How To Write Standard SEO Articles In Just 2 Simple Steps

How to write standard SEO articles in just 2 simple steps 90% effective

What are 2 simple steps to having a professional SEO article? With only 2 steps, will you really succeed in the journey of SEO with content or not? Let’s explore through the following article!

One of the important tasks when managing a website is to standardize SEO for the page. Start by writing standard SEO articles, inserting backlinks, internal links and offpage SEO, which are very familiar jobs of an SEO-ers.

But not everyone is familiar with the principles of SEO operation, there are still many people mistakenly believe that writing SEO standard articles is just a way of inserting “keywords” into Meta tags, about how keyword density is so natural to be able to highly rated by Google.

In fact, the secret of “producing” standard SEO articles is only encapsulated in 2 steps that I will reveal soon in my blog.

How to write standard SEO articles in just 2 simple steps 90 effective

Why do marketers have to “hunt” for standard SEO writing?

We talk a lot about SEO, hunting for ways to help our website optimize, but why is it always so vague? What is the role of standard SEO articles?

Before starting the journey to explore how to write SEO standards articles, let’s learn about the role of SEO with me!

The Role of SEO content:

SEO content standards are the most important factors that determine the value, ability to develop and succeed for a website in the process of operation.

A website that goes right in standard SEO will have a great opportunity to gain access from a large number of users when they search for keywords related to the content or main keyword of the articles. As a result, standard SEO content will help our websites get high rankings on the search and display index of Google and of course that is very important for the development of websites.

Not only that, SEO website posts will be extremely important key for our website to stand out from the thousands of other competitors currently available on Google.

2 steps “divine” to perform properly writing standard SEO articles

Without long lines, the standard SEO writing method is summed up in 2 steps: publish a good content, then promote it. How is the specification? Let’s find out right away!

The best way to write SEO articles is to create great quality content

It is a fact that no matter how good your article is, readers will not pry into your website but read like on BBC News, CNN, New York Times, Fox News….

Instead of thinking too much about this, accept it, they will only read when you share on social networks, or when your keywords top the article.

And how to write standard SEO articles from content should start with 2 parts: publish content to the TOP keywords and publish content to get traffic.

From the extraordinary little things – how to write effective SEO articles

In SEO, instead of crashing into long, dense articles, break them down into smaller pieces of content. They can be content that solves the “small problems” of customers, which are keywords in the articles that you have planned.

When they have a need, they will actively go to Google to search for certain keywords and come across your website. Dividing is much more effective, given the fact that no content can include all the keywords users want to search for.

Therefore, the most standard way of writing SEO articles is to split up the small content, to optimize for a keyword that needs to be top.

Revealing how to write standard SEO articles on TOP quick keywords

The article reaching SEO techniques starts by putting the keywords in the most important parts for Google to understand and index. In particular, the most important is the Meta Title tag and Meta Description tag.

The more powerful the Heading tag is, the better it is okay to have it. Because if you optimize it excessively, the article will be awkward to read.

So here, if there are small headlines in the article, give the H1 – H2 – H3 tags naturally.

For example:

  • H1 is arranged to coincide with the Meta Title tag is: “How to write SEO standard articles encapsulated in 2 simple steps”
  • H2 will be the smaller title: “2 steps” divine “to perform properly writing SEO articles”
  • H3 will be a smaller headline: “The most standard SEO method is to create great content.”

In the standard SEO writing methods, it is best to follow the AIDA rule, the style must be good, must be attractive first. Customers will not be sad to read boring content, instead add something new and interesting.

Once you have guaranteed the appeal, then standardized SEO. Because it will be wasteful for a website article if you do not “submit” relevant keywords so that customers can convert, increase the value of your content.

How to write standard SEO articles in just 2 simple steps 90 effective

Tips to increase website traffic by writing standard SEO articles

SEO standard onpage content is not really the content with 2000 – 3000 words and does not necessarily include all the keywords in it.

The best way to write SEO articles is to create highly shareable and interactive content. Be it for posts sharing experiences, product use experiences or news updates, these are highly shareable content.

Many businesses have websites that do not know how to develop content so that Google can favor and give it to the TOP quickly.

They often think that producing quality content regularly and submitting them is effective, but forget Google does not score websites with lots of content, but only the websites with the best content. come on.

Therefore, the way of writing long SEO standard letters with many words will be high risk, we must choose the right content and implement it in an attractive way.

How to write effective SEO standards doesn’t just stop at writing!

Never underestimate the promotion of content! After posting an interesting article on the website, spend a lot of time promoting that content, unless your field is in high demand and less competitive.

In case you have a large number of website followers so you do not need to promote. Just write and they will come to read. In standard SEO writing methods, promotion is also very important.

Here are the 4 most popular ways to promote content:

Social networks

Use popular social networking sites to promote your posts such as facebook, instagram, twitter, etc. This is an effective way to promote effectively for your article.

Post to forums

Register to be a member of many reputable forums, then introduce your articles on those forums. Posting on forums can promote your website quickly and effectively over time.

Put backlink keywords in the article

Look for websites and forums that allow to put backlinks in the article to redirect customers to your website. On the other hand, putting backlinks will pull your article to the TOP in the best way.

When placing backlinks, you should pay attention to white hat SEO guidelines to avoid being penalized by Google.

Navigate links from other articles about your new post

Place links from old posts that are similar in content to your new article and navigate it back to the article you just wrote. Linking makes your posts known to customers faster and more effectively.

The above are the 2 most important steps in the way of writing highly effective SEO articles.

Of course, in order to be able to compete with the stronger competitors in your industry. It is obvious to learn in depth and use advanced methods at the same time. However, without these two background steps, the process to your success will be a lot further.

Hopefully, I have provided you with valuable information!

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