SketchGenius Review


SketchGenius Review


One of the most significant advantages of 3D animation is that it can be viewed on a variety of online platforms. We live in an age of limitless possibilities, and 3D video allows you to display your brand’s originality and individuality by animating graphics. It will be easier for you to introduce your products and services to your clients once you have peaked their attention with a slick video.

However, how do you make a 3D animated video that converts well? This is, without a doubt, a time and money-consuming task. To create a true masterpiece, a 3D animator must understand anatomy, physics, animation principles, and sketching skills. Alternatively, if you engage pros or full-time designers, you may be forced to pay an excessively high charge for each design. And it can also take you plenty of time for adjusting it later if it’s not producing the outcomes you’d hoped for.

So, rather than purchasing a monthly recurring subscription tool and attempting to awaken the creative designer inside you, the product that I am about to reveal to you today will completely change your mind. This is SketchGenius.

With this product, for the first time ever, you can leverage first-to-market 3D Sketch Animation technology and next-generation Artificial Intelligence to create UNLIMITED pixel-perfect sketch animated videos that you cannot make with any other app.



Creator Paul Ponna & Sid Diwar
Product SketchGenius
Launch Date 2021-Jan-05
Launch Time 11:00 EST
Official website Click Here
Front-End Price $37 – $47
Skill All Levels
Guarantee 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Niche Tools & Software
Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend Highly Recommend!


SketchGenius is a cloud-based app that allows you to transform your boring static photos into visually captivating 3D drawings and sketch animated videos in various colors, sketch styles, and backgrounds within minutes. You will be able to create super unique videos that stand out from the crowd with first-to-market sketch themes including:

   [+]   3D Crayon Sketch

   [+]   Charcoal Sketch

   [+]   Animated Sketch Notebook

   [+]   Chalkboard Sketch

   [+]   Animated Flipbook Sketch

   [+]   Black & White Pencil Drawing

   [+]   3D Color Pencil Sketch

And a whole lot more…



This product is brought to you by Paul Ponna and his partner Sid Diwar.

Paul is a well-known Internet Marketer and Product Creator. He’s also regarded for being a gifted expert in a variety of facets of online marketing.

Thousands of experts use his products on a daily basis in their clients’ marketing initiatives. Some of his remarkable launches such as Design Beast, Video App Suite, VideoDashboard, DoodleMaker, AvatarBuilder, VideoCreator, etc.


   ♣   Paul Ponna’s SketchGenius App

You’ll get The SketchGenius app to turn any photo & text of your choice into high-impact, sophisticated 3D sketch animated videos in minutes. Unlike other pieces of software that require constant creativeness, hours of editing & rendering, SketchGenius app takes out all the hassles and makes things the easiest you can imagine:

  • The 1st step: Decide your Sketch theme & style

Say goodbye to the recurring asset library as you can choose from the stacked library of themes including 3D Crayon Sketch, Charcoal Sketch, Animated Notebook Sketch, Chalkboard Sketch, Animated Flipbook Sketch, Color, and Black & White Pencil Sketch Videos, and a lot more!

  • The 2nd step: Tailor It To Your Brand

SketchGenius includes sophisticated functions that are all easy to use. Simply turn photos and text into 3D sketch videos and add your voiceover, music, images, and fully customize everything for super unique videos that deliver results.

  • The 3rd step: Render unlimited videos forever

You will never feel irritated for being charged more money to upgrade your account. With the SketchGenius FE, you can now produce UNLIMITED videos in HD quality for your websites, eCommerce stores, social media, product promos, or clients. Moreover, sell videos to clients or use them in your own business to profit!

So, I have briefly demonstrated the basic steps of using this software. The following table will show you some more striking features of SketchGenius:


   ♣   Take Your Art Work To The Next Level with SketchGenius

The goal of any entrepreneur when launching their businesses online is to grab and hold attention. Sketch animated videos are the proven content type that easily makes people pay attention to, watch, and take action. So, there is no reason why you ignore this. Instead of making visitors “get away” from your ads due to the boring regular images or videos, get this tool and make a memorable impact on your prospects, drive more traffic to your business, and of course, eventually make more sales.

You don’t need to purchase 6 separate apps as you have all of them right inside SketchGenius:



After entering the member area, click on the “Create Video” section to get started. First of all, you need to choose your video type and click “Next” to come to the next stage.

There are 7 types of sketch apps that you can consider inside this section:


Next, click to select a template:


Now, choose your video’s voice-over or TTS. In this step, you will be able to convert your text to speech as any language you want or use the ready-made voice-over options. You can also record your audio or import your own ones

Click on “Enable Background Music” to adjust the background music for your video.


Then, come to the next step showing you all the scenes that are automatically created. And here, you will be able to adjust your text position or directly edit the content of your text.


Next, in the video settings stage, you are able to adjust your video’s subtitle settings, mute voice-over, or upload your custom background.


Next, this is the “Create Video” stage where you can easily edit your video by scenes. Simply choose each scene and edit it by adding intro, outro, upload sketch, custom background.


Click on “AI Images” and this product will search for you the relevant images based on your available script.


Finally, enter your project name and choose the resolution of your video and click on the “Create Video” button to finish.


Your created campaigns will be shown in the “My Video” section:


SketchGenius Review – The Walk-Through Video


   ♥   It Is The Next-Gen 3D Sketch Animation Technology For Your Business

According to a new Microsoft Corp. study, an adult’s average attention span is only eight seconds. This means that if you do not capture your viewer’s attention in that short amount of time, you will lose the transaction.

The demand for 3D animation videos, on the other hand, is increasing. In fact, 3D Sketch Animated Videos are the first-to-market and are more engaging than any other video format in terms of converting viewers into traffic, leads, and sales!

Thus, this game-changing SketchGenius is exactly what you need now to start dominating whatever niche you choose and creating videos in all major languages in order to stay lightyears ahead of the competition. I would have to say that this next-gen 3D sketch animation technology can now completely replace your previous multiple basic doodle apps.

Check out how this state of the art technology is compared to the rest:


   ♥   You Are Able To Get Unlimited Traffic & Leads Instantly

You can start generating visitors and sales right now with this SketchGenius. Simply choose from a variety of DFY themes inside to turn your photos and text into 3D sketch videos. Then, for truly one-of-a-kind videos that get results, add your voiceover, music, and photos, and totally customize everything.

Unlike competing programs that can only make short videos, SketchGenius allows you to construct ULTRA-LONG 3D Sketch Animated videos without any technical knowledge or experience. You can now create an unlimited number of HD movies for your websites, eCommerce businesses, social media, product promotions, or even for your target customers. It’s time to blow off steam and let this product take care of the rest, increasing your traffic and profits.

   ♥   Commercial License Provided

Sketch videos are one-of-a-kind and fetch top pay. And thanks to the Commercial License included in this offering, you can now effortlessly create and sell UNLIMITED videos to your eager clients while keeping 100% of the earnings.

SketchGenius is, without a doubt, your best chance to make a lasting impression on your prospects and generate repeat sales and referrals for your business. Just share the videos you created with this pack to your social media, video sharing sites, or on your website and immediately drive results to your business.


SketchGenius FE Price

This product comes with 2 pricing options for you:

   ♣   SketchGenius Personal: $39

   ♣   SketchGenius Commercial: $49


After seeing the comparison table of these two alternatives below, I strongly advise you to get the second version since you will be able to unlock additional valuable features as well as a valuable Commercial License for your business for the same $47 price. This allows you to earn online profits from your 3D animation marketing by using SketchGenius for your clients’ projects.



   ♥   The software comes with step-by-step training

   ♥   You can join live case studies & demo included

   ♥   There are numerous unique sketch video styles and themes

   ♥   You can get extra bonuses that are worth thousands

   ♥   Superior quality with reputable software developer

   ♥   No complicated abilities needed

   ♥   Huge demands

   ♥   All-in-one solution

   ♥   30-day money-back guarantee


   X   Up to now, there is none


Thank you very much for taking the time to read my SketchGenius review today. Keep in mind that the low price may not stay long, and not everyone can afford it. So act quickly to become one of the first to possess and start maximizing your profits with this pack now.


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