZendProfitz.

The list of Infinite ZendProfitz:

ZendProfitz-bonus-1 ZendProfitz-bonus-2



   ♥   Perfect for beginners

   ♥   Never-before seen software app

   ♥   Do this from any device with internet

   ♥   Gets leads for free in any niche in just 1-click

   ♥   App automatically sends a surge of traffic to any link and makes us $21 per click

   ♥   Upgrade your life, travel, and do this from anywhere

   ♥   1 year money back guarantee

   ♥   Get $4,485 in bonuses for free


   X   I am totally happy with this product


I believe this is what you need to start making first money online. Grab this powerful product as soon as possible to take advantage of all its benefits. And I hope my ZendProfitz review can help you make the best buying decision.

Once again, thank you for reading my review from beginning to end.


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