Quick “ConversioBot” Review

Quick ConversioBot Review

  • Built to be point-and-click simple, launching a Chatbot on ConversioBot is as easy as 1, 2 and 3. Just 3 steps and voila. You can also create your custom Bot. No coding knowledge needed, use drag-n-drop Builder and create a custom bot.
  • Get done for you Chatbots. Access to ‘TEN’ high-converting AI Chat (@ $197)) templates for all niches for more leads, engagement and more ROI. Create UNLIMITED Chatbots for as many sites you like. You get 1000s of websites, Buy it Now and get a multi-site license (Special Launch Bonus) as well as a Full Commercial License (@ $497) and sell your done bots to your customers.*
  • No Installation Required, ConversioBot is MS Cloud-based App. With zero Downtime, just log in and access it from anywhere, from any device.

Email Auto Responders, Apps and Devices ConversioBot can Work With?*

Fully integrated with most if not all Email Autoresponders, including Sendlane, Aweber, Mailchimp, Maropost, Getresponse, Active campaign and more than 1300 Apps through Zapier, ConversioBot works with PC, Mac, Mobile, and Tablets. However, I recommend working on PC for best performance.*

ConversioBot Details – What ConversioBot is?

It’s a cloud-based AI Chatbot like a messenger that you can install on your site with a plugin or code. It helps you increase conversions on your site. There are claims by top affiliate and internet marketers that it has helped the founders generate more than 6k sales in 6 months. This motivated me to give it a try and below is my overall experience with Converiobot demo, its cost, its pros, and cons as well as ConversioBot bonuses.

My Experience With ConversioBot

How I Buy ConversioBot?*

As soon I got the link from an internet marketing experts, I bought my copy @ $37, for which I got ConversioBot widget. Then I visited that expert’s website, where I saw this chatbot popping up when I was leaving his website. This stopped me because that’s what I exactly needed. The exit intent pop up is the most effective converting point.*

  • I was getting 1000 plus visitors every day on my site and I was always confused why I only get 5-6 subscriber every day. After installing Converisobot my conversion skyrocketed!*
  • On the other hand my email conversions skyrocketed to the roof! Believe me more than 100 email subscriber in just 3 days!

The reason behind this difference, Visitors, are tired of those regular popups and opt-in boxes and don’t like to interact with such old school things. However, after seeing a chat box like Converiobot, they like to try it in curiosity and give their email address.*

Ready to let Your Website Conversion Hit The Roof?*

ConversioBot Details – How it Works?

It’s easy to use. Just add simple code on your site OR just upload and install ConversioBot WP plugin and VOILA!!!!

How to Set Up Your ConversioBot ChatBot:

• After purchasing ConversioBot oto, log in to its dashboard.

• As soon as you log in, you will see a list of your “active products.”

• Here you see a list of “Active Products.” The products with a green checkmark are those you get with CoversioBot.*

• In my case, for instance, I purchased ConversioBot’s 2 products (ConversioBot Pro & ConversioBot extreme) out of 5. These 5 aren’t different products but upsells or upgrades for the main app. I will discuss these upsells of ConversioBots in details below.*

• To set up chat bot select a template. Login to dashboard and click “Chatbot templates.”*

• Then you see a list of templates in 5 different categories of Chatbot templates:

1. Affiliate
2. Discount
3. Feedback
4. Lead generation
5. Social shares

• Select the Template right according to your business category. Before selecting check the Conversionbot demo template to preview.*

• After you pick one, now start customizing it.*

  • First of all add a conversation flow in Chatbot builder, as shown below

  • Add content into the white boxes to add custom conversation flow. For instance, when you click the INTRO box you will get.*


SEE! How much freedom you have to add content and customize the conversation. Fill up all the boxes to create a flow.*

• Then integrate this done chatbot with your email-auto-responder to gather email leads. Currently, you can integrate* these email autoresponders;*

  • SendlaneMailChimpGetresponseAweber

That’s it! Your Chatbot is ready, let it talk with every single person that stumble upon your site! It will do all selling even when you aren’t there.
Still Confused!! See this ConversioBot demo Video.

4 Types of Chatbots You can create with ConversioBot

1. The widget Bot that shows up in the bottom corner of your website.

2. The full-page bot that takes up the entire screen

3. The exit bot that pops up as when the visitor exit the web page.

4. The embedded bot that can be embedded inside a post just like a Youtube video.

Is ConversioBot scam or reliable?

ConversioBot is created by 2 successful and popular internet entrepreneurs Simon Wood and Imran S Et Al. Unlike others on CB and JVzoo, Simon and Imran are some honest, intellectual, and hardworking marketers who are making money by offering only legit products.*

CoversioBot Price?

It’s Affordable! Here are the complete ConversioBot details involved in purchase of ConversioBot including OTO and others.*
ConversioBot PRO (Main Chatbot Application) @ $37 Only

• Done for you*chatbot templates
• Easy to integrate with the best email auto-responders
• User-friendly analytics data, even for a novice*
• Commercial license to sell chatbots to your clients
• Custom drag & drop Chatbot builder with ConversioBot
• Detailed step by step guide to learn how to use the*
ConversioBot chatbots.*

UPSELL 1: Done for you PRO @ $97 Only
Don’t worry, you aren’t forced to buy ConversioBot Upsells.*
• Get 75 done for you chatbots in all categories. Just pick one that suits your site topic or niche and customize it.*
• Get 3 Chatbot templates every month for FREE!*
I personally didn’t recommend you to buy this

UPSELL 2: Auto chat Builder @ $47 Only
For those with multiple sites or clients, who need a lot of chatbots and they don’t like to spend lots of time creating chatbots, this upsell is the solution.*
• Create chatbots automatically by only filling out a survey.*
• To create chatbots for clients send survey form to them, create and customize the chatbot according to the data in survey form.*
Recommended for agencies and companies, it’s a big time saver @ just $47.

UPSELL 3: ConversioBot Extreme @ $67 Only
This one is my personal recommendation because it’s an intelligent exit pup up.*

• The exit bot that pops up as when the visitor exit the web page.
• The full-page bot that takes up the entire screen
• The embedded bot that can be embedded inside a post just like a Youtube video
• Delay Chatbot that popup after a certain period of time​*
UPSELL 4: ConversioBot Agency Licence ($87)
• Get ConversioBot with detailed step by step guide on how to sell ConversioBot chatbots for $300 or more.*
• Get a well-designed portfolio to showcase and impress your clients
This is one is great upsell if you like to make solid income by selling done chatbots*
ConversioBot Support?
Best support. For any issues, they will reply as fast as possible. This image below speaks for the rest!*

The High Lights

1. Affordable*
Imran and Simon could set 3 to 4 hundred dollars as ConversioBot price. I hope they don’t read it and they do not raise or change ConversioBot OTO to monthly.*
2. Easy To Use
In just 3 easy steps you can create your first chatbot.*
3. No effects on website load time*
If you get your website traffic from search engines, you know the value of loading speed. ConversioBot is a very light software.*
4. Build a Huge Email or Optin List with ConversioBot!
Ignoring email marketing means losing tons of sales. Remember money is in the list. But only targeted email marketing works for good, and ConversioBot will help you with this.*
5. VIP Training Included*

One of the best ConversioBot bonus points is that it comes with VVIP training videos on topics like*

  • The perfect writing styleHow to use EmojisHow to keep the users engagedWhere and How to sell the ConversioBot*

6. 30 days Refund Policy*

If you don’t like it you can request for a refund process within 30 days of purchasing ConversioBot*

7. The Simple ConversioBot Analytics Data
Most if not all the software has complex analytics features. But the simple and straightforward analytics data you can see ConversioBot Demo image for analytics below, you can simply check which devices opened your chatbot more as well as chatbot’s open, interaction and goal rate.*

The Low Lights of ConversioBot*

– The Exit Pop Up Feature is Quite Limited
Although Exit Pop Up is good, it’s quite limited. For instance, you cannot stop it for a repeat visitor or someone who visits multiple pages on your site.*
May Ruin Your sites UX if you rely on Search Engines as a traffic source*

– Chatbots jumping in all the time isn’t a good experience all the time at least for me. Although I didn’t notice any drop in ranking and traffic when I integrated ConversioBot, it’s really necessary to deal with visitors who hit several pages of your site.*

– Sometimes, I Experienced Issues Disabling the Chatbot

-I do not want the bots to appear on some pages like sales page where I like visitors to focus on my offerings only. I tried to disable chatbots on some webpages, however sometimes (not always) they remained enabled. I talked to the support team and they are working to solve such issues.*

– Some people who are using some email auto-responders like Drip or Convertkit will face problems while integrating ConversioBot.*

Buy ConversioBot OTO with the following link 

Final Thoughts* – Is ConversioBot a Scam or Right Tool for You?

ConversioBot is a legitimate and high-end chatbot software which will 100 percent increase your conversions. It*is the best lead generation tool if you have an affiliate website, ecommerce site, a local business site, a list building or a lead generation site, or any other site which need more sales and commissions.* I personally used it and it works for good. I recommend you to buy ConversionBot OTO now and take the advantage of discount, onetime payment and bonuses.*

About the author: Gerald Bakker

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