Zaxtra Review: DFY Cash-Pulling Marketplace, Really?


Zaxtra Review

The Unique White Label Software Enables You To Start Selling Any Digital Product, Course Instantly

Welcome my fellow online marketers,

Selling digital products & services is a tough nut to crack, & can’t be done by every random Joe out there today.

You need to learn multiple technical fundamentals, create an engaging website or landing page, integrate payment gateway and manage products & services, etc & tons of other tasks that need time and effort, and even after that, there’s no surety of getting real results. If you also faced all this, it’s time to break the monotony today

So here let me ask you a few very obvious questions:

Are you willing to grab your share from the HUGE digital commerce industry? Are you willing to say goodbye to trying to piece together multiple software platforms and pay a huge monthly fee?

If the answer is yes, then you should continue reading because in the review today, I will unveil a never-seen-before opportunity to dive into the huge digital commerce industry without actually doing any grunt work. This ground-breaking product is called Zaxtra.

It is the world’s #1 digital marketplace builder to sell unlimited downloadable products such as ebooks, music, stock bundles as well as services, membership sites, and your software-as-a-service business anywhere around the globe.



Creator Mintware Madhav & Dr. Sameer
Product Zaxtra
Launch Date 2021-Oct-30
Launch Time 11:00 EST
Official website Click Here
Front-End Price $77
Skill All Levels
Guarantee 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Niche Tools & Software
Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend Highly Recommend!


Zaxtra is the most amazing all-in-one digital marketplace suite that allows you to immediately start selling any digital product you have, or have rights to sell – be it software products, eBooks, courses.

And if you don’t have your own products, then simply choose from Zaxtra’s white-label software library and instantly start selling them as your own. You can even rebrand Zaxtra’s software and give it your own unique touch. There’s no easier way to instantly become a premium software and digital products vendor.

And best of all, you can do all of it in just 4 simple steps:

STEP 1: Select Product


Use your own product or select a product from our DFY white-label software library

STEP 2: Connect Payment Gateway


Connect your Stripe account and start accepting payments on one-time or recurring payment mode including trial, or for Free.

STEP 3: Provide Instant Access


Zaxtra has a reliable delivery system that works with webhooks and can be integrated with any third-party app using its API.

STEP 4: Manage & Grow


Now you have an intuitive dashboard to manage your users, plans, roles, subscriptions, invoices, reports, and a lot more – all at a glance!

And all this with no technical or coding skills needed whatsoever. Easily connect.



This amazing product is brought to you by Mintware Madhav & Dr. Sameer.

With many years of experience in software development and helping a massive number of happy repeat customers in multiple niches, they have come across thousands of clients struggling & praying to get results.

This team made their presence felt on the Warrior Plus marketplace over the past few years and always had this expertise for technology and that reflects in the launches that you may have heard of: Firelist, StreamOut, Revyuze, Automatione, Mintware One, XFunnels Reloaded, CoachZippy and more.


This all-in-one digital marketplace is feature-packed, yet super-easy and intuitive to use. Start selling products with Zaxtra:


Once you get your hands on the product, you’re getting everything you need to get impressive results. Let’s take a look:

   ♦   Add Product

Add any digital product you have and start selling it instantly, be it software, eBooks, pdf, images, templates – anything!

   ♦   White-label Library

Don’t have a product? No problem! Choose from our white-label library of premium, hand-picked software products and start selling them as your own. You can even rebrand them fully.

   ♦   Collect Payments

Connect Stripe with a few easy clicks and you’re ready to get paid handsomely for your awesome products.

   ♦   Manage Subscriptions

The creators have built one of the simplest tools to integrate into your current system.

   ♦   Customizable Sales Pages

Fully modify your sales pages and adapt them to suit your products’ pitch perfectly.

   ♦   Track Sales

Always be on top of how your sales figures are performing. Get instant and deep insights right in your dashboard.

   ♦   Fully Functional Website

Build all the pages you need for your website right within Zaxtra to have a fully functional and customizable website.

   ♦   Fully Functional Blog

Create your own blog within Zaxtra and build even more authority in the marketplace. Add and modify articles anytime.

   ♦   Custom Navigation

Create your very own navigation menu for your website within Zaxtra and give your site visitors a smooth navigational experience.

   ♦   User Management

Create your very own navigation menu for your website within Zaxtra and give your site visitors a smooth navigational experience.

   ♦   Billing & Invoices

Create your very own navigation menu for your website within Zaxtra and give your site visitors a smooth navigational experience.

   ♦   Coupons

Create your very own navigation menu for your website within Zaxtra and give your site visitors a smooth navigational experience.

   ♦   Notifications

Create your very own navigation menu for your website within Zaxtra and give your site visitors a smooth navigational experience.

   ♦   Intuitive Dashboard

Create your very own navigation menu for your website within Zaxtra and give your site visitors a smooth navigational experience.

   ♦   Developer API

Create your very own navigation menu for your website within Zaxtra and give your site visitors a smooth navigational experience.


Let me show you the way to deploy this platform to create your online marketplace and sell your products & services.

First, sign up for your account:


Then you will be able to get access to this main dashboard:


Click on the “Add New Product” to start adding a new one to the main dashboard


Here, you will be able to choose and add new DFY products from this software to your library by clicking on the “Add To Dashboard” button.


Or your can also add your own product like this seen below:


Then, go back to the dashboard, you can see all of your added products presented there:


Now, click on “Access Seller Dashboard” to adjust your chosen product’s settings. From Configure Product to Configure Domain and set up your product’s content, including Setup Home Page, Manage Custom Pages, Manage Navigation, Manage posts. You can also Manage Users, Manage Plans and Manage Coupons:


Especially, click on the “Manage posts” and you will be able to add in new posts for your selling product:


Next, provide your information to start creating a new post:


Click on the “Reports” to access your sales reports:


Follow your sales reports here:


Zaxtra Review – The Demo Video


First of all, I have to say that Zaxtra makes it easy for you to create your own marketplace to configure & sell your services to any audience and in any niche so you too can grab your share from the huge SAAS industry & stand against the top market players with no hassles at all.

Moreover, you might be aware that it usually takes hours or even days to create a single digital product that the audience needs. So, whether you’re a newbie or an expert, this is something you can’t afford to miss out on at any cost.


In addition, the sky is the limit for the potential of earning money with Zaxtra. You can sell a high in-demand product or service start selling online even if you don’t have a product, get more viewers for your coaching/ training or build a membership site to convert your knowledge into income.

Finally, you can leave out the monotonous 9-5 job hassles and get maximum exposure for your offers hands down. Besides, you can decide what you want to charge your customers. Also easily decide if you want to charge a one-time or recurring price. Getting recurring customers is the holy grail of any digital/online business, and Zaxtra allows your subscribers to achieve exactly that.

To sum up, this is your best chance to stand against the odds & provide a world-class checkout and consumption experience to your audience. Let’s see how happy the users are about their experience:




With Zaxtra, it’s finally time to stop paying to multiple third-party apps forever and with such a small one-time investment. I advise you to act as soon as you can as you will be paying less for so much more because after the launching period, the price will surely jump up and you’ll be in great regret for not purchasing it earlier.

The creators have spent countless hours perfecting it so that you can simply copy us, and enjoy the results. They could easily charge $1,000 for it, and it would still be worth it, as no one else is doing this.

Lucky for you, during this special launch only. this product is introduced with humble prices of $97 one-time (apply code zx20off for $20 off)

Let’s take a closer look at the feature excerps: 5 white-label apps; 10 products; 10GB file storage; 10 custom domains; Ready API; 500k monthly views; 5,000 customers; 10 custom pages


In addition, do not forget the one-time limited offer you can get during this special launch.




  • Sell unlimited digital products with complete ease
  • Tap into $5.4 trillion global retail eCommerce industry today
  • Easily build & manage unlimited products
  • Manage memberships & subscriptions hassle-free
  • Start selling immediately with our white-label library of premium, hand-picked software products
  • Use smart checkout links to receive payments with no boundaries
  • Collect payments instantly from around the world
  • Create high converting sales pages for your offers
  • Build fully functional and customizable business websites
  • Sleek, easy to use business interface
  • Track sales & payments in a few clicks globally
  • Boost your brand authority with a fully customizable blog
  • Easily manage billing & invoices from a single place
  • Use push notifications to catch audience attention when they’re most engaged
  • Manage multiple users in a hassle-free manner
  • No prior tech or marketing skills needed
  • Premium support for all users
  • 100% cloud-based & user friendly


I have nothing negative to say about this product


To sum up, if you want to create your own fully controlled affiliate marketing system without paying a big monthly fee forever, all from start to finish, then Zaxtra by is made for you.


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