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QishioVid Review


Welcome to my QishioVid review

Just a few years ago, it was possible to ignore video and still be successful online. But with every day that passes, it’s becoming more and more difficult to “turn a blind eye” to video and succeed. Without video marketing campaign, it is hard to be in the first position in your competition.

That is the reason why big platforms like Wistia, Vimeo, Premier, Fiverr, Filmora… can gain a massive market share and charge their users a huge amount of recurring fees for its video hosting service.

When I run my first video marketing campaign, I followed the expert’s recommendation using the big brands. And maybe you could guess, those expensive products burned almost my hard-earned money and consumed tons of time to learn complicated tools. In some cases, I could not implement it in the right way and ended up messing things around. Then I realize that it is time to look for a new optimal solution.

Fortunately, after searching around, this breakthrough tool finally appears – QishioVid. This complete video marketing solution allows you to host, market & play unlimited videos for unlimited websites on a super-fast & ultra-secure premium hosting without paying monthly or yearly fees forever.

As a digital marketer, it will replace every other video tool you are using today. Curious yet? Let dive into my QishioVid review to find out more about this powerful product.



Creator Kenny Tan
Product QishioVid
Launch Date 2021-Jul-04
Launch Time 10:00 EST
Official website Click Here
Front-End Price $13 – $17
Skill All Levels
Guarantee 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Niche Tools & Software
Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend Highly Recommend!


QishioVid is a “6 IN 1” Video marketing tool that gives you everything you need for your online marketing journey, saving you tons of money.

This is the only tool you need to smash it with video and it’s 100% newbie friendly. You can use QishioVid for everything from hosting to editing with a built-in marketing suite, all under one roof.

In short, this video marketing suite provides you:

  • Cloud video storage
  • 20k+ media stock access
  • Screen recorder like loom
  • Video and image editor
  • 46 SEO tools
  • YouTube automation tools

Let’s scroll down to get more details of the creator and what exactly this product offers you!



This unique and powerful software is brought to all of you by Kenny Tan. He is a reputable vendor with massive amount of experience in the field of online marketing.

Some of his successful launches are QishioSuite, EEZEYTRAFFIC, Click4traffic, Xbuilderr, ProfitMailrr, IncomeX, INSTAPROFITS and many more. These products always gain tons of positive comments from customers and gurus.

This time he is back with a brand new marketing suite – QishioVid that will do wonder for you.


Here are all the cool features QishioVid has:

   ♦   Tons of Cloud Video Storage

QishioVid marketing suite replaces the need to invest in expensive monthly subscription hosts like Wistia. With this product you can host your own videos quickly, easily and professionally without ever having to pay a monthly subscription.

   ♦   Over 20,000 Media Stock Images And Videos That You Will Never Run Out

As a QishioVid member, you will never have to invest your hard earned money in stock footage again. This product allows you to get access to over 20k media stock assets that are completely free to use, so you can create incredible videos without ever having to record your own footage.

   ♦   Enjoy Easy Video Creation With Screen Recording

Once you grab this product, you are able to create tutorial videos without putting off by the expensive price tag of tools like Camtasia. QishioVid’s built in screen recorder means you can effortlessly create screen capture videos in 1 click, without ever having to spend another penny on software.

   ♦   Powerful Image Editor With Tons Of Features Built-in

No longer will you need to be a Photoshop or Canva guru to create “traffic sucking” video thumbnails. The QishioVid image editor is completely newbie friendly, enabling anyone to make professional thumbnails or images in minutes, without any experience or tech skills.

   ♦   Video Editor To Create Epic Videos

This product helps you create beautiful videos using the QishioVid editor, even if you have got no design skill. Inside this product, you will get access to Online Video Editor where you can cut, join and convert videos easily.

   ♦   46 SEO Tools

Most importantly, if you upload a video to Youtube it will be seen by lots of people thanks to using QishioVid’s built-in SEO tools. The built in Youtube SEO tools ensure you will get eyeballs on your videos, even if you have never before ranked a video in your life!

You can also share your videos across the top social networks in 1 click, going viral has never been easier! With the built in SEO Tools, you have everything you need to optimize your video so it generates views from the world’s most frequented website.


Below is the main dashboard of QishioVid:


Before getting to use the software, you can access its tutorial section with the detailed instructions to make the best use of QishioVid. Simply click to each module and you will see the video:

QishioVid-demo-2-tutorial-section QishioVid-demo-3-tutorial-section

   ♦   Upload Video

Easily upload your video onto QishioVid by dragging the files from your computer:


Then, you can share the video to the social media sites from QishioVid dashboard or place the video on your website with embed code:


   ♦   Create Image

QishioVid also provides you with image creator so there is no need to buy a Canva account:


You have many tools to create an attractive image for your need:


   ♦   Create Video From Scratch

QishioVid allows you to create a video without recording yourself. All you need to do is preparing some images for your new video

You can search from different sources for free images:

QishioVid-demo-8-search-from-different-sources-for-free-images QishioVid-demo-9-search-from-different-sources-for-free-images

Import quickly with the image links:


Or upload directly from your computer. I want to make a video related to Internet Marketing and I have uploaded 6 images, set 5 seconds for each image to last, so my video is 30 seconds long:


After I hit “Upload & Process”, it doesn’t take up to 10 secs to generate but 3 secs only:


Yayy, my video is produced in high quality and fast rendering:


Let me introduce the additional tools inside QishioVid:

   ♦   Screen Recorder


   ♦   Many SEO Tools Inside


   ♦   YouTube Automation Tools



This all-in-one marketing solution is everything you need to succeed without any fuss, even if you have never created a video before in your life.

That’s right. Most of the beginner spends hours creating and editing videos and a pretty penny on a large suite of tools then they probably wouldn’t get seen by anyone anyway. Then what? Getting a high ranking on sites like Youtube is not as easy as pie.

Luckily, creating marketing videos that grab a prospect’s attention like a streamer at a sports game does not need to be complicated or expensive with QishioVid. Stop struggling with a lot of software you have used before cause everything is available inside this software.

This product lets you create, record, host, manage and market videos all on autopilot – all from one dashboard at an unbeatable price. Whether you are a newbie or a gurus, QishioVid makes it impossible to fail. Then you can watch your lead generation triple your profits like never before.

Especially, you will have 100% control over the Videos on Your Websites, Landing Pages, and Training Sites. Why you need that? They often show your competitor’s ads right in the middle of your videos. Of course, it is bad for your businesses. But with QishioVid, you can stop this annoy and decide what products and services to promote in your videos yourself.

Finally, you have nothing to lose cause you have a full 30 days to give it a try. If you don’t like it, you have your refund without hassles or issues. But if it actually works, you have everything to gain. So don’t miss the opportunity to revolutionize your business performance.

Take a look at what these experienced marketers had to say about QishioVid:



If you belong to the list below, I would highly recommend you to consider buying this product:

   ♥   Marketers

   ♥   Product creator

   ♥   Entrepreneurs

   ♥   Service provider

   ♥   Bloggers

   ♥   Social influencers

   ♥   Affiliates

   ♥   Ecommerce owners

   ♥   Coaches

   ♥   Content creators

And anyone sells or promotes a product or service on the internet.


QishioVid FE: $13 – $17

This product comes with the hottest features at a one-time low fee – $13 – $17. I hope you will not deny tons of opportunity inside this unique tool to take your business to a new level:


While many people get stuck with too many complicated platforms, you are able to get access all of it inside QishioVid that allows you to start earning right away without all the confusing and frustrating work. Forget the expensive monthly payment for:

  • Wistia/ Vimeo
  • Photoshop/ Premier/ Filmora/ Camtasia
  • Canva/ iStock/ Shutterstock
  • Vegas/ Final Cut
  • Filmora/ Artlist/ Loom
  • Fiverr/ Freelancer

Don’t hesitate because this is once in a lifetime opportunity. In case you are not satisfied with this product, you can always get a full refund within 30 days of your purchase. Therefore, this offer is absolutely no risky!



   ♥   World’s first Video Hosting & Marketing Platform

   ♥   Embed hosted videos on any website or platform

   ♥   Share across social networks for instant traffic in 1 click

   ♥   Access in-depth video analytics

   ♥   Access 20,000 stock assets (image, video & more)

   ♥   Built in simple image editing for thumbnails

   ♥   Built in simple video editing

   ♥   Built in ‘camtasia style’ screen recording

   ♥   100% Newbie friendly & No additional costs

   ♥   One-time low payment

   ♥   30 days money guarantee back


   X   I am totally happy with this product.


I hope you have a deep understanding about this product and make the best buying decision. QishioVid is a game changer technology to host, play and market your videos. This product is everything you could possibly ever need in your Internet Marketing career. Don’t think too long because the special offer will end soon forever.

Once again, thank you so much for taking your precious time reading my QishioVid review and I hope you enjoy it.


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