Smart Content Profits Review: Set&Forget Money-Making Sites?


Smart Content Profits Review


Website is the first and necessary element that every individual or business when starting an online business must invest in. From the form to the content inside, everything must always be prepared and built as carefully as possible.

So what is a quality website? I will temporarily skip the stages like needing to prepare a good domain name or hosting because those are things that cannot be ignored.

First, it needs to meet the aesthetic requirements, which means that you need to give people visual satisfaction. The graphic designs, images, videos featured on the video must be eye-catching and focus on your brand. So that no one can be confused. Second, it must be the content that makes you entice readers when they click on your page.

But the biggest problem is that you are not a content creator or a professional writer. Having to continuously produce content to post on your site every day makes it too much for you. And gradually you run out of ideas and the writing becomes dry and boring. That’s dangerous for your site because your page will be at risk of going missing on search engines.

So how do you create great content for your site every day without having to spend hours in front of a computer screen? If you ask, I can help you right away. Because to help your efforts pay off, I bring you Smart Content Profits which is a unique never before seen app that helps you build content sites within just a few minutes. This will be a huge app as it’s completely unique in the marketplace!



Creator Richard Fairbairn & Paul OKeeffe
Product Smart Content Profits
Launch Date 2021-Oct-11
Launch Time 11:00 EST
Official website Click Here
Front-End Price $19.97 – $27
Skill All Levels
Guarantee 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Niche Tools & Software
Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend Highly Recommend!


Smart Content Profits is a ground-breaking app that builds WordPress sites on auto-pilot. Just add in a domain and let the system do the rest. The system will build and set everything up for the site in minutes that includes full lifetime WordPress hosting (with cPanel) on the super-fast servers.

This brand new SMART technology lets you build auto-populating content sites that pull in FREE organic traffic on auto-pilot forever! PLUS it comes complete with built-in social media syndication.

Create content and host sites in minutes:

Step 1: Add in your domain

The system creates the account on the super-fast servers. Install WordPress and everything you need on there.

Step 2: Search for content that is related to your niche

Hit post or schedule and your site are built all done within minutes.

Step 3: Add in RSS feeds for more content and set the auto-post going so the system will build your site while you sleep

This is the easiest system you will ever find for building your sites on autopilot.



The men behind Smart Content Profits are Richard Fairbairn and his business partner Paul OKeeffe, who have been around for many years with a solid reputation as ethical and sincere online marketers and presenting product offerings that consistently stood the test of time.

The best of their products is exceptionally newbie-friendly, enabling you to really get your WordPress website up and running in minutes on super-fast, cloud-based servers. No more waiting on a developer taking days if not weeks to finish your web design project.

You can refer to some of the products that made their names like Curation Cloud, Leadifly, Paytrix, Newbie Affiliate Playbook, Smarty Builder, etc.


Content is king, you may have heard a thousand times. If you do not produce fresh, compelling content about your site topic, your site is going to DIE in the search engines. From now on, with Smart Content Profits you can instantly add content in a couple of different ways. Using the available huge database then add or schedule the post. You can have the site up and running with tons of content in just minutes. You can also add a keyword in and the system will auto-build the site based on the keyword choice.

You’d go from zero to a full setup LIVING BREATHING CONTENT CHUGGING website, just ready to be monetized with links, ads, etc. You’d skip all the life-sucking tech junk and mind-numbing work, and you’d be warped straight to the part where you start getting paid.

It has multiple features including:

   ♦   Full Access To Smart Content Profits App


This is the heart and soul of Smart Content Profits. Just login to your account from anywhere, on any device, and you’ll be at your super easy-to-use dashboard. Just enter these details:

   [+]   Domain name for your new site

   [+]   Title for your new site

   [+]   Keyword or subject for your new site

   [+]   And click the BUILD button. THAT’S IT!

   ♦   High Powered FAST Hosting

Your WebHost can make or break your success, especially if you use one of those budget cheapie web hosts. Those guys usually do one or more of the following:

   [+]   Overload their servers with too many customers

   [+]   Use out-of-date equipment to save money

   [+]   Use slower cheaper upstream providers

   [+]   Wimp out on customer support

   [+]   Kiss those risks goodbye. You’ve got bulletproof fast hosting. Your sites are automatically built on hosting that won’t let you down… and won’t hurt your budget, because it’s INCLUDED AT NO CHARGE!

   ♦   Fully Secure WordPress Setup

No more having to manually set up WordPress, with all its confusing settings and technical mumbo-jumbo. And no worrying if your site can get hacked down the line, putting all your hard work — and income — in jeopardy.

   [+]   Your WordPress site is set up the RIGHT way

   [+]   Always the latest, most secure version

   [+]   Every permission correct, every setting correct

   [+]   Ongoing security is always locked in

   [+]   Your setup details can be downloaded in a text file

   [+]   Your WordPress woes are a thing of the past!

   ♦   Always The Right Theme & Plugins, Always Set Up The Right Way!

Themes and plugins can be a total nightmare. You NEED them… but finding them and setting them up can be the most work of all.

   [+]   Themes/plugins can fall out of date and die

   [+]   Each theme/plugin has a different setup process

   [+]   Which plugin really does the best job?

   [+]   Will my plugins conflict with each other or with the theme?

   [+]   Good luck getting support

Not anymore. It identified the BEST theme and plugins for this type of site. You get the same handpicked theme and plugins that I use, which work perfectly every time.

   ♦   Automatic Self-Updating Content Curation

Your site can’t survive without content. Rather than resigning yourself to a life chained at your desk, churning out articles… or paying someone else to do it… Smart Content Profits will search for the best fresh content on your subject, and “legally steal” it for use on your site!

   [+]   Content is always on topic and fresh

   [+]   Specify parameters or let it go on its own

   [+]   Immediate posting or post by scheduling calendar

   [+]   Smart Content Profits turns your site into a self-updating one-stop-source for the content your audience is hungry for!

   ♦   Content Always Posted When YOU Want

It is so flexible. Some sites should be updated once daily, some more, some less. You can always have content posted based on the specific schedule YOU want.

   [+]   Let Simple Content Profits post whenever it finds something new

   [+]   Designate a specific schedule for as far into the future as you want

   [+]   Look ahead, see what will be posted, and change it if you want

   [+]   Will my plugins conflict with each other or with the theme?

   [+]   Always the option to add original content if you want

You’re never locked into a content posting schedule that won’t “work” for your niche.

   ♦   Automatic Curated Content Citations, Keep You 100% Legal

It will “legally steal” content for your site. That means it’s automatically curating content that other sources post. This is totally whitehat and allowable – even big companies like Yahoo depend on curated content for their sites!

But you MUST include a properly formatted citation link back to the source. Mess this up and you’re committing a copyright violation that can result in losing your website and high dollar fines.

Smart Content Profits will ALWAYS include a properly formatted citation link with every single content item it curates for you. No worries, and no problems down the line.

   ♦   Get Viral Traffic, Engagement, And Linkbacks From Social Media

If you aren’t socially sharing each article you post on your website, you’re missing out on crucial opportunities.

   [+]   Viral traffic from people sharing your posts

   [+]   Social engagement that builds your social network

   [+] High-value linkbacks that search engines love

   [+]   Smart Content Profits ensures every one of your posts gets properly shared to your Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Tumblr, Imgur, Reddit, and Blogger accounts. Always formatted properly, always using the right image, always ready to generate viral sharing!


Now I will walk you through Smart Content Profits software to see how easy it is to create content on WordPress sites.

First thing first, go ahead and sign up for your account. 


Below is the main dashboard of the software:


   ♦   Tutorials

Before starting using this tool, I highly recommend you to watch tutorial videos carefully. 

The vendor team prepares a lot of detailed videos to help you leverage this software to better your content. 


   ♦   Create Your Site


In this step, all you need is to provide multiple information about your site. They include your domain, name, password, theme, etc.


Don’t forget to hit Save once you’ve done. 

   ♦   Create Your Content

The work begins with building your content. 


Just type your term related to your field, there are various content to form your site from scratch and the whole process only takes about a few minutes. 


You can see that there are already pages and pages of content ready-made for you from various sources in different niches. 


   ♦   Create Social Accounts

You’ve also got the ability to share to major social sharing sites. 

You can share it on your social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, etc.), and before that, you need to add your social accounts to the app. 

After you click on the button labeled Smart Content Profits, there will be even more options for you. Just blast your links to as many people as you want and wait for fruitful results.


   ♦   Monetize Your Site

You need to select the site you want to monetize. 


When you log into the actual content page, there’s a number of ads that will bring you unlimited traffic and convert to sales. So, you need to add some links to your site. 


Smart Content Profits is going to help you to write high converting blogs and other such content that is crucial for the survival and growth of our business. Let’s give it a try!

Smart Content Profits Review – The Demo Video


   ♥   Smart Content Profits Helps You Build A WordPress Site Easily With A Fully Security Setup

You may be concerned about the security of your website when it is built by Smart Content Profits, but I can say that your worries are superfluous. Because this app will help you to set up a domain name on the host and a security certificate on the domain. It will make sure all your permissions are correct and everything is secure and hack-proof. Y

ou will create your own WP site easily with no technical skills or experience required, Smart Content Profits will find a theme for your website and all the necessary plugins, install it, and set it up to make sure that one plugin doesn’t interfere with other plugins, or mess up your theme.

Moreover, what makes this app stand out from others is that every time your site posts a new article, it’s automatically shared to the specific social media accounts you run for that site’s niche. That helps your page always update many articles continuously and provide a lot of information to readers.

Because of the automatic scheduling system, you can post while you are sleeping and then automatically share on social networking platforms with the aim of helping to get more traffic to your site. I think this is a step forward when you don’t need to do it manually anymore.

   ♥   Produce Fresh And Genuinely Appealing Contents Everyday

Creating new content became everyone’s biggest challenge that sustains your page’s reach. There is a definite barrier that you cannot have enough creativity to create compelling content that attracts people and you need to hire professional writers to write for you.

But it seems the vendor of this product has found a way to break that barrier. That’s when he discovered how to “legally steal” other people’s content for his own websites. And now you can do the same to build up great content without being copyrighted or afraid of plagiarism.

All you need to do is enter the keywords or topics for your new site, the content engine would then go to work, searching out content feeds that carry the REAL articles and data your audience will be hungry for. Because to grow your business you don’t have to just have a website, so take advantage of the great feature of Smart Content Profits to cut costs and say goodbye with a good writer to charge upwards of $50 per article. Your site had better be making money QUICK if you’re spending for this app.




During the launching period, the discount price is only $19.97 – $27. I can be sure that its price can peak at some times and you also lose a chance to own it with front-end price.

If you do not want to get stuck in finding ideas, content for your sites, you can go with this product. Because you will have a chance of accessing the huge database with high-quality content.


Is this deal attractive enough? If you haven’t made up your mind yet, you need to take a look at the following incentives that the creator will give you for getting Smart Content Profits.



If you are always struggling to choose the right theme and get started with content building, Smart Content Profits has cut your time and effort tenfold. It allows you to just simply add your WordPress domain, and the system sets up the complete website within minutes.

The ability to add in your keyword whilst the system auto-builds the site based on the keyword choice, is a feature that every website owner, whether newbie or highly experienced, will certainly appreciate. Choosing it now, if you are one of these people:

   ♥   Affiliate marketer

   ♥   Freelancer/service provider

   ♥   Blogger

   ♥   Social media marketer

   ♥   Content marketer

   ♥   New/struggling online marketer

   ♥   Someone who wants to make online profits without being a tech guru or content genius



   ♥   Set up once, get paid over & over

   ♥   No monthly fees or expenses

   ♥   Perfect and made easy for beginners

   ♥   All-inclusive solution with no monthly costs or extra tools needed

   ♥   Pandemic-proof business that keeps on growing

   ♥   No tech skills, no site building, no content writing…

   ♥   Add in a great theme and all the right plugins, totally set up

   ♥   Make the site fully secure and automatically connect it all up to the content engine.

   ♥   Simple content profits are 100% cloud-based nothing to download, nothing to install, works everywhere!

   ♥   The basic version of simple content profits gives you the ability to add up to three domains/sites

   ♥   30 days money-back guarantee

   ♥   Each article gets shared to all your social platforms in the correct way.


   X   There are no bugs.


Here my Smart Content Profits review comes to the end, thank you for checking my words till the bottom of the article. I hope you get every single piece of information, the pros of this product will help you lead the vans. All you need to do is buy it and wait for the good results to come.


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