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Lead Intelligence Review


Welcome to my Lead Intelligence review

Email Marketing is evergreen and always profitable. It is an incredibly effective tactic for driving conversion. Year by year, email marketing always has a larger reach and becomes the best bet for business growth, despite the plethora of tools available to marketers.

Comes along with that, today’s marketers need to do more to skyrocket email conversions. They need to connect with their audience in a highly personalized way while staying on budget. However, the most inefficient autoresponders and outdated methods available make you do the heavy lifting while requiring huge sums of money and time.

Are you wondering that there is any better way to build an email list with a higher conversion rate? Absolutely Yes. There is a clever method that maximizes your conversion than ever. A method that obtains data from subscribers using quizzes and surveys then fires off bespoke offers based on their responses.

And that’s Lead Intelligence, ground-breaking software that has arrived and helps you do that. This brand new tool would enable you to create incredible viral lead generation funnels without needing to piece together multiple different pieces of software.



Creator Trevor Mchaffie & Jorge Villa
Product Lead Intelligence
Launch Date 2021-Sep-07
Launch Time 09:00 EST
Official website Click Here
Front-End Price $17
Skill All Levels
Guarantee 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Niche Email Marketing
Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend Highly Recommend!


Lead Intelligence is a unique software that will help you build profitable lists of quality leads very quickly. This unique viral funnel builder technology creates high converting, highly engaging lead funnels in just minutes with no technical skills and no design skills needed.

By using quizzes and surveys, the data you collect while capturing your leads is very valuable, and using Lead Intelligence you can use all that useful data to increase your engagement and profits!



This product is provided by two talented vendors – Trevor Mchaffie and Jorge Villa.

They are both well experienced in the field of digital marketing with numerous successful launches. Before releasing Lead Intelligence, they have proven their reputation through some brilliant products namely [PLR] Affiliate Marketing Takeover, [PLR] Affiliate Bonus Formula, Instant Funnel Machine 4 Day Blowout, Instant Funnel Machine… and many more in the near future.


   ♦   Lead Intelligence Software

This is how you build high-quality and engaging subscriber lists. With this, you get valuable data from your leads and you can be laser-focused on your offers to increase your overall bottom line.

This powerful software is revolutionary and will change how you engage with your audience.

   ♦   Full Video Training

Because Lead Intelligence is so powerful we want you to take full advantage of its power. They have created a video training library to walk you through every step to create amazing quiz-based lead generation funnels that will completely change how bring new leads into your business.

   ♦   World Class Customer Support

Having Trouble? Need Help? They will be here with you every step of the way. They have a dedicated support team to help solve any issues you have with Lead Intelligence. Jorge and Trevor are part of the support team so they are here to support you to success.

During the launch phase, this package also includes:

   ♦   5 ‘Done For You’ Quizzes

Don’t know where to start or how to build a quiz? This got your back! This package has included 5 completely Done For You quiz templates that you can use “as is” or customize to your heart’s content. These will get you moving fast!

   ♦   In-Depth Lead Analytic

It’s all about the data. By collecting valuable data answers from your leads you can offer the right offer at the right time. This allows you to customize your message to connect with the target audience.

By knowing more about your subscribers you can interact with them on a whole new level while your competition falls behind.

   ♦   Easy Autoresponder Integration

Automatically add leads to your autoresponder via API. If you don’t have an autoresponder you can still start collecting your leads and export them from the Lead Intelligence dashboard when you are ready.

Don’t miss the bonuses below:



In this part, I will show you a quick demo of how to use this software. Firstly, Using your registered email to log in to the system. There is nothing for you to set up, configure, or host.


Once you are successfully logged in, here is the dashboard you’re going to see. The visuals are clear and easy to follow that anyone can get started right away.


   ♦   Training

The first section will show you many tutorial videos about this product and how you can get started. You can check all of those and follow them step-by-step.


   ♦   Case Studies

You will also get practical case studies for more knowledge of this method. Everything is explained well in videos so anyone can copy what they did.


   ♦   Tools

   [+]   Quiz List

This software helps you create quiz easily in minutes. Using this method, you got prospects to complete a simple quiz and enter their email to “receive their results”. The method was ingenious for various reasons and you are making instant affiliate sales and growing your list faster than a speeding bullet, with a quiz that took a few minutes to put together.

Firstly you enter the quiz name which is just for internal.


Next, you need to fill in all information on your quiz like Title, Button text, description, Optin form, choose some settings, that’s all.


After updating the quiz, it will allow you to add the questions. Here you add your questions and options in this box. For each option, you can add value to segment your leads. This feature is for a Logic function that I will explain more in the next part.


Here you set up the Logic function. Get access to the Feature button to add logic/result. This function means when your leads meet the conditions you set, they will direct to the link. This will helps you make suitable strategies for each segment.


   [+]   DFY Quizzes

If you are a newbie or have problems with your quiz, you can use these DFY quizzes. They are available in many niches and you can simply get them for your campaigns.


   [+]   Lead List

In this section, you can collect leads, view the detailed answers, and export CSV. This software lets you gather important data about your prospect so you can focus on your offers to increase your overall bottom line.


   [+]   Stats

Here you can get depth lead analytic to have valuable insight.


For example, here is a deep analysis of your quiz. It provides you an overview of your quiz and you can offer the right offer at the right time. You can have an analysis of dates, questions, or stats.


   [+]   DFY Campaigns

This is one of the upgrade versions you can get. For beginner marketers who don’t have much experience, I highly recommend you choosing this version for maximizing profits.


For more details, please check out this demo video:

Lead Intelligence Review – The Demo Video


   ♥   High Performance With New List Building Method

When someone subscribes to your list, you will not know anything about them except their email address. By using Lead Intelligence, the quiz helps you gather valuable insights about subscribers organically and segment your leads effectively.

From that, you are able to direct leads to any offer based on their responses to your quiz or survey. That means you know exactly how to communicate with them, what to pitch to them, and have the ability to make affiliate commissions for maximum profitability.

Furthermore, the conversion rate is guaranteed to be crazy higher than other traditional list-building strategies. By using the quiz, your audiences are craving for your email with their “quiz results” and eager to open future communications from you. So you don’t need to write a sales pitch yourself, is there a better way of building a list than with Lead Intelligence?

   ♥   Everything Is Done Inside Lead Intelligence

This is an all-in-one platform that lets you get started straight away. Lead Intelligence takes care of the entire process, including quiz software, autoresponder, website hosting… everything you need have been condensed into one dashboard.

This tool lets you leave those outdated methods and enables you to have your engaged list within minutes.

   ♥   Including Training And Case Studies To Start From Scratch

Once you get access to the main dashboard, you will see a lot of tutorials videos in front of your eyes. It is also packed with practical case studies that you can follow and duplicate the success.

Whether you are just a beginner marketer or if you already have some experience with email marketing, there is no way to be a failure with this wonderful software.

Let’s take a look at what other successful marketers had to say about Lead Intelligence:



Lead Intelligence FE: $17

If the price is one of your concerns, I bet this product is definitely suitable for you. Lead Intelligence will not charge you a monthly subscription or require a large amount of investment. The price is super affordable that anyone can get access and leverage the power of list building.

Instead of buying separate software for list building, quiz, autoresponder… Lead Intelligence saves you expensive time, money and gets you more opens, subscribers, lists, and unlimited sales. This offer eliminates business costs while doing affiliate marketing to generate revenue to grow.

Moreover, you won’t take any risk as this tool also offers a 30-day-money-back policy in case you feel disappointed with its performance. Still, I think that you will not need this because, with such a huge number of benefits coming along, this tool will definitely do wonders for your business.



   ♥   Brand new cloud-based viral lead generation software

   ♥   Rapidly builds highly profitable and engaged email lists

   ♥   Generates leads and makes sales 24/7/365

   ♥   Gather customer data while simultaneously building your list to increase profits

   ♥   Fixes your list building problems forever

   ♥   No technical skills needed

   ♥   100% beginner-friendly

   ♥   No additional costs

   ♥   Pay once only


   X   I have no complaint about this product


Finally, I hope my review can give you more useful information about this product. And you know that the most profitable list will be a list of engaged subscribers. So if you want to succeed online then you might need to start building a list with Lead Intelligence right now.

With that in mind, take action soon before the best deal has gone forever. Thank you so much for reading my review from beginning to end and I hope to see you in my next review.


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