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If you create videos, then no doubt you’ll want lots of views. Luckily, there are easy ways to do it! In this Videly review, I’ll share with you how Videly helps you dominate the search engines.

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It’s no surprise that people are starting to move towards video as their main source of media entertainment. In fact, it’s predicted that in 2021 that every person will consume around 100 minutes of video per day. This is a huge shift from the previous trend of photos on Instagram, and tweets on Twitter. Luckily, with new shifts in how media is consumed comes new opportunity for those looking to take it.

In comes Videly. Videly is a tool that will help you find keywords to rank videos for, as well as give you the necessary tools to help you rank your videos on multiple search engines. That’s right, not just Youtube. Using this tool will actually help you rank also on Google, Bing, Pinterest, Amazon and any other search engine that index’s videos. Powerful right?

In this Videly review, I want to share with you my experience using Videly, as well as share with you all the benefits it can have for you. In short, if you love free traffic to direct anywhere you like, this is what you need. Plus I’ve also created some bonus instructional courses I’m giving away to those who purchase Videly through this website. That will teach you how to rank your videos for Local Businesses as well as Passive Income with Affiliate Marketing strategies. Very powerful stuff!

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Why you need Videly.

Videly is a video marketing tool that will help you rank videos at the top of search engines. The process is laid out for you step by step so it’s very simple to use and it’s cloud-based, so you don’t need to download any software unlike Video Marketing Blaster (same software, but Windows-based).

If used properly, you can quickly and effortlessly rank videos on Youtube as well as other search engines. All you need is an idea, plug it into Videly and it’ll spit out all the information you need. All that’s left for you to do then is create the video! It’s as simple as that.

Watch the video above to see the step-by-step example of how to use Videly.


Keyword Research Tool

As the name suggests, this is the Keyword Research tool of the suite. Surprisingly, this keyword research tool is much more powerful than other tools like VidIQ, TubeBuddy or even Google Keyword Planner. The real edge comes by giving you suggested keyword ideas that are relevant to your topic, then provide you with a list of long-tail keywords with low competition. It’s a list of almost guaranteed winners, that shows what search engines the keywords will rank for! Mind blown…
Keyword Research TOol


Video Details Generator

One of my favourite tools is the Video Details generator. The whole purpose of this tool is to create content in a certain way that is favoured by search engines. This means, you can put in your keywords, a few secondary keywords, add your social or website links and press generate.

Of course, it’ll sound slightly robotic, Google and the other search engines are just a series of ones and zero’s but if you adjust outside of the highlighted area, you’ve got an optimized set of video details. All that’s left is to go and create the video, then upload it using your newly generated data!

And for those who don’t like to create their own videos and want to automate that too, you should check out Vidnami for single videos, or Yive for those who want a video empire


Niche Analysis (Pro Feature)

Next up is the Niche Analysis tool. This tool will give you insight into what your keyword is currently doing, basically giving you an idea of how the top videos are performing. If they come back with a low SEO score, it will show it’s easy and vice versa for higher scores.

The reason why this is so powerful is that a lot of the time you are just guessing if your video you’re about to create is going to rank. This gives you actual data that you can base your decision on. The Niche Analysis tool is a Pro feature that you can upgrade to upon signing up.

Niche Analysis


Video Report (Agency Feature)

When your video is posted but it’s not getting the performance or rankings you want it to, that’s when you need to use the Video Report feature. What this tool does, is scans your video as a whole and gives you actionable information where you can improve the presence of your video upload.

It will take into account things like your title, description, tags and your video, then break it down into segments showing you microscopic adjustments you can do to improve your video ranking. It includes things like emojis, title and description translations, secondary keywords, hashtags, channel links and more.

This is an incredibly easy way to optimize existing videos, as well as videos once they are uploaded. The Video Report feature is an Agency feature that can be purchased at any time once you get Videly.


Rank Tracker (Pro Feature)

Finally, there is the Rank Tracker feature which I personally use every single day. What the Rank Tracker does is allow you to see how your videos are ranking on YouTube and Google, how many daily views, likes and comments you get and the changes over the past week.

Having this kind of information put in a place so easily digestible allows you to keep an eye on all of your videos, then if some are falling behind, you can simply go to the Video Report and improve them. This is a Pro feature, but I upgraded just for this one feature it’s that good. Highly recommended!

Youtube Rank Tracker


Videly Pricing + OTO

Let’s talk prices, first off Videly costs $47 (using this discount) but normally costs $97 or $497. If you use the discount, you’ll also get it on a lifetime licence meaning you pay once, and use it forever. This is an insane deal as you’ll use this software for years to come.

Lifetime licence using Discount = $47 one-time fee.


OTO 1: Videly Pro = $47 (Recommended)

Videly Pro is where you want to get situated if you’re looking to become a serious video marketer or YouTuber. Having the Niche Analysis to see your competition for keywords is a must as well as having the Rank Tracker to consistently see how your videos are doing, will save you tonnes of time. I can’t recommend Pro enough!

Going Pro will also allow you to run multiple campaigns at once, plus you’ll get a bonus piece of software called Split Blaster which allows you to download Copyright Free Videos from YouTube to reuse for your own videos.


OTO Upgrade 2: Videly Agency = $67

The second One time offer (OTO) is Videly Agency. This will give you the Video Report module that I talked about earlier scanning your existing videos and telling you how you can improve the rankings. A very crucial piece of software if you’re struggling or wanting to get ahead.

Getting Agency will also give you the ability to download your keyword findings into a PDF that you can share with clients, you’ll also get a website template using the Divi Theme. You’ll get Agency rights to Videly plus you’ll also get what is called the DFY cash machine which teaches you how to use Videly to generate income through videos.

Videly Review Bonus


Videly Review: Final Verdict

If you’ve watched the Videly Review video I shot you’ll see the true power of this tool. It’s crazy powerful plus it’s got an amazing discount on right now. Video marketing is the way of the future, especially in 2021, so go ahead and test drive Videly today and help improve your rankings.

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About the author: Gerald Bakker

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