Viral Lead Funnels Reloaded Review


Viral Lead Funnels Reloaded Review


Welcome to my review today,

The problem with the traditional lead funnels is that it is expensive to drive traffic to land pages & conversion of the traffic to leads is low. But do you know that in the last few years, there has been one proven way to get more customers for any business whether it’s a local business, agency, eCommerce, affiliate marketing, or even personal brand? The secret is being able to capitalize on the incredible power of referrals and incentives.

Dropbox, for example, exploded its user base by implementing one effortless viral tactic: Asking users to refer their friends (for free) in exchange for extra storage space. Using Viral Hacking, Dropbox went from 100,000 users to 4 MILLION in just 15 months. Businesses & big companies worldwide are leveraging incentive-based viral marketing-driven funnels to grow their traffic, leads, and sales with little or no ad spend. All you have to do is go viral on demand

So if you are looking at generating a flood of highly qualified leads for your business in a short period of time without spending tons of money on ads then get ready for the new Viral Lead Funnels Reloaded which I am going to elaborate in full detail today.

You can use ‘Viral-Loop’ technology in this application to help you start a chain reaction where a single lead gets you multiple leads without any extra effort needed on your part. You can use these funnels to generate leads for your business or for your clients

It’s very rare a “first to market” technology comes into our market at such a laughably low one-time price giving anyone the chance to succeed!



Creator Ifiok Nkem
Product Viral Lead Funnels Reloaded
Launch Date 2022-Apr-25
Launch Time 11:00 EST
Front-End Price $47
Skill All Levels
Guarantee 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
Niche Tool & Software
Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend Highly Recommend!


Viral Lead Funnels Reloaded is a game-changer marketing technology that helps you convert 350% of your traffic (as against the 2.35%) into red-hot leads using incentive-driven viral marketing funnels. This is the exact same strategy & technology used by Airbnb, Dropbox, and Uber.

With the new Viral-Loop technology you can now do just that and generate laser-targeted leads for your business and for your clients.

Generating leads has never been easier with Viral Lead Funnels Reloaded:

Step 1: People signup


People sign up on your viral funnel. You can give them immediate value for signing up like an eBook for example.

Step 2: People refer friends with auto-generated sharing link


Your subscribers get their own unique link to share with their friends and family in order to reach a milestone and unlock further rewards.

Step 3: The system creates a viral-loop


A chain reaction is set in motion with every new subscriber going through steps 1 & 2 to unlock rewards and thereby send you more new subscribers.



The person behind this product is the famous software developer Ifiok Nkem.

Ifiok Nkem is a full-stack digital marketer & SaaSpreneur. After experiencing a massive career shift (Medical doctor turned digital marketer), he built a multi-million dollar online business starting with just $100 and a laptop he borrowed from a friend. He founded SnapiLABs – a tech innovation lab that has created and successfully launched MULTIPLE software Bestsellers with over 40,000 happy users from 47 countries.

Ifiok was vetted by Forbes & accepted into the prestigious Forbes Business Council in recognition of his track record of successfully impacting entrepreneurs & small businesses, industry leadership as well as personal and professional achievements.

Here are some of his previous launches: Dealx Mega Bundle, LocalAgencyBox, MarketingBlocks, CopyBlocks AI, VideoTours360 Ultimate, ClientFinda, ADA BUNDLE, VidJack, etc.


The product creators went overboard to do something really awesome, just so you get everything you’ll need to be successful with this:

Create Different Types Of Viral Campaigns


Create different types of viral campaigns in a few clicks – milestone campaign, waitlist, double loop, sweepstakes, etc

Set Up Viral Loop


Allow people that subscribe to invite their friends who in turn invite their own friends and so on.

Different Types Of Rewards


Set up different types of rewards to incentive people to share your message – URLs for secret content, Downloadable files for e-books or software downloads, Coupon codes for e-com stores, etc

Customizable Actions


Setup custom actions and reward points to users for taking these actions. You can use this to grow virtually any part of your business. You can set custom actions for anything e.g Watch Youtube videos, Join a Facebook Group, Download App, etc. You can also set up custom questions to verify that participants actually performed the action before earning the points.

Point Tracking System


An automated point system that monitors and assigns defined points to your subscribers when they take actions e.g 2 points when they share on Facebook, 2 points for sharing on LinkedIn, etc. We actually use API to verify if the share was actually done on FB for example before rewarding the points.

Milestones Rewards


When people take specific actions or reach a specific number of points (milestones) they instantly win the corresponding giveaway.

Inbuilt Reward Delivery System


Setup automated emails to deliver the rewards to your participants once they meet a predefined milestone.

Inbuilt Funnel Page Builder


Use the inbuilt revolutionary drag and drop page builder to create beautiful and high landing pages and thank you pages for your lead funnel. The page builder is very powerful and easy to use.

Drag & Drop Sections


Forget buggy templates. Build from the ground up in minutes by dragging and dropping beautiful sections onto the canvas. These sections are all done for you by professional designers and proven to convert.

2 Step Optin Process

Viral-Lead-Funnels-feature-10-2 Step-Optin-Process

Setup opt-in boxes or 2 steps opt-in process which gets micro-commitments from your user so you can double your opt-in rate using the Zeigarnik effect – a psychological phenomenon that makes people always want to complete what they started

Use Timers To Create Urgency


Add urgency to your lead funnels using our timers. (Both evergreen and countdown timers. You can also set what action to perform after the countdown timer expires e.g reset the timer).

Create Exit Intent Popups


Our Exit-intent technology is a behavioral hack that lets you convert abandoning landing page visitors into subscribers and customers. When you consider that 70% of your visitors are going to leave and never come back, it’s vital that you try to capture them before they go.

Get The Best Email Address In A Click


Most people use fake or dump email addresses for squeeze pages while others abandon them because they may be too lazy to type their email. You can capture their best email address with 1 click using their best email address – their Facebook email address.

Build Your Messenger List


Facebook messenger checkbox integration allows you to not just build email lists but also build your messenger list. Build your messenger list and auto-delivery messenger sequences.

Embed On Your Existing Websites


Already have a website? No worries. You can also embed onto any website – Clickfunnels, WordPress, Funnelvio, Convertri, Wix, or any custom HTML website with our HTML and Javascript embed options.


ALL the data you gather in your viral lead funnels can get pushed to virtually any other piece of software you use in your business. Integrates natively with major autoresponders and marketing automation platforms – Aweber, ActiveCampaign, Convertkit, Mailchimp, Getresponse, Mailvio, Sendio, etc. And to over 1,000 other apps through webhooks and Zapier.

Triggers & Automation Rules


Set predefined conditions and triggers for automation through webhook notifications in 1 click e.g you can set up an automation to add a participant to your Facebook audience if they have more than 20 points.

1 Click Signup URLs


Use this to engage with your current list and current buyers to turn them into ambassadors in 1 click. Works with any email autoresponder or CRM.

Detailed Analytics


Detailed insights to monitor and track your campaign performance over a period of time and make informed decisions that will grow your leads and bring you more traffic and sales.

Tracking & Retargeting Pixels


Tag users with pixels & set up retargeting ads for users. You can set up different retargeting ads – e.g Ad1 to win back those that abandoned the landing page. Ads could be targeted at participants to encourage them to share.

A/B Split Testing


Create multiple landing pages. Split your traffic and test. Kill the poor-performing landing pages and scale the best-performing landing page.

Fraud Detector


Detect, tag, and remove fraudulent leads. Multiple leads from the same IPs.

Location Filters


Don’t want to get leads from a specific region of the world? You can block them from participating in your viral campaigns

Redirect Participants To Thank You Page


This feature allows you to redirect all participants to the thank you page when they visit the landing page after joining.

Cloning Campaigns


Custom Domains For Your Campaigns. Both The Landing Pages And The Share URLs


Add Your Custom SMTP – To Send Emails Straight From The Platform


Multiple Languages – Over 250+ Languages


Mobile Responsive – Pages And Opt-ins Are Mobile Responsive So Mobile Users Are Participate


News Feed Optimization


Using open graph technology, you can customize how your campaigns look when shared on social media.



Personalization allows you to display your subscribers’ names on your pages creating a more personal connection and helping you to build rapport with your new customers & subscribers.

UTM Tracking


See clearly which traffic source and campaigns give you the highest lifetime customer value.

Moreover, as part of the frontend launch special offer, you’ll get 5 awesome, congruent, and needful apps, training & case studies as bonuses:

Quick Start Training Video – Get Up & Running In Minutes

While using Viral Lead Funnels Reloaded is pretty straightforward, to make getting started as simple as possible, you’ll also receive a quick start video to help you start getting results right out the gate.

10 Done For You Viral Lead Funnels

Each lead funnel comes with

  • Done For You Landing page
  • Done For You Lead Magnet
  • Done For You Main Lead Magnet
  • Done For You Thank you page
  • Done For You 2nd Lead Magnet for viral incentive

It’s easy to get started with one of our high-converting, pre-built viral lead funnel templates. Every template is fully customizable. If you find a template that’s close, but not quite perfect, you can tweak it and make it completely your own.

The Ultimate Lead Funnels Swipe File

You get 10 years of examples, for the best-performing lead landing pages, thank you pages, ads, and more.

101 Lead Magnet Ideas

A Lead Magnet is something that you give away in exchange for an email address or other contact information so you can convert website visitors into leads and eventually nurture them in your funnel.

When you purchase Viral Lead Funnels Reloaded, you will be getting over 101 lead magnet ideas you can give away in exchange for visitors’ email addresses or contact details.


With Viral Lead Funnels Reloaded, you can easily create viral contests, giveaways sweepstakes, or even a viral waiting list in just minutes. Now let’s get started by creating a new campaign.

Create Campaign


Next, you could choose if you want to use the landing page builder to create a new landing page for your campaign or if you want to create a widget that you can embed on your current page builder like Clickfunnels, WordPress, group pages funnel, and any other page builder.

Or you could choose to build from scratch or choose from any of the built-in done-for-you templates.


Building Your Own Campaign

The first thing you want to do when creating your own campaign is to create a landing page. You can create more than one and test for the winner.

In the drag and drop sections, you can build your landing page and delete any section or rearrange the sections. As you can see, everything is editable.


You can also modify the backgrounds of any section and upload images from your computer to the gallery or choose from a library of over 7 million royalty-free stock images to make your page beautiful.


Moreover, there is a smart opt-in form for you to choose from: either a direct opt-in form or a two-step opt-in form.

The two-step opt-in will require your visitors to click on a button before the opt-in form appears as a pop-up. This makes use of a psychological principle called commitment and consistency because visitors have completed the first step by clicking the button, they’re more likely to do the second act which is to enter the email:


There’s also a library of objects illustrations and transparent people images that you can use to make the forms more appealing.


Configure The Rewards

Let’s proceed to configure the rewards.  These are the incentives your subscribers will get when they share your campaign and invite their friends to sign up.


Now the first reward we set up for this campaign is a 25 discount coupon. Users will unlock this reward when they get 30 points and the reward type is a coupon. They enter the coupon code that will be given to users when they unlock this reward.

The next reward is a pdf file you can redirect to a URL and enter the download page or you can upload the file directly.

The third reward is an appointment and you can deliver this reward by email or redirect users to an appointment booking page.


Let’s proceed to actions, here you can set how many points you want to reward users for each action completed.


Create Thank You Page

Now let’s create a thank you page. The software allows you to create multiple thank-you pages. Just drag and drop any section you want and edit like in the previous landing page section.



The social tab allows you to control how your campaign appears on social media when subscribers share their unique links.

You can customize the email notifications like the email users get when they register and when they unlock rewards emails are sent from our servers but you have the option to use your own custom SMTP leads stored for you and can be exported into a CSV.

Viral-Lead-Funnels-Reloaded-demo-11-Social Viral-Lead-Funnels-Reloaded-demo-12-Social

Also, there is the option to connect directly to third-party autoresponders and Zapier or you could set up your own custom domain for a full white label solution.

Viral-Lead-Funnels-Reloaded-demo-13-autoresponders Viral-Lead-Funnels-Reloaded-demo-14-autoresponders

And that is all for the step-by-step demonstration, there will also be a detailed tutorial so be sure that you will never get lost.

The Demo Video


To start off, I have to say that The new Viral Lead Funnels Reloaded app is the first and only technology that uses futuristic technologies to start a viral loop for you to get hot leads for free. You absolutely cannot find anything close to what this product offers anywhere else for any price.

Viral Lead Funnels Reloaded comes with an inbuilt Funnel Page Builder that helps you create beautiful landing pages and thank you pages for your lead funnels. The Full-Proof Point Tracking System uses API to monitor and assign predefined points to your subscribers when they complete certain actions and the Inbuilt Reward Delivery System delivers rewards via automated emails. This is an absolute no-brainer because no matter which market and which niche you are in, leads are something you can never get enough of.

With a powerful tool like Viral Lead Funnels Reloaded, going viral can be leveraged to build a funnel system that guarantees that people will keep on talking about your brand and sharing it with the world. To motivate people to share your brand, you’ll give them an incentive, giveaway, or bribe that they will find really valuable. After that, they share it with their friends, their friends share it with their own friends… and friends’ friends. It turns into a loop and before you know it, your marketing message is everywhere giving you traffic, leads, and sales.

In my last compelling reason, you’d be saving thousands of dollars that you’d have had to spend on expensive ads and other lead generation methods that hardly deliver the expected results. Marketers and business owners around the world are using Viral Lead Funnels Reloaded to grow their email list, get more sales, boost conversions and drive more results. You can be one of them too.


Viral Lead Funnels Reloaded FE

I am happy to tell you that you can get access to this software at the price of only $47 in this special launching period.

However, due to the incredible demand and thousands of orders, the Viral Lead Funnels Reloaded special deal is closing, and the price increases by $20, and the bonuses worth thousands will expire forever. Once the doors close, you will be kicking yourself for missing out on this incredible software deal + and bonuses worth thousands.

Opportunities like this don’t come around often, that’s why several thousands of happy customers have jumped on this offer without hesitation, and they’re loving it.

So if you are on the fence, you must hurry – because the price increases by over $20 and the bonuses expire very soon.



  • Create different types of viral campaigns in a few clicks – milestone campaigns, waitlists, double loops, sweepstakes, etc.
  • Inbuilt funnel page builder helps you create beautiful landing pages and thank you pages for your lead funnel.
  • Set up different types of rewards to incentivize people to share…like URLs for secret content, downloadable files for e-books or software downloads, coupon codes for e-com stores, etc.
  • Customize actions like watching a youtube video, joining a Facebook group, downloading the app, etc. To unlock rewards.
  • Full-proof point tracking system uses API to monitor and assign predefined points to your subscribers when they complete certain actions.
  • The inbuilt reward delivery system delivers rewards via automated emails


  • Up until now, there is none


This product works for any type of business and any type of niche, whether you are selling:

  • E-commerce
  • MLM
  • Digital products
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Coaching
  • Consulting
  • Health & fitness
  • Agency
  • Book
  • Freelancing
  • High ticket
  • Selling via webinar
  • Product launches
  • SaaS
  • Appointments
  • If you’re a local business
  • Large multinational company
  • Or even a complete beginner!


In summary, Viral Lead Funnels Reloaded is a revolutionary new technology designed to boost sales, leads, and results by combining the incredible power of referrals and incentives.

The best part is using the built-in “Funnel Page Builder” you can create beautiful landing pages and thank you pages for your lead funnel so that you can create and sell Viral Lead Generation Funnels for $300 to $500 each.

Take action now and enjoy the massive income awaiting!

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