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WebinarFlow Review


While the pandemic situation is still ongoing and there are complicated changes, remote work has become a reasonable alternative and it seems that people tend to choose this form of work even if it is allowed to be back to the company. That’s why online seminars are increasingly being upgraded and properly invested. From sales sessions or new product launches, quality needs to be ensured from images to content and to ensure the smooth and successful online broadcast as expected.

Maybe you are too familiar with Zoom or Google Meet, but really to affirm the professionalism for each online event of your business, you must change to another new platform.

Today, I brought to you a product called WebinarFlow that helps you organize webinars easily with a modern, professional design and especially allows you to use pre-record if you don’t want to show up live. I’m sure you’ll love this product, take a moment to find out if it’s the tool you’ve been looking for all this time and really made for you.

Welcome to my WebinarFlow review,



Creator Tim Verdouw
Product WebinarFlow
Launch Date 2022-Apr-08
Launch Time 11:00 EST
Front-End Price $37 – $57
Skill All Levels
Guarantee 14 Days Money Back Guarantee
Niche Tool & Software
Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend Highly Recommend!


WebinarFlow is a brand new, beautifully designed, super-modern webinar platform that can run fully live, live-like and automated webinars with no tech skills needed and in perfect, lag-free quality.

This webinar platform is perfect for business owners including local businesses, online marketers, agencies, and anyone who wants to create an impact using the most powerful marketing and conversion method out there ever – webinars!



Tim Verdouw built this wonderful software. He is a famous figure in the marketplace with a long time as an online marketer, software developer, and respectable vendor. He is in the top 1% with a number of affiliate sales of 11,000 and won “Product of the day” many times. He tries his best to be able to bring to users products that are cheap but get the fastest results, which can be seen through the products that he has launched before like AffiliateSecret.


People are looking for walkthrough solutions like live training, live workshops, live demo, a real-time experience, etc. Therefore, doing webinars for your products and services is extremely important in 2022 because you can give them something more value-driven and actionable

WebinarFlow’s Job Is To Help Convert Leads Into Buyers

This app lets you use your pre-recorded videos and run them as live webinars. It is possible to drive massive engagements, generate leads, and enjoy sales using this app from any location.

1/ Broadcast Any Pre-Recorded Video As Live Webinar On Auto Mode


It will be possible for you to simply upload your pre-recorded video, set the date and time, and hit the ‘Click’ button. This app will stream your videos as live webinars on your behalf.

It’s suitable for anyone who fears facing the camera and doesn’t know how to engage users while going live.

2/ Conduct Smooth Webinars


It will be possible for you to go live in less than 5 minutes without facing any lags, delays, and crashes owing to the fantastic peer-to-peer technology.

From enabling unlimited attendees to including up to 15 coordinators to a quick chat option, there is nothing like this feature that will supercharge your traffic, leads, and conversions.

3/ Add External Media


You can also use external media like videos and more to your webinars, making it even more exciting and engaging.

4/ Smooth Screen Sharing


This option lets you customize your video sharing experience where it will be possible to share the entire screen – helping participants understand your webinars easily.

5/ Remind Your Attendees


This feature reminds your participants about a live webinar via reminder emails and registration confirmation support. It ensures a certain number of attendees go live in your webinar, helping you engage them and enjoy better conversions.

6/ Join In-Browser Feature


Let’s assume, you have all the skills needed to build that perfect funnel/ landing page as per your needs. But trust them, building it from scratch will take ages of time, effort, and money. You may either use some funnel/ site-building tools or start working from a scratch by using design and development platforms

7/ Record And Replay


You can record your webinars and replay them later for any new attendees in the future. All these are kept in a mini archive to overview the number of webinars you have conducted so far.

8/ Track And Export


You can also track your webinar participants and customize your sessions for an enriched experience later. You can also export different sources to be displayed even during and after webinars to boost understanding.

9/ True HD Quality


Your participants will be able to attend your webinars in true HD quality at any time or location. Clear-to-see webinars mean being able to spread your message quickly and get repeat users.

10/ No Delays


The webinars you host will face no lags, delays, or technical glitches to put off your participants and face embarrassment.

11/ Proven To Convert Landing Pages


You don’t have to be a design pro to create landing pages for user registration. Without coding skills, you can make them all, from ready-to-use templates to branding customization and replay pages. Also, you get the unlimited hosting facility to enjoy a large pie of traffic to your webinars.

12/ Ability To Integrate With Any System


You can easily use the algorithms of WebinarFlow to integrate it with top marketing automation systems and hit your sales touch the roof.

13/ Collect Payments Directly To PayPal


PayPal collects all the sales made via your webinars using WebinarFlow right inside the app.

14/ Round The Clock Customer Support


You have 24X7 customer support to handle your users’ queries and technical glitches. It means you can easily focus on your business without responding to customer queries.

WebinarFlow Review – The Software Walkthrough

When you log in successfully, it leads you to this main dashboard. You can manage your total events or upcoming events:


Step 1: Decide What Event Type To Run

You need to choose the type of event you want to create: Live Webinar, Pre-recorded Webinar, Meeting, Live Class.


After choosing the type of event, you will set up your webinar here. Set a title, choose the date, time.



Step 2: Set Up The Event Webinar

  • Registration Page Settings

You will choose an image to make the theme image for your registration form:


Add text, choose color, set a timer for it:


And you will have this one:


You can also add videos from Youtube. Just copy the link and paste it here:


If you want to share your webinar directly to social media platforms, just add them in this section.


Add more tracking code if necessary.


With social media preview, you can create a post by adding an image, title and description here


You can insert other text lines if you have many targeted customers around the world.


There are many email templates here for you. Just edit if you need or write your own email to promote your webinars.


Create bulk invitations for your attendees and send them all one time.


It is okay to do it manually


But it will be faster and let your webinars have more traffic.

Step 3: Conduct Your Webinar

When you’re done, go back to the homepage to join or edit your webinars. You just need to send the registration link to your lists so that your customers can join through the link:


There are some notes to take before running your webinar:

Select the way to join the audio: Microphone or listen only


You will choose the type of camera quality and virtual background.


In case you want to share the contents on your computer screen, just open the screen sharing setting:


You can share the screen with your camera


You can add texts, shapes, draws, and choose the colors of your texts to support your presentation:


It allows you to upload your presentation in a minute or other materials you need for the meeting:


You are ready to present and show it to your attendees


Want to share a video from a different source? WebinarFlow has this feature for you!


If you want to save the video, click “start recording” to watch it again or post it on social media


So I have just shown you the process of running a live webinar completely from the WebinarFlow dashboard. If you are busy on a regular basis but still want to run a webinar, just choose the “Pre Recorded Webinar” type

It will be possible for you to simply upload your pre-recorded video, set the date and time, and hit the ‘Click’ button. This app will stream your videos as live webinars on your behalf.


You can check another demonstration video below: 

WebinarFlow Ratings – Is It Worth Buying?

  • It Is Very Easy To Operate

If you look at the features of this product, you might think that it is too complicated and you can hardly use them. However you are wrong, everything is designed to be as modern as possible so that you can use them effectively.

You just need to set up each section, fill in any fields that are asked to fill in the information, hit the save button and that’s it. The vendor understands the things you often encounter when giving a presentation, no matter how well you prepare, you will always have problems.

WebinarFlow gives you professional presentations, without lag or crashes, with sharp camera quality and fine-tuned microphones. Of course, you can also insert text, images, files, videos, and even share the screen to make your presentation more convincing.

  • WebinarFlow Allows You To Use Pre-Recorded Videos For Your Webinars

If you have always had problems with video or are afraid to be in front of a camera but still want your event to be broadcast live, this is the perfect solution for you. You just need to schedule an appointment for the date and time you want to broadcast that video, and automatically this platform will do everything for you. You don’t have to be afraid of losing traffic or your leads because everything happens while the webinar is live.



The WebinarFlow Front-End

You have 2 options with WebinarFlow today: Personal License for $37 or pay $57 Commercial License. Use: WF10OFF
This coupon gives $10 OFF the Commercial FE

The differences are shown below:


Once you include webinars in the marketing plan as your lead generation strategy, you are bound to win their trust because webinars help marketers to solve the queries of their users on the live call.

Not only that, by delivering hands-on training to prospects, they can learn your products and services better, and you ultimately get a boost in your conversions. So today is your chance to save thousands of dollars that you might pay over a longer period of time on subscriptions for a proper webinar solution.

Anytime, this superb deal will simply disappear, that’s why don’t let it slip away and regret paying more later. Click on the BUY button now and get instant access.


WebinarFlow is perfect for business owners including local businesses, online marketers, agencies, and anyone who wants to create an impact using the most powerful marketing and conversion method out there ever – webinars. Don’t need to sit on the fence longer, grab it if you are:

  • Teachers and coaching centers who want to reach out to students and share knowledge
  • Professionals who want to an alternate source of income
  • All those people who are currently using dated technology at a much higher price
  • Any school or college student or even drop-outs who want to make instant money
  • Work-from-home tribe
  • Those who want to stay connected with their near and dear ones who they can’t meet in person
  • Any kind of marketer who wants to dominate a particular niche

But I think you might want to consider the pros & cons of using this platform:


  • You can host live & pre-recorded webinars, live meetings & online classes for any niche
  • This app works in-browser, helping your attendees to join from anywhere with an active internet connection
  • They don’t need anything to install or download
  • You can always ask for a 100% refund if this app does not work for you within 14 days of your order
  • Anyone from a newbie to experienced marketers can use WebinarFlow without having any prior technical skills
  • Be limitless – host as many you wish video conferences, meetings & webinars with one-click
  • Reach out to your target audience at once without lifting a finger
  • Stay on top of your game with the newest technology that keeps your data safe



To sum up, this review is just a reference and all decisions depend on you. I have made an effort every day to bring to you the best products ever. The sooner you take action, the more profit you can earn. Please mark my words, you will not be disappointed with this one.


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