Making money online at home is a new approach to help students or people who work at their spare time at home can increase their income. There are some jobs such as writing review articles, linking promotional codes, discount codes, or drawing designs, linking with other companies to promote products …

Here are the “Top 10 ways to make money online, make money online at home” that you can try in 2019!

1- Make Money From Affiliate Hosting

One of the forms used by many bloggers to make money is to make money from affiliate marketing hosting services. There are 2 options. Option 1 is that you get 10% commission permanently every time one hosting product is sold. Option 2 is that you get higher commission, but only for the first time. Option 2 means if the buyer renews, you get no commissions. So option 1 is my recommendation.

2- Product Launch

With this form, your commission proportionate to different products, to the number of product review articles that you have completed.

What you need to do is:

آ  آ  +آ  آ  searching for products coming to market

آ  آ  +آ  آ  requesting Affiliate link

آ  آ  +آ  آ  advertise it on your review website.

You will receive a full commission corresponding with the number of customers who order the product when clicking to view information from your website.

3 – ClickBank Network

Like Product Launch, the ClickBank site will help you earn quite a bit from the commissions of available items.


ClickBank Network is a marketplace that brings together a lot of affiliate participants, of course, it will be highly competitive. Therefore, you need to pay much attention to the sales strategy. Besides earning extra income, you can also learn a lot from setting up promotional campaigns for yourself.

4 – Merch by Amazon

If you are passionate about drawing, designing beautiful designs, especially T-shirts, then Merch by Amazon may be an appropriate choice for you. The amount you receive ranges from $ 7-9 per shirt. With that being said, your monthly income is unlimited.


Unlike ClickBank Network and Product Launch, instead of promoting the product, you will create your own product, designing your shirt and Amazon, now, will be the promoter for you.

5 – Google Adsense

You can also make money online thanks to Google Adsense. What you need to do is designing your own website and maintaining a stable daily page views. Then you need to sign up for Google Adsense to receive advertising. Each click on the ad code on your page, is the amount that you earned from each visit. This is a popular form of making money online you can try.



6 – T-Shirt Platform

The job is quite simple that you promote the product and ship when getting orders. With T-Shirt Platform, you will earn quite a bit more from $ 10-20 per shirt. You can refer to the website: Teespring, ViralStyle, Sunfrog … to get a job and earn extra income online at this home.

7 – Own A YouTube channel

Creating a private channel on YouTube and then creating your own video channel is also a way that many bloggers and YouTube users apply today. To earn extra income, just like Google Adsense, you first need to register to become a Partner and receive a promotional code. You will receive a commission based on the visits to those small ads. Or you can make money online from the video views you post.


8 –

With each survey conducted at Survey Compare, you can earn money online up to $10 / time, or gift certificates and many other free, interesting products.

First, sign up for your account, then receive and complete the survey forms you receive via email and complete them online. Money, gifts, and more, go to the administration unit after you complete the form.

9 – Accesstrade Network

Getting attractive commissions from easy jobs such as blogging, linking promotional codes, discount codes at Facebook or your website is a popular way for making money online.

To participate, you only need to register at Accesstrade Network to have the opportunity to make money online. In particular, the page has a lot of advertising objects, from a lot of potential investors, many different fields that you can freely choose.

10 – T-shirt Shopify store

First, you only need to create your own website based on Shopify platform to link the page with other shirt manufacturing companies. Part of the money when customers order the shirt will be divided for you, printing fee and shipping fee. If your hobby is drawing and designing, then this job is a good choice that you can try to make money online.


11 –

This site allows users to make money from captcha, words you type on the machine on demand. For each captcha you type completed, you will earn from $ 3-100. Just register your account and activate your account, you can start downloading the software to your computer making money online right away. This is the right job for those of you with good typing speed, perseverance and plenty of time.

Sum Up

With the growing development of the Internet and E-commerce, I believe that opportunities are always there for you to choose. However, please keep in mind that, whatever you choose, you must make a commitment when making money online. This means that you have to be serious and consistent to go through all ups and downs. Then the sweet fruits will come! Wish you make it!

Thank you so much for reading my post today!

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