MMO With Dropshipping – What Do You Need To Know First?

MMO With Dropshipping – What Do You Need To Know First?

MMO with Dropshipping becomes really popular nowadays. To many online sellers, Ebay is the perfect starting point. In this blog, I will show you how to do Dropshiping on Ebay and solve the challenges and difficulties you will face when starting a business on this famous e-commerce site!

1. What Is Dropshipping ?

First of all, you need to understand closely the model you are going to join: What is Dropshipping? Traditionally, retailers always store a large volume of the products they sell in stock. These products are often purchased in bulk at wholesale prices from the manufacturer. When a sale transaction takes place, the retailer will close the order, pack the goods in the warehouse and then ship them to the customer.

This creates a huge risk when unsold inventory is stored too much, causing loss to the retailer. The typical of this model is the business of grocery stores.


Dropshipping eliminates the steps in stocking and shipping. Instead, it allows sellers to buy individual products and sell them to others when the products are found profitable.

Basically, this is the form of trade that you are a retailer but do not need to take goods or store goods in the warehouse. When customers buy, you will “contact” with the supplier and ask the supplier to deliver goods to customers. It’s simple! Your job is to focus on Marketing, sales, order tracking and customer care.

The profit earned is the price difference between the supplier and the sales price for the customer. The people who work as you are called the Dropshiper.


Dropshipping in international trade is developed and technologyized. It connects billions of people around the world beyond geographical location limits. Nowadays Dropshipers do not need to waste time on door to supplier. Every transaction takes place on the internet online.

E-commerce sites such as Ebay and Amazon are considered typical for this form. Because they have built a system, policies to allow and encourage sellers to earn money in this form.

2. Classify Dropshipping Forms

آ  آ â™¦آ  آ Traditional Dropshipping Network

Traditional Dropshipping is actually very popular in the world. Dropshipers are collaborators for current cosmetics or clothing stores.

An example illustrates the following:

A: Cosmetic store

B: collaborators

C: Market

You are a collaborator, you use photos, product models that A sells on social networking sites. If C places an order, you will purchase that order from A to C. A will pack, and ship to C according to the information you provided. For every successful order, collaborators will receive a commission of% discount by week, by month, or by sales.

آ  آ â™¦آ  آ Dropshipping Online Network

This form gradually become more and more professional when requiring Dropshipers to have the right investment to create pages, sales areas and create their own sales plans which are effective to get the most profit. Divided into 2 small categories are:

  • Build the Store on the Free Trafic channel
  • Build your own website, pay traffic, SEO to sell.

3. Learn About The Dropshipping Process

Step 1: What are the products you will sell? What supplier?

First, you have to identify the products you want to sell (based on your favorite or current market research, which are popular … beforehand).


Then choose the right supplier, Negotiate with them on price, mode of shipping time, delivery. In particular, you should discuss carefully the price of each product. The cheaper the price, the greater the revenue you receive.

Step 2: Select sales channels.

There are many sales channels for you to choose: Ebay, Amazon … Post your products to the Store on these sales channels.


Step 3: The customer will buy goods on your Store and pay you through the account required by the seller.

In each region, each sales channel will have different payment account requirements. For example, payment on Ebay usually uses Paypal account, or payment on Amazon will use Visa … This is an important note when you want to sell on any sales channel!

Step 4: You will use the customer purchase order number from the supplier and ask the supplier to deliver the goods to the customer

Step 5: The supplier accepts your order, packages and ships it to the customer.

Then send tracking code to your order. You will follow up and take care of the customer.

Step 6: Check and summarize sales by month or week (depending on supplier) and get discount from supplier

4. How Does Dropshipping On Ebay Work ?

There are millions of products on Ebay, thousands of transactions take place daily on Ebay. Wait! Do you know that many Ebay sellers actually never own or access the items they sell online?آ 

The truth is, they supply products from many suppliers with wholesale prices from these suppliers. Sellers will then list these items on their Ebay Store. Many sellers will use the exact image, product name, product description provided by the dropship provider or may use other images for effective sales.

When an order is successful, the seller will place an order with the supplier, the supplier will pack and transport, deliver to customers through the order.

Goods are shipped directly to customers without the hands of the seller. The dropshiper here acts as an intermediary between the supplier and the consumer. They source in bulk suppliers at wholesale prices and selling them at higher retail prices on Ebay.


Dropshipping is recommended on Ebay, as long as the seller has to guarantee the update, list of products in 30 days, ensure the product is not “die.” Although the shipping time and quality of goods are not directly controlled by the seller, the seller is still responsible for any non-positive arising from the customer, even if the wrong belongs to the supplier. That is why you have to look for reputable suppliers among numerous different suppliers!

Any Seller Ebay account can start Dropshipping!

5. Pros And Cons Of Dropshipping On Ebay


  • Dropshipping on Ebay is as easy as creating a sales account or setting up a list of sales products. You don’t have to deal with the hassle and cost of setting up an online store or paying for your own retail store.
  • Less marketing: List of your products pre-ordered by millions of online buyers on Ebay, saving you time, money on product marketing advertising, SEO, cost of visits
  • Massive traffic volume: traffic per day on Ebay is very large, ensuring you sell easily and get the best prices for the product.


  • Fee is a must: Ebay charges a fee for each list (the first 50 lists are free). It also needs up to 10% of your total price (known as the “final value charge”). With profit margin. Remember that the key to making money with Dropshipping is volume.
  • Many competitors: Being able to sell on Ebay is an easy way to start an online business. Because of such an easy start-up, there will be many people who want to make money on this lucrative land. You will have to accept the competition when other competitors will have the same product list!
  • Need regular monitoring:آ You will need to check and track the product list regularly if you want to maintain the number of products needed to make money through sales. Ebay has built-in tools to assist you with re-listing products beyond the deadline.


Is dropshipping the way to make money fast? Of course not. Every job requires perseverance and requires a lot of time and effort. How do you invest in it depending on your desired income?

Like any successful traditional store, you need to invest in building a quality website, marketing and customer service. Dropshipping is just a means to help you make use of other people’s capital without having to spend your piles of money as traditional stores. Once you have a solid foundation and manage them effectively, the road to success is right in front of you !

Last but not the least, thank you for reading my whole post. Hopefully it is useful to your intention of doing Dropshipping business. Also, check out other advice here:

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