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For every business, a thorough investment in the whole process is extremely necessary. That means from building an image, branding to designing a website, there are billions of steps to do and it is certainly not a simple task. If you’ve ever owned a business, you know well how important it is to set a GMB, and how effective promotions and discounts can be. And one thing that I want to mention is that loyalty programs will play a very important role in driving revenue.

Do you also know about this problem but don’t know how to build effective programs other than hiring outside companies to do it for you and they charge an arm and leg that you cannot afford? You can’t use traditional or manual ways to get the best results, you need a new solution. Therefore, you will find the answer in today’s article.

Today’s product is called Redeemly, an AI-powered app that helps you create websites about loyalty programs with a few simple steps. Join me later in today’s post.



Creator Misan Morrison & Raymond Ogundele
Product Redeemly
Launch Date 2022-Feb-15
Launch Time 11:00 EST
Front-End Price $39
Skill All Levels
Guarantee 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Niche Tool & Software
Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend Highly Recommend!


Redeemly is a smart web app that creates Customer Loyalty Websites and automates cardless loyalty programs for businesses to reactivate dormant customers and increase sales to existing customers.

3 simple steps to create a recurring income with Redeemly:

STEP #1: Create a “smart-website” Loyalty Program for clients and get paid recurring fees


STEP #2: Clients can activate up to 4 ways for customers to earn points on their loyalty platform


STEP #3: A.I. tech rewards customers automatically: points can be redeemed for rewards. When a customer has earned enough points, they get a reward and they will also see the progress of their points.




I would like to introduce the man behind this intelligent product Misan Morrison. As you probably already know, Misan is a familiar face in the software creation market and has gained outstanding achievements on JVzoo.

Some products that help define his name can be mentioned StockRush, SmartWriterr, Affiliate Suite, Tagget, Stockrush, ActiveWebinar, FXVisualClips, Sociflux, FXFunnel, FunnelsBot, and his recent launch Cubeet has had a big bang. In case you are interested, you can give them a try.

He is a passionate online marketer and also a very prominent figure. Over years of working in the online marketing field, he is known for the fact that he always had a flair for technology.

This time he joined hands with Raymond Ogundele to develop Redeemly and help you sell the best service for local businesses.


You’ll use the app to create cardless loyalty programs that businesses can use with their clients, and you’ll be able to get paid a monthly recurring fee for helping these businesses. You can use the world’s 1st A.I.-powered app that generates and automates cardless loyalty programs for them.

Even if you have zero sales experience, have never run a business before, and barely know how to turn on a computer.

Redeemly is loaded with features designed to scale your business:

   ♦   Feature #1: Cloud-Based App

Redeemly is hosted in the cloud, so you can create new loyalty campaigns from any phone or computer with internet access.

   ♦   Feature #2: Add up to 50 businesses

Your account includes the ability to add up to 50 businesses, which means you can create 50 streams of recurring income.

   ♦   Feature #3: 500 customers limit

Each business can have up to 500 customers.

   ♦   Feature #4: 500 loyalty campaigns

You can create up to 500 unique loyalty campaigns, which means each business can have multiple campaigns.

   ♦   Feature #5: 500 loyalty rewards

Add up to 500 total loyalty rewards at the account level.

   ♦   Feature #6: 100 business staff

Add up to 100 business staff, so there are multiple points of contact for each business and company.

   ♦   Feature #7: 100 customer segmentation

Segment up to 100 different customers for maximum results.

   ♦   Feature #8: 500 digital savings card

Redeemly comes standard with 500 digital savings cards that can be issued to loyalty customers. These savings cards are powerful and really get customers to come back and spend money.

   ♦   Feature #9: Detailed earning analytics

Get access to in-depth earnings analytics so you always know how your campaigns are doing and how your business is growing.

   ♦   Feature #10: Detailed spending analytics

Get access to detailed customer spending analytics to show your clients that Redeemly is working so they continue to send you money month after month.

There are more benefits you can get

   ♦   Redeemly Step-By-Step Video Training

This step-by-step training shows you exactly how to get up and running with Redeemly quickly and easily

You’ll see the best way to start landing paying clients right away

It’ll reveal the fastest way to scale things up to a life-changing income in your spare time

   ♦   Agency License

When you get Redeemly today, it comes standard with an Agency license that allows you to create cardless loyalty programs for businesses, charge anything you want, and keep 100% of the profit for yourself.

   ♦   Upgraded Customer Support

Although Redeemly is easy to use, we’re giving you access to upgraded customer support so you can get help with the app if you need it via our upgraded ticket system.

   ♦   You Have No Risk With A 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

It does not want anything to stop you from getting this easy-to-use software app that leverages the power of A.I. to create cardless loyalty programs for businesses so you can create a life-changing recurring monthly income.

So here’s how this works:

   [+]   Get Redeemly right now and lock in your bonuses and discount

   [+]   Use Redeemly to help businesses and get paid in the process

   [+]   Then decide if Redeemly is for you

   [+]   If you change your mind for ANY reason, just let them know and they’ll send you a refund.


In this section, I will show you how to set up your account and the loyalty programs

The very first step you need to do is log into your account


   ♦   Create And Manage Business

Next up, click on the Create a business: to create your first business.


A business is an entity to which you can link staff members and campaigns.

Fill in as many details as relevant for your business. These details will be used for the loyalty campaign website.


Following that, you will have power over adding and managing staff


Staff members are linked to a business. They have access to the staff application, and can give customers loyalty points and redeem rewards.

They can do this for the loyalty campaigns that are linked to the business(es) to which they are linked.


Next, you will also have the “Segment” feature.

Segments allow you to gain insight into the behavior of your customers. When a customer claims loyalty points or redeems a reward, a staff member can select one or more segments. This can be any label relevant to your business.


   ♦   Projects

There are various campaigns that you can set up, most notably Rewards and Loyalty program campaigns.

Click on each feature and you will see a box showing up. Your job is to fill in the sessions with suitable information about your campaign.




A campaign is a website where customers can sign up to earn loyalty points and exchange points for rewards.

You can test the campaign on a URL you get from us, and when you are ready you can launch it on any domain or subdomain you own.

Redeemly-demo-10-test Redeemly-demo-11-test

   ♦   Domain Setting

There will also be detailed instructions on how to change/edit your domain within the platform.



   ♦   Analytics

When you activate your campaigns, the analytics section will show how much you earn and how much you give away for the projects and gain more insight on how well you are doing.


For a better demonstration, please watch the demo video below:


   ♥   Redeemly Replaces Manual Work And Reduces Workload

With the use of artificial intelligence technology, people will be extremely hands-free when using this smart tool. Going back to the past, you will often see businesses that will use paper or cards to help their customers register or earn points, but that is so outdated and takes both time, effort and money.

With Redeemly, you will provide this super hot service at a very favorable price that you can charge them. You know every business is aware of how great the problem of retaining existing customers is and therefore they often spend a lot of money on loyalty programs or huge offers. They are tired of being charged exorbitant prices and this is your chance to help them:


With a few simple steps, a website about loyalty programs for a business is quickly created and you get paid, extremely easy, right?


   ♥   Redeemly Will Be With A Full Agency License Today

When you get Redeemly, it comes standard with an Agency license that allows you to create cardless loyalty programs for businesses, charge anything you want, and keep 100% of the profit for yourself. And yet you can create more than 500 campaigns with 500 limit customers per business. This is an extremely large number and that is the condition for you to earn a lot more money.




When you offer your clients a customer loyalty program, they can boost sales to existing customers at a much lower cost. Go with this AI-based tool to spend more time on tasks that make you money without all the head spin work most other people focus on.

During the launch time, you have to pay $39 for this delightful tool. It is not strange that its price can peak at some times and you also lose a chance to own it with front-end price. Of course, the price will change.



The great news is, you’re getting much more than what is mentioned on the sales page. You will be surprised with the list of massive value bonuses from the vendor:



You know that Customer loyalty programs are a secret weapon to scale every business as it costs five times as much to attract a new customer than to keep an existing one. Using Redeemly to create a loyal program to turn one-time buyers into loyal, repeat customers. You can make profits from this amazing product without any skill or experience. Come with this one if you are:

   ♥   A local marketer

   ♥   A affiliate marketer

   ♥   CPA offers

   ♥   Physical/digital products

   ♥   High ticket products/services sellers

   ♥   Coach and guru

   ♥   A digital marketer

   ♥   A affiliate site owner

   ♥   A small business owner

   ♥   A Blogger, Youtuber

   ♥   A content creator

   ♥   A web developer

   ♥   A freelancer



   ♥   No sales experience or technical skills required to set up a new cardless loyalty program because the app does all the hard work

   ♥   Web-based app so there’s never anything to install or update

   ♥   This is much easier than affiliate marketing

   ♥   No email list needed

   ♥   No building websites or complicated tasks like SEO

   ♥   No buying ads or paying for traffic

   ♥   No cold calling required

   ♥   Done for you’ customer loyalty websites included

   ♥   Cutting edge A.I. powered software makes this a simple way to make money helping local businesses with cardless loyalty programs

   ♥   Get started today for a low one-time investment -no monthly fees

   ♥   Step-By-Step training included – no complicated setup

   ♥   Complimentary agency license included and you can keep 100% profits


   X   There is none.


You know everything is up to you. Your decision will lead to other results, but I hope buying Redeemly is your best judgment ever. This comes to the end of my review today, thank you for clicking on this article among thousands of reviews out there. Please note that this price exists during the launch time, they can not wait for you too long.


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