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Infinite Webinar Review


If you get to know about making money online, you might have known that webinar is such a great way to send free traffic and convert your offers to get a positive ROI and maximize your profit. It serves as a useful tool that allows you to take the shortcut to success and get the laptop lifestyle you have always been dreaming of.

However, what hinders you from success is hundreds of dollars of Zoom or other similar services monthly subscription fees. Just take a look at the image below and you will see how much each webinar platform charges user:


In addition to that, there are so many restrictions that come along the way with these platforms. Apart from that, paying for a webinar streaming platform is just not enough, you also need to show up live on camera and find a high-ticket offer to promote. There are just so many struggles involved in creating your webinar. That’s why so many people have given up before seeing results!

But you know what… You are not going through the same thing because I’m about to introduce you to your ultimate solution which solves all of the problems mentioned above while you only have to pay a low one-time fee only!

Let’s just dive in and see what’s in it for you!



Creator Venkatesh Kumar & Vísves
Product Infinite Webinar
Launch Date 2021-Mar-14
Launch Time 10:00 EST
Official website Click Here
Front-End Price $13 – $15
Bonuses Yes, Huge Bonuses
Skill All Levels
Guarantee 365 Days Money Back Guarantee
Niche Tools & Software
Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend Highly Recommend!


Infinite Webinar is a groundbreaking All-Inclusive Unlimited Webinar Platform that allows you to conduct live and scheduled a webinar for your audience. Whether it’s Social Media, DFY Affiliate Webinar, or Automate Unlimited Webinars, Infinite Webinar can handle them all for you!

Curious yet? Let’s move on to the next part to see who is behind this incredible product!



This product is brought to you by Venkatesh Kumar and his partner – Vísves. They are talented online marketers and software developers for many years now, with numerous launches and webinar promos and 20,000s users actively using and benefiting from their desktop apps and web apps.

Especially, if you have been in the Internet Marketing space for long enough, Venkatesh Kumar is not a strange name to you as he is currently a top 1% vendor on WarriorPlus.

This time, they team up to bring you an Infinite Webinar. Previously, their products have been highly evaluated by both experts and users, proven by thousands of copies sold out. I believe Infinite Webinar is not an exception and it will definitely do wonders for you!


Let’s see what you’ll get inside of Infinite Webinar and how you can benefit from it:

   ♦   Powerful Cloud Based Webinar Platform

Infinite Webinar is the cloud-based meaning you can get access to it from literally anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. There is absolutely no heavy download or installation. In addition, there is no hosting required for your webinars!

Infinite Webinar allows you to:

  • Do Video calls with your students, Clients, Friends, and family with the best clarity and crisp quality.
  • Run live webinars and broadcast yourself or your screen
  • Share Your Screen or student Screen in the live.
  • Lock-protected rooms: Control access to your conferences with a password
  • Live Chat Message to your attendees during webinars or meetings. 
  • Live Streaming to the Top Social media like YouTube
  • Create Meeting and share code to join others. 
  • Share any links to any offers to your attendees. 
  • Join Meeting without login.
  • Rejoin the previous Meeting with Meeting History.
  • Experience High-speed delivery at top quality without any lags

   ♦   Unlimited Webinars For Lifetime

There is no restriction ever on the number of webinars you can run. With Infinite Webinar, you can effortlessly run a live webinar, schedule a webinar and replay webinars with pre-recorded video and chat.

   ♦   $1,000 Worth DFY Affiliate Webinar Campaigns

Infinite Webinar comes loaded with the best converting affiliate webinars so that you can jump right into making big-ticket sales instantly without any manual work required.

   ♦   High Security And Data Privacy

Your data is protected with Infinite Webinar SSL Encryption. You can rejoin the previous meeting with meeting history, record your Livestream and automate the whole process.

   ♦   Live Streaming On YouTube

With just one click of a mouse, you can live stream with your YouTube audience in the same dashboard.

   ♦   Live Chat And Link Sharing Option

With Infinite Webinar, you can live chat messages to your attendees and they can interact with you during the webinar and join the meeting as well. You can also share any buy button during the Sales Webinar or Live Webinar.


3 steps to deploy Infinite Webinar

Step 1: Log in Infinite Webinar To Create DFY Affiliate Webinar-Based Campaigns

As you login to Infinite Webinar, you will see its dashboard which comes loaded with meeting statistics and a calendar.


In order to create a new meeting, just go to ‘Meetings’ and click on ‘New Meeting’


Step 2: Fully Customize Your Webinar Campaign & Add Your Affiliate Link

Then, you will need to fill in some information like meeting title, date of the meeting, enable public your meeting and upload banner from your device:


When you are done creating your meeting, click on ‘Join meeting’


Just enter your name and then you can instantly join the meeting!

Step 3: Let Infinite Webinar Share & Broadcast your affiliate webinar campaign

If you want to share it with others, just copy the link and share it!


Infinite Webinar Review – The Demo Video

Infinite Webinar will help you create & broadcast unlimited high-converting webinar sessions that will help you send free traffic & convert high-ticket offers to maximize your profit with ZERO WORK. It’s basically a Click-Record-Earn system.

More than this, it’s beginner-friendly! You can see more of how it works in the following demo video:


   ♥   Even If You Are A Complete Newbie, You Can Get Started With This Infinite Webinar Without Any Struggle

From my demo section, I believe you already see how newbie-friendly Infinite Webinar is and you should find no difficulty using it. Just follow my using instruction and I’m sure you’ll be perfectly fine!

The best thing is there is absolutely no prior knowledge or experience required so you can jump right into creating meetings with this software tool without any hassle!

   ♥   Infinite Webinar Is An Amazing Starter Kit For People Who Wants To Effortlessly Drive Massive Ultra-Targeted Traffic Using Webinar

We all know that Webinar is a great way to generate massive traffic for your business. However, it has to be done right, or else you are going to waste a lot of your money for nothing. Just come to think about the expensive Zoom subscription – you just can’t spend hundreds of dollars while getting nothing in return right?

But there is no need to be stressed over that. Infinite Webinar just offers you a low one-time price so you can generate revenue from webinars without ever worrying about the cost of the webinar platform eating up all of your profits.

Also, let’s see what other Internet Marketers talk about Infinite Webinar:



Let’s first quickly recap what you will get with Infinite Webinar:


The front-end price is only $13 – $15. Apparently, you can see how beneficial and powerful this product is from my review. It allows you to host unlimited webinars and drive unlimited targeted traffic without any manual work required.

The best thing about Infinite Webinar is it does NOT charge you any monthly fee while letting you conduct unlimited webinars which are totally different from many other platforms.

You can take a look at the image below to see how outstanding Infinite Webinar is compared to other software tools:


Grab this chance quickly because the price will increase shortly after and you will have to pay recurring fees instead of the low one-time fee like this. I know you don’t want to regret missing out on it!

Don’t hesitate because if you are not satisfied with this product, you can get a FULL refund within 365 days of your purchase!


This product is clear to work perfectly for EVERYONE. It aims to serve people who want to generate passive income with Infinite Webinar. If you appear in the following list, you should really consider buying Infinite Webinar:

   ♥   Affiliate marketer

   ♥   Product creator

   ♥   Business owner

   ♥   Local or small business

   ♥   Ecom site owner

   ♥   Entrepreneur

   ♥   Freelancer

   ♥   Blogger

   ♥   Author and coach

   ♥   Newbie

And the list goes on and on.



   ♥   Easily run live, scheduled and unlimited webinars with live chat

   ♥   NO monthly Fees – Pay once use forever

   ♥   Unlimited Free SSL encryption – 100% secure

   ♥   $1,000 worth DFY affiliate webinar campaigns

   ♥   Live streaming to the top social media

   ♥   High-speed delivery at top quality without any lag

   ♥   24/7 support from the technical support team

   ♥   Cloud-based

   ♥   No additional costs

   ♥   Newbie-friendly

   ♥   365 days money-back guarantee


   X   This product have been doing wonder for me so I have no complaint.


So this is the end of my Infinite Webinar Review. Hopefully, with this review, you can have enough information to make your decision. Once again, this is a good chance to get HUGE passive income. So don’t hesitate, grab this chance before the price goes up.


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