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The new year has really begun and you are still holding on to your dream of making money online from previous years? This is the best time to step out of your comfort zone and make breakthroughs. Intentions will only be stories if you still hesitate and do not immediately start implementing them.

If you want to be a digital marketer, do it now. There will be a lot of work to do such as finding traffic sources, creating sales funnels, building marketing campaigns, and especially turning viewers into leads and finally closing deals with your product. If you are still having trouble, I will help you.

With today’s post as a New Year’s greeting, I bring you a product that does almost everything and all you need to do is activate it. Making a daily passive profit is a very great idea and that’s why ProfitStrike was born, breaking all barriers, all traditional manipulations to help you make money more easily. You will get 20 DFY Leadpages with the hottest affiliate products ready to cash in.

Spend 5 minutes only to find out useful advice for your career.



Creator Yves Kouyo
Product ProfitStrike
Launch Date 2021-Jan-04
Launch Time 10:00 EST
Official website Click Here
Front-End Price $17 – $19
Skill All Levels
Guarantee 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Niche Tools & Software
Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend Highly Recommend!


ProfitStrike is a full SaaS software that has been loaded with proven and highly converting DONE-FOR-YOU Lead Funnels (squeeze page and thank you pages), Premium Lead Magnets, and Affiliate Products to help you build your email list and earn affiliate commissions almost immediately.

A traffic element was added that allows you to easily siphon traffic from over 21 social media networks in 1 click from your dashboard.


He is Yves Kouyo who has launched a number of software products on JVZoo for a long time. He has sold close to $2 Million worth of software products as a solo vendor and has topped many leader-boards.

You can know him more through some of his top-notch former products such as: AppJam,VidBuilders, Myvideo Rankr, CB Kala, vKala, Uklaa, etc.

This time he made use of the little-known loophole to help you earn commissions more easily.


Inside this software, you get 20 DFY Leadpages, Premium Lead Magnets that are editable and brandable to you in each file that you can use to build an email list and promote offers at the same time.

Here is what you will receive when you purchase ProfitStrike today:

   ♦   Your Own Copy And Paste System With Hundreds Of Links For You To Choose From

   [+]   Fully done-for-you list builder software

   [+]   20 loaded outstanding lead pages

   [+]   20 premium lead magnets

   [+]   Done for you graphics and optin page copy

   [+]   Add affiliate offers to lead pages

   [+]   Just copy your autoresponder code & you are done

   [+]   Integration with top autoresponders

   ♦   “In The Cloud” Traffic From 21 Secret Websites

You will receive a login to ProfitStrike which you can start using immediately to start Internet Marketing in 30 minutes or less

   ♦   Over The Shoulder Video Training

It shows you exactly how to get started using the app to maximize your profits.

Besides, seeing real case studies of people just like you achieve online success with ProfitStrike will accelerate your results even more

Especially, no one likes to go for days without an answer to their queries which is why It invested in a Hi-Tech support system that will provide you with leading-edge support to your queries.

   ♦   Passive Traffic Starting Today

ProfitStrike will generate traffic and sales for days, months, and even years to come.

I don’t want anything to stop you from getting the ProfitStrike app right now. This is like nothing you’ve ever seen before, and it will get you results regardless of your background, your skills, or your online experience.

That’s why it is going to eliminate all of the risks and give you a full 365 days to make sure ProfitStrike is for you. You can relax, knowing that it is the one taking all of the risks.

You get to keep all the profits you make during your 365 days trial. I know you’ll be blown away by how fast and easy it is to crush it with internet marketing using the copy & paste system of ProfitStrike.

ProfitStrike’s Bonuses Included

So, besides giving you an all-in-one system to run affiliate promotion campaigns, the creator also prepares a huge list of bonuses below which will work well with this tool to increase your revenues.


aff name


Now let me walk you through a quick demonstration to see how simple this software works

So after you log into your account, you will be directed to a dashboard. Inside the dashboard, you can see your funnel stats like how many funnels and affiliate products you have:


  [+]  Affiliate products

Now, the next step is to find and add affiliate products:



To fill in the form, you will also need to get the image link. You just need to browse and upload your image in jpeg or whatever on the site called ImageShack:



Once you’ve done that, basically the software gets you the link in png format. Then you just click on get links and copy that into the form above.

Another important element is products. Here’s with ProfitsStrike, you can see the list of high converting rates, get a link to fill in the form, and start profiting:


  [+]  DFY Funnels

These are the sections where everything is already done for you. Everything you need to do is browse through the funnels to see which one you want to use for your campaigns:


  [+]  Autoresponder

As the final feature, when you set the funnels, what happens is you get the ability to configure the autoresponder. You can choose which one so you just configure it and you can choose your thank you page as well:



   ♥   ProfitStrike Is A No Brainer For Winning Affiliate Campaigns

ProfitStrike will help you generate abundant free traffic. If you don’t want to spend extra money on engines that charge you thousands of dollars a month, you can completely rely on ProfitStrike. This product will allow you to use the power of 22 secret websites to get a huge amount of traffic without having to search anywhere.

If you want to know which 22 websites it is and if it provides huge traffic, you just have to try ProfitStrike. And of course, you can forget about subscriptions when you go with this top monthly-notch tool. This is why ProfitStrike is the most helpful tool on the market today, as it has everything required to help you start making money online without having to pay any extortionate monthly subscription charges.

And yet, you will start making profits from this product with just 3 clicks. You don’t need to be an expert in computer science to work out ProfitStrike. It’s easy to use and intuitive, making it a readily available source of content and traffic.

   ♥   You Are Willing To Be An Affiliate Marketer

If you have always wanted to make money as an affiliate marketer but are still hesitant, this opportunity is for you. Obviously, you know what you need to prepare right? A website, a lead funnel, email lists, products to promote, and graphic designs.

Indeed, if before you had to pay for all operations but now everything is encapsulated in ProfitStrike. That means if you just buy ProfitStrike, you can start earning commission from it which has been loaded with proven and highly converting DFY lead funnels (squeeze page and thank you pages), premium lead magnets, and affiliate products.

Do you know to know what others say about this tool? Let’s take a look:





Don’t worry. You see, the catch is that this is a special offer, so for a limited time it offers this for an extremely low price from $17 – $19.

The price is rising every few hours, so it won’t be long until it’s more than double what it is today! It could easily charge hundreds of dollars for a revolutionary tool like this, but we want to offer you an attractive and affordable price that will finally help you tap into the affiliate “digital goldmine” in the best possible way – without wasting a ton of money! Just take action and I promise you will not be disappointed.


It was created for people who want to start earning affiliate commissions while building their email list. 100% newbie friendly and easy to use. You can’t believe how simple it makes it to pull in commissions and build your list at the same time. The ProfitStrike app is guaranteed to work – trial it today at no risk. Here is who will benefit from the ProfitStrike app:

   ♥   Affiliate marketers

   ♥   YouTube creators

   ♥   E-commerce store owners

   ♥   Newbies

   ♥   Students

   ♥   Retirees

   ♥   Bloggers

   ♥   Freelancers

   ♥   Small business owners

   ♥   Anyone looking to make money online



   ♥   New technology creates unique money links

   ♥   Little known loophole

   ♥   No need for complex technology if you can copy & paste, you can do this

   ♥   Driving 100% free traffic online without paying for ads

   ♥   Pure profit, no expenses

   ♥   Dozens of ready-made links send cash straight into your bank account

   ♥   Just copy & paste a secret link

   ♥   The more copy and paste, the more money earned

   ♥   The exact same system we used to make $12,874 in the last 30 days

   ♥   Pulls “clicks” from a practically unknown $5.2 Billion loophole for passive commissions

   ♥   Simple set up takes no more than 60 seconds

   ♥   No tech skills required

   ♥   Start earning as early as today

   ♥   365 days, 100% money back guarantee

   ♥   Personal coaching if you don’t make money with this

   ♥   AllLead Funnels work with GetResponse, MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, Sendlane or any autoresponder you want to use – Just add your Autoresponder Code and it’s ready to build your list and promote offers.


   X   There is none.


Here my ProfitStrike review comes to the end, thank you for checking my words till the bottom of the article. I hope you get every single piece of information, the pros of this product will help you lead the vans. All you need to do is buy it and wait for the good results to come.


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