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Online shopping has become popular in recent years, and its growth has exploded during the pandemic. Everything happens online and that is why e-commerce platforms make a lot of money and online business becomes more convenient.

It is possible to come to an example that is Amazon – the largest and most powerful shopping platform today. Opening an e-commerce store is almost a must for businesses when the regulations on distance are still tightened.

There is a better idea for you that is to open your own online shop without having to wait for approval from major commerce sites like Amazon or Shopify. Normally to be able to open a store on it, you need to get accepted and close a lot of loyalty fees. However, that process is not quick and easy for you either.

Then, instead of waiting, you can create your own similar platform that allows you to sell all kinds of products from physical or digital, and above all, you can multiply your income by allowing stores to register on your platform.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? So what are you waiting for without discovering ShopZBuilder right away?



Creator Mosh Bari
Product ShopZBuilder
Launch Date 2021-Jan-25
Launch Time 11:00 EST
Front-End Price $17
Skill All Levels
Guarantee 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Niche ECommerce
Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend Highly Recommend!


ShopZBuilder is a 100% cloud-based software that helps you create a full-fledged online multi-vendor store, with a built-in system for getting free traffic.

In just 3 simple steps, discover this beast and start generating big fat profits in the shortest time:

STEP 1: Click the buy button below to grab a copy

STEP 2: Import or add entire stores/ products in one click

STEP 3: Sit back and watch the profits roll in.



The influential figure behind ShopZBuilder is Mosh Bari, who has been working and achieving many successes in the digital field. When it comes to his software development, you know you are in good hands. His sales hit more than 130,000 sales on Warrior Plus platform alone. It also proves the talent and quality of the products he has made.

Some of his renowned launches that brought opportunities for a huge number of marketers to make money that you may have heard of are: eLLite, Paramountz, HostZPresso, DriveZPresso, VerTex, XTargeter, Tribe Engine, Epic, ShopZpresso Relaunch, Mightee, The Proven, Pinnakle, The1Bundle, and his recent invention Scroll n’ Profit, etc.


The features of a product are the core factor to make it worthy to buy or not because they determine the quality and how useful the product brings to users.

Let’s explore the cool platform that simples takes less than 30 seconds to have a live multi-vendor store, easy and quick! 

The Software Top Features’ Show

   ♦   One Multi-Vendor Store – Thousands Of Products

Platforms like Shopify and Clickbank restrict the number of products you can have in your Multi-Vendor Store or charge per product. However, ShopZBuilder allows you to have thousands of products in your Multi-Vendor Stores at no additional cost.

   ♦   Physical Products, Digital Products And Software Licenses For Sales

Sell physical, software, and digital products all from ONE Multi-Vendor Store, like no other software in the market.

   ♦   Tools Help You Sell More And Profit More

Earn more with the built-in affiliate programs, which just works similarly to Amazon’s, people can recommend new customers and earn commissions by marketing your Multi-Vendor Store to thousands of new customers.

   ♦   Unlimited Free Viral Traffic

You don’t have to pay for traffic, at all! ShopZBuilder gives a unique link to all of your visitors to send you traffic, and the system is set up to send you free traffic over and over again.

   ♦   Convert Every Customer/Visitor Into An Affiliate

Every customer becomes an affiliate with ShopZBuilder, thanks to the built-in referral and affiliate system, which allows them to get commissions for introducing new customers to you.

You get customer traffic for a few pennies and huge profits, at the same time!

   ♦   For Every Product In Your Multi-Vendor Store, Get An Automatic Sales Funnel

ShopZBuilder, like Amazon’s suggestion system, has its own funnel system that suggests more upsells & cross-sells and items buy as soon as a customer adds an item to their cart.

   ♦   Create And Run Dynamic, Coupons With Promotions

Want to have a Black Friday sale, a Valentine’s Day sale, or a Mother’s Day special? The built-in coupon and promotion system allows you to do all of this with a few clicks!

   ♦   Run Deals And Flash Sales

To increase sales and double your profits run special promotions, discount offers, flash sales, or any other special offers, whenever you want.

   ♦   Add Multiple Images And Videos To Product Listings

Add images and videos about your products to increase conversion and sales by giving users more information about what they’re buying.

   ♦   Filter Products And Search Suggestions

Using filters and search options, make it easy for your visitors to find out products they’re looking for so that they can select and buy exactly what they need.

   ♦   Ready-To-Convert Multi-Vendor Store Designs 

The team of traffic professionals consistently worked on turning cold traffic into hot buyers for you which is why your online Multi-Vendor Store is guaranteed to convert.

   ♦   You Can Change Your Multi-Vendor Store’s Look In Just 2-Click

It’s quite simple to change and modify the style of your site, color scheme to make it reflect your brand’s style with just a couple of clicks.

   ♦   Sell In Multiple Languages And Multiple Currencies

Whether you have to sell in USD, AUD, CAD, GBP, HKD, or any other currency. Your new online Multi-Vendor Store supports them all, and you can easily run your stores in several languages.

   ♦   Online Multi-Vendor Store With In-Built Full Order Tracking System  

Your customers can easily track and receive regular updates on the status of their orders.

   ♦   In-Built Product Rating And Review System

ShopZBuilder makes it simple for visitors and customers to give product reviews and ratings, as well as offer testimonials and comments.

   ♦   Manage Product Inventory And Stock Easily

Keep track of all your inventory, from your Multi-Vendor Store admin. Display products that are in stock, and build urgency by displaying limited stock.

   ♦   Facebook And Google Powered Social Login

Make it simple for your customers to log in to your Multi-Vendor Store and track their orders or place new ones with just one click. ShopZBuilder includes a one-click login system for Facebook and Google users.

   ♦   Send Instant Invoices To Customers

No more missed invoices or manual work because the Store delivers bills to all of your clients automatically, complete with your branding.

   ♦   Automatic SEO

All products are automatically SEO optimized by the product names, titles, and content/descriptions. Get endless free traffic from Google and other search engines to all of your products.

   ♦   Sales Notifications In Real-Time On The Admin Panel

Get quick alerts and notifications as you make sales which you can view in your admin area as well as receive via email to check on your phone.

   ♦   Auto-Calculate Tax & Shipping Charges

Selling to different states and countries will need a more sophisticated system that can account for variable shipping and taxation. But, ShopZBuilder has an already Built-In system for this so you don’t have to worry, at all!

   ♦   Collect & Categorize Products

Organize all of your products into multiple categories and build collections to promote products from similar companies or creators

   ♦   Fully Mobile-Responsive Stores

Your online Multi-Vendor Store is entirely mobile-ready and optimized for mobile traffic, as mobile devices currently account for over 60% of internet traffic.

   ♦   Your Purchase Is Secured By The 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

You are protected by a money-back guarantee. If you come across any technical problems while using the ShopZBuilder Software and we are unable to assist you, it will refund your entire purchase price.

Only technical difficulties are covered by this money-back guarantee; otherwise, all sales are final.

Note: It does require a good justification for each refund request though, as well as proof that you used this software as instructed and it did not work for you.

It does not accept refunds and has a no-questions-asked policy either. One must present a valid justification for doing so. The team has a 99 percent success rate in resolving client difficulties and assisting them with their problems, so rest assured, your purchase is secure.

ShopZBuilder Review – My Own Using Experience

In order to help you understand how easy it is to operate the tool, please pay attention to this demo section where I show you how I actually use it.

The first step you need to do is sign in and when you’ve done, the main dashboard will show up:


As you can see, you can know everything from this panel where it shows you orders pending, processing, completed, and so on.

   ♦   Add New Products

Unlike other platforms, you can add thousands of products with ShopZBuilder once and no more manual work.


It allows you to sell all products from digital to physical ones.


This helps you diversify your customer base and being unlimited is a plus so you can earn more money. Customers can find everything from your site without leaving the page and going to other platforms.

   ♦   Working As A Vendor

You are allowed to charge the shops that want to sell on ShopZBuilder and the payment will take place extremely smoothly with this section. You just need to click, perform the installation steps and that’s it.


   ♦   Affiliate Products

With the built-in affiliate program, people can recommend new customers and earn commissions by marketing your Multi-Vendor Store to thousands of new customers, using ShopZBuilder’s built-in affiliate system, which works similarly to Amazon’s.


   ♦   Manage Categories

This contributes to your online shop becoming more professional when helping customers easily search for products by category as well as creating convenience for you in monitoring the entire process.


   ♦   Social Settings

You don’t have to pay for traffic, ShopZBuilder gives a unique link to all of your visitors to send you traffic, and the system is set up to send you free traffic over and over again.


You just need to add your social links and this will post automatically.

That’s it, look what your site:


There are eye-catching images, designs for you with many promotional programs here:


You can watch the full demo video below:


   ♥   You Have Everything To Build, Run And Grow Your Ecommerce Business

You will have a system that is exactly like Amazon and works great for you. Instead of you having to compete with many competitors on e-commerce platforms, now you have a “unique position” with ShopZBuilder, when you are allowed to sell all items from physical to digital:



One limitation you often encounter in e-commerce platforms is that you can sell certain items, but with ShopZBuilder, there are no restrictions. This helps you diversify your income sources, which means you can trade many items at the same time, meeting all the needs of customers.

Maybe traffic problems can make you hesitant about this product, but there is good news for you that the built-in system helps you find many sources of customers, bring your platform, shop get close to your customers and all products are automatically SEO optimized by the product names, titles, and content/descriptions to help you get endless free traffic from Google and other search engines to all of your products.

Some outstanding features of ShopZBuilder can be mentioned that you can sell goods worldwide, a diverse currency system that makes it easy for the payment, or features like adding images and videos about your products to increase conversion and sales by giving users more information about what they’re buying.



   ♥   You Can Charge Shop Owners With A Sign-Up Fee On Your Site

Similar to Shopify, Etsy or Fiverr, each seller needs to pay a fee to the marketplace; you can do the same thing with the shops available on ShopZBuilder. You can not only sell goods but also become an administrator of participating shops on this site.

The shops will be professionally designed, including all stages from images, prices, shipping, order tracking, inventory checking, or payment. Everything is automatically installed and shop owners can easily use it.



The price is only $19, you can hit the buy button on this page right now and then go and try to figure it out yourself. Think about all the time you’ll lose, the amount of research, hard work, hiring IT companies.

Today, it is not going to charge you $297, not $197, no $97 and not even $47, it is just $17. It is going to make the price so irresistible that you will regret not getting it today. However, the price will increase with each passing day. So make sure you grab this sweet deal today.



Now that the Internet is free and I know everyone in this world wants to leverage this source to make money. Ecommerce is not just a trend, it is a replacement for shopping behavior now and in the future. You should try it if you are involved in:

   ♥   A person who is interested in an eCommerce site and wants to keep up with society changes

   ♥   A store owner

   ♥   An agency owner

   ♥   A small businessman

   ♥   A start-up that want to reduce marketing costs

   ♥   A freelancer

   ♥   An affiliate marketer

   ♥   A creative content specialist

   ♥   A product creator

   ♥   A newbie

   ♥   A person who wants to commence a small online business or even wants to sell your own products.



   ♥   You can sell physical, digital products & software

   ♥   This is a method that helps you earn from home without any tech skills, upfront costs or experience

   ♥   2X Profits: set-up accounts for vendors, charge a sign-up fee + commissions on every sale

   ♥   Ditch 3rd party platforms that eat into your profits

   ♥   It is made for absolute beginners

   ♥   30-day money-back guarantee

   ♥   No need for any approval to sell

   ♥   No spending money on expensive designers, developers, or writers

   ♥   No more manually creating pages or adding products

   ♥   ShopZBuilder is 100% cloud-based so it runs flawlessly on any operating system.

   ♥   No more paying expensive monthly subscriptions to build an online Multi-Vendor Store by yourself

   ♥   No more dealing with designers, developers or programmers every time you want to make a small modification to your Multi-Vendor Store.


   X   You can create your own E-commerce shops with this world-class tool.


Here my ShopZBuilder review comes to the end, thank you for checking my words till the bottom of the article. I hope you get every single piece of information, the pros of this product will help you lead the vans. All you need to do is buy it and wait for the good results to come.


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