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LumpSum Power Review


With the growth of the Internet, you can easily earn online with a skill. Website creators, designers, copywriters, ads managers, you name it, are the most sough after & well-paid jobs in today digital world.

All businesses need different services in order to grow their businesses, so the more solutions you can provide, the more money & reputation you can earn. But this doesn’t mean that you need to spend your whole life learning new things, buying new software, racing with the update trends all the time! You can choose to work smarter, not harder!

It sounds impossible but with the help of LumpSum Power, you can land high ticket sales offering all the services businesses require without being an expert of a specific area.

My LumpSum Power review will walk you through the whole system to uncover the truth.



Creator Jamie Lewis
Product LumpSum Power
Launch Date 2021-Jun-10
Launch Time 10:00 EST
Official website Click Here
Front-End Price $12.47
Skill All Levels
Guarantee 365 Days Money Back Guarantee
Niche Tools & Software
Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend Highly Recommend!


LumpSum Power is the ultimate management & consultation system that gives you the ability to automatically be viewed by thousands of high ticket buyers. 

All you do is Log in, submit your consultation request, Jamie will reply back with your strategy and connect you with buyers and brokers, and once you receive the lump sum, the contract is fulfilled by desperate companies who will thank you for the sales.

Is it really possible? Roll down to discover this loophole!



This system is created & operated by Jamie Lewis, who has been working long enough to

If you have bought several products from WarriorPlus & JVZoo, you must see this guy quite often. He has dedicated more than 10 years to building solutions for struggling marketers based on his own experience.

LumpSum Power is not the first product that he releases a money-making method. He is able to generate 7-figure income selling domains, flipping sites, doing affiliate marketing. Unlike other gurus, he shares all of his proven secrets, methods & processes inside all his products. That’s why I believe this LumpSum Power will continue to be one of his featured products, proving real values to your career and working great for complete newbies.

Some of his previous creations for your reference: Goldmine Seeker, ManyAds, Payment Overload, Affiliate Maniac, etc.


   ♦   2021 LumpSum Power App & System

Access the world’s first done-for-you lump sum project management and consultancy app for 2021 that converts high ticket sales from hungry whales fast!

Let me shortly explain how LumpSum Power works:

You know, due to the serious pandemic, millions of people are at home laid off or stuck needing to go online for an additional income stream. And there is a shortage of what they need:

   [+]   Websites

   [+]   Online Events

   [+]   Solar services…

   [+]   Home services…

   [+]   Digital services…

   [+]   Creative services…

And a ton of other needs depending on the social and economic status of the country which LumpSum Power management system provides!

You literally have nothing to do with the mentioned services as you’re going to have Jamie build up your assets and other providers do the work for a small portion of the money you made.

   ♦   Step-By-Step Video Tutorials

You will never get lost or confused with the comprehensive step-by-step video tutorials which are straight to the point, detailed, and easy to understand. They will guide you in the right direction and you will soon get into their list of successful testimonials

   ♦   Fast Start Guide

Not a fan of videos? This Fast start guide is here and to the rescue! You’ll have everything visually right in front of you for fast easy application.

   ♦   QuickFire Map

If you are anything like me, you probably get distracted from time to time. This “Map” acts as a compass to make sure you don’t get lost.

   ♦   Affiliate Q & A

Jemie is going to do a special call with his students and users to answer your questions personally, no matter what they might be. This is exclusive and usually requires a special “survey” registration. For launch week members this is waved and therefore simple to register and lay your questions on him!

   ♦   Premium Support

Not only will you have the support from my dedicated assistants, but you will also have my VIP support email where I monitor and assist my students! No other gurus do this!


To help you understand this system better, I have tried it and made this demonstration for you:


Here we already get inside LumpSum Power and you should go through the welcome video to understand the method:


Do know what surprised me the most? It’s the section of “Create Ticket”. I haven’t seen such support before. Specifically, you get a form and need to answer all the simple questions listed.

Let’s see the ticket form below:


Although it is quite simple, your answers are the key information for Jamie to understand how you’re running a business (or if you haven’t had one) to give you proper advice.

By informing Jamie:

  • all the assets you have
  • all the skills you possess
  • the problems you’re facing
  • the business models you feel comfortable doing

Jamie will personally reply back where you’re going from where you are right now, such as:

  • How to make money online with the niche you want (it’s okay if you have no online assets yet)
  • How to level up your business & get more profits (in case you have assets and list them in the form)
  • All the possible businesses you can do with the niche
  • Advice & suggestion for all the problem you’re having with making money online.

If you find it hard to fill the form, watch the following videos carefully to figure out what you should mention in the ticket:


There are 2 handy tools for you here.

Graphic Editor:

The graphic is really important and represents a professional business. You can create graphics for your own projects or your clients’ projects. LumpSum Power offers Canva like graphic builder saving you a lot of money from the normal subscription based services:


Article Rewriter

This tool is super helpful when you’re stuck with finding new content/email ideas. You can instantly access the swipes and use in your campaign. You can even create new content by spinning other people’s content:


Hot bonus spot:


All the upgrade offers are listed here so that you can get them any time:


Hey, one more surprise for you. This surprise only exits on Mei-Review website. So when you’re looking for this LumpSum Power review, you’re interested in the idea of being a marketing consultant?

This helps me with the bonus idea for this product. I’m offering great bonuses which make it easier for you to fulfill the services like content creation, video creation, ranking website and more. Remember to check them out!


   ♥   LumpSum Power Shows The Quick Cash Opportunities For Everyone Regardless Of Their Level

Jamie Lewis has been working in the online marketing industry for more than a decade and achieved its present success from scratch. That’s why he knows exactly what marketers need & outsource for their campaigns. Skip all the guesswork and feel free to take this shortcut to build yourself a professional consulting agency & earn from the high ticket sales:


LumpSum Power is a perfect combination of software, instruction and consultation: you don’t know what profitable services to offer – you will be instructed; you don’t know how to fulfill the service – the software & network will help you out; you don’t know where to find the clients – Jamie will be your consultant. 

   ♥   Get Rid Of Outsourcer Fraud

If you are new when it comes to finding trusted outsources, you will get into a lot of trouble for sure. Paying a much more expensive price for a specific service while getting so-so results is a common situation in this field. This not only negatively affects your reputation but also decrease your profits.

Then there are no more worries now. LumpSum Power has every outsourcer Jamie has worked with personally, so they are sure to deliver top quality at a cheap price. You just need to know which outsources to hire then everything seems easier as you don’t need to do anything manually.

   ♥   365-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are the type of person who will actually follow through on an opportunity, go get it right now! Nothing to lose. LumpSum Power is a risk-free investment. Whenever this doesn’t work for you, you can return it and get a full refund of your purchase. 



Let’s quickly recap what you’re getting with LumpSum Power:


Paying for only $12.47, you have a chance to discover the complete solution to high ticket sales in one lump sum, copy & paste actual campaigns, copy and advertising creatives for Facebook ads, Google ads, YouTube comments, and more. 

Come to think about this, getting LumpSum Power means you get access to the huge network of service providers who do the work for you for a small number of fees you generate from your high ticket clients. With this system, you can instantly become a marketing consultant that businesses trust and are willing to pay recurring payments for your services.

So, this is what have mentioned before “work smarter, not harder”. Come get it and join the following successful testimonials:



Besides offer such a great system to automate your consulting work, the creators also offer some handy bonuses which combine perfectly with LumpSum Power.



There is a team getting your back fulfilling everything for you. You even have Jamie position you between buyers and sellers and capturing the payments like a rainwater collector.

That’s why LumpSum Power is perfect for the person who is:

   ♥   Without anything to sell…

   ♥   Lazy and wants to chill on the sofa…

   ♥   Or wants to stay anonymous…

So if you are anything like most people, this might be the winning ticket for you..



   ♥   Achieve FAST Financial Freedom

   ♥   Make money while sleeping

   ♥   No skills or experience needed

   ♥   No marketing pages needed

   ♥   Affordable price

   ♥   365-day money back guarantee


   X   I don’t have anything to complain about this system.


With all the information that I have mentioned above, I hope that’s enough for you to believe this is surely a no-brainer deal, making it easy for you to make money online even if you’re a total newbie.

Finally, I would say thank you for spending time with my LumpSum Power review. Hopefully, with my honest thoughts about this, you can make the right decision and hit your business off the ground.


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