QishioBits Review


QishioBits Review


Welcome to my Qishio Bits review

First off, let me ask you some questions: Which channels do you usually use to promote affiliate offers and how do you implement them?

I guess most of the answers are on big platforms like Google, YouTube, Facebook,… or by using email marketing. These ideas sound good but I know there are a lot of people who still keep struggling out there.

In fact, Google SEO is too complicated for beginners while promoting things on YouTube requires the efforts to record and edit videos (which is not easy either). And how about email marketing? Paying fees each month for just ending up getting most of your emails to show up in promotion box or spam and no one notices!

I have implemented all of these methods and I completely understand how challenging, expensive and time consuming to successfully make a sale on these channels. That’s why I am impressed at the first glance checking out QishioBits

In fact, barely any marketers are using WhatsApp for marketing purposes and it seems a big loophole that most people forget it. Now is the best time to take advantage of this billions users platform and leverage this massive opportunity. That’s exactly QishioBits does

This software is the “field leveler” that gives you the ability to market on WhatsApp and jump in front of the big boys. So if you are searching for more options to make money online, let’s dive into my review right now. 



Creator Kenny Tan
Product QishioBits
Launch Date 2021-Aug-06
Launch Time 10:00 EST
Official website Click Here
Front-End Price $13 – $17
Skill All Levels
Guarantee 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Niche Tools & Software
Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend Highly Recommend!


QishioBits is an untapped Whatsapp Marketing tool that gives you everything you need for your online marketing journey, saving tons of money and start making real hard cash super fast.

This product allows you to drive free buyer traffic to any link, offer or funnel with just one click with no recurring fees. It provides ultra-fast video ad creation and tons of video resources and other media to make your ads sparkle.



This unique and powerful software is brought to all of you by Kenny Tan.

This guy is a genuine international product launcher and marketer in this field and earns a reputation for launching high-quality products. They all tend to provide the optimal solution for businesses in any niche and gain numerous positive comments from gurus and users.

Some of his remarkable launches are QishioVid, EEZEYTRAFFIC, QishioSuite, Click4traffic, Xbuilderr, ProfitMailrr, IncomeX, INSTAPROFITS… and many more. This time Kenny Tan and his team have just released QishioBits that is hoped to become the big hit product soon.

Let’s scroll down to figure out what exactly the tool offers you!


Here are all the cool features QishioBits has:

   ♦   Automatically Search For Most Profitable Offer In Warrior+ And JVZoo

There are billions of people in this world who have problems and there are affiliate networks like Clickbank, JVZoo, and WarriorPlus that are packed full of products that can solve these common problems.

That means if you’re able to put a problem-solving product in front of the right person, it’s relatively easy to make sales as an affiliate or product creator:


Inside just one dashboard, you are able to find successful higher-commission offers on these 3 major affiliate product platforms and then enable you to build irresistible high converting affiliate pages, create appealing campaigns with clicks of the mouse.

   ♦   Easily Create Epic Marketing Videos

With 30 ready made templates, images and background music, you can easily create and edit your stunning marketing video ads.

Not only that, there are more than 100 upgrade versions for your option. This video maker is super easy to use with drag & drop editor comes with full functional.


   ♦   Upload And Store Unlimited Whatsapp Numbers

Up to now, Whatsapp has more than two billion users and it is about to increase more in the future. With this feature, you are possible to tap into new ‘unsaturated’ 2 billion+ traffic sources by uploading and storing unlimited whatsapp numbers.


   ♦   Compose, Send, Schedule Messages With Helpful Statistics

This product does all the hard works for you. It legally and ethically collects data from a huge number of active users who almost always read their messages instantly. So you are able to drive free buyers traffic in seconds with no effort.


   ♦   Social Sharing With Just A Click

This function enables you to cash in on the ‘traditional’ major social networks in addition to WhatsApp. It enhances your free buyer’s traffic at the touch of a button. You have the opportunity to cash in before this lucrative method goes mainstream.


   ♦   And Many More

It also comes with more functions like automation upgrade, cloud storage… the software is based on the cloud so it can be accessed on any device from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. It even includes training and support in the rare event that you do get stuck. So there is no room for confusion.


Follow me to take a look at how this software truly works. Firstly, using your registered account to log in to the system.


Once you sign in successfully, you will get access to the main dashboard as below. The screen shows several detailed stats of your campaigns like messages you sent, available storage…


Step 1: Find The Top Commission Deals

This software automatically searches for the best deals from top affiliate product platforms for you in clicks. Then you need to click to Grab Deals to grab the affiliate link inside. It is completely easy for anyone even you are a newbie.

What’s more, you’ll get all the information about the product you’re going to promote without searching anywhere else. Click visit “Sales Page” and grab the details for your campaign:


Step 2: Create High Converting Video Ads

Click to Creator section to starting making your video ads to promote the product you have selected in step 1

Inside this function, there are tons of stunning and professional templates that allow you to create your very first video in seconds. This powerful editor includes full features and you can customize and change it as you want. Then click Save and Download to finish.


All of your marketing video ads are storage at Download section. Here you can view, edit, delete or download your ads. Because it is cloud storage, you can save as many as videos you want.


Step 3: Start Profiting

   [+]   Number lists

As I mentioned, you can add an unlimited number of Whatsapp users to avail targeted traffic.


You can also create limitless lists for various marketing campaigns. It is super easy to view and manage the lists.


   [+]   Messages

This software allows you to compose particular messages like what you use, what you intend to share… you can also preview your message on the right, schedule them, check them in detail as well as RSS feeds.


   [+]   Social Share

Finally, click “Share” to send free traffic to any website you choose in seconds. There are hundreds of major social channels to generate more traffic and leads.


I have just shown you a quick demo of QishioBits. I believe this is the most uncomplicated and effective Whatsapp marketing technology ever that’s must-have for most marketers. If you are still wondering about it, let’s move into the next part to find out why you should give it a try.

QishioBits Review – The Demo Video


   ♥   This Revolutionary Software Exploits And Leverages The Potential And Untapped Market

WhatsApp messages take seconds to create, yet the engagement is through the roof with a whopping 98% of open rate. But most people ignore and forget this platform for marketing because they don’t know how to implement it in the right way.

Not anymore. This revolutionary software gives you the ability to make effective, profitable use of WhatsApp and dominate in any niche. The powerful search AI grabs the best converting offers from Warrior Plus and JVZoo and puts them right there for you to grab and promote.

Even regular people like you can jump into and take advantage of this huge unsaturated traffic source. This software removes all of the complex technical editing features that are completely unnecessary for marketers and made it easy for you. So anyone can produce marketing video advertisements with high engagement and interaction inside this marketer-friendly platform.

   ♥   QishioBits Is Incredibly Economical Meanwhile Helps You Skyrocketing Profits

Most people are using traditional traffic generation methods on Google and Facebook that usually charge you at least $1 per click and even as high as $5+ in some niches. If huge cost is one of your concerns, here is the best alternative option.

Instead of using expensive services that would end up at least $1000 for 1000 visitors, QishioBits can send way more than 1000 visitors to any link of your choosing month in and month out at an unbeatable one-time price.

Moreover, with WhatsApp marketing, users are so engaged that you’re almost certain to generate opens, click-throughs and sales. Plus, you will never again be limited to the number of people you add, campaigns you send. It’s truly unlimited! That’s the point! More leads are more profits. So keep adding as many as you want and enjoy money flow into your pocket.

For the mentioned reasons, it comes as no surprise to me that QishioBits is highly evaluated by other users:



QishioBits FE: $13 – $17

QishioBits will not charge you recurring fees or anything like that, so you only need to pay a few bucks once for the tool and use it as many times as you want, as long as you please. Therefore, it won’t drain out your budget and save you a large amount of money.

So go right away and grab QishioBits today, then see for yourself how knowing which offer to send, and creating a perfect video ad can do for your bottom line. Please notice that the price will increase after the special early bird launch deal ends. The more you wait, the more you waste this great deal.

Besides that, your purchase is protected with 100% no risk no-fuss 30 days money back guarantee. That’s how certain I am that you are going to love this… So what are you waiting for? This is 100% risk-free!




   ♥   Revolutionary software

   ♥   Drives free buyers traffic in seconds with 1 click

   ♥   Cloud based – so you can use on any device

   ♥   Taps into new ‘unsaturated’ 2 billion+ traffic source

   ♥   Provides life changing opportunities

   ♥   100% beginner friendly

   ♥   No additional costs

   ♥   30 days money back guarantee


   X   I have no complaint about this product


Don’t waste another precious moment, hit buy now to avail QishioBits at the lowest one-time cost. If you are waiting for the last minute to click the buy button, launch pricing will end soon and be rising significantly. Therefore, take action ASAP and see for yourself over the next few days how it can boost your profits and level up your business.

Finally, thank you for reading my review from beginning to end. I hope this can help you with your decision.


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