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No one can’t deny the great power of Facebook: even though people are saying Facebook is saturated, data never lies! According to Statistica, from the 2nd quarter of 2018 to the 4th quarter of 2021, you can apparently see a consistent rapid increase in the number of Facebook’s monthly active users. This means Facebook will continue to rise stronger in the future!


This also means that the competition for traffic and leads is getting fiercer in the future. If you want to capture FB users’ attention, spending hours and hours on writing content or giving away lead magnets is less likely to be as effective as it used to be!

Therefore, I’d like to introduce you MessagePayz which allows you to “shoot” your message and link right into FB users’ inboxes. This will appear as a notification right on their phones or laptop and I bet they can resist the urge to click on it! If you are curious about how to do that, just check out my MessagePayz and I’ll show you!



Creator Wesley Virgin
Product MessagePayz
Launch Date 2022-Apr-01
Launch Time 09:00 EST
Front-End Price $17 – $19
Skill All Levels
Guarantee 365 Days Money Back Guarantee
Niche Tool & Software
Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend Highly Recommend!


MessagePayz is a Unique System that lets you mass-message thousands of Facebook users and pocket a minimum of $40,000 per month while staying anonymous. All you need to do is just choose a DFY offer, press “Send” and you are ready to tap into 3B Facebook users.

If you want to drive traffic to anywhere else or build a targeted email list, you can totally go ahead and do it too!


Let’s scroll down below to see how this product works in detail!



Wesley Virgin is the creator of MessagePayz.

He is well-known for multiple roles: investor, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker. He is currently the CEO of a digital advertising company named Virgin Media.

Being a passionate coach, Wesley always shares his success tips and advice with other entrepreneurs instead of keeping them for himself. His name should not be strange to you if you have been researching about making money online as he has featured on Forbes, Inc Magazine, or HuffPost.

Some of Wesley’s top-notch products include AzCashcode, UploadBucks, InstaPayz, and CryptoPayz… These products have been getting positive reviews from online users for helping them out on their online business journey. Therefore, it is no surprise that he is currently a top 1% vendor on WarriorPlus.

MessagePayz is going to be his next big hit and if you want to know why just move on to the next part and see what’s inside!


Buyer traffic is exactly what online marketers are looking for. This product is built to help you overcome this struggle

It Offers Everything To Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

This system is completely newbie-friendly so even if you have no experience, it does not matter! Everything you need to start getting results is already available inside of MessagePays.

  • The “Mass-Messaging” Technology

With just one click, you can start messaging 2 billion active FB members and get thousands of hungry buyers on demand. This exceptional technology is proven to get you real results because the creator and his students are using this system to make money online.

You can see the creator was able to drive thousands of clicks to his links with laser targeted traffic:

The product comes loaded with DFY Affiliate Products that offer you instant approval. If you are a newbie affiliate, this is such a relief as it can be a huge struggle asking for approval to promote a product for someone inexperienced. Thanks to these DFY affiliate offers, you can start generating commissions totally hands-free!

MessagePayz comes with over-the-shoulder training to guide you through everything you need to know about MessagePayz: how this system works, what you need to do, and what you should be aware of. You’ll find out how the creator generates extra income with MessagePayz inside, too!

In case you have any questions or issues with MessagePayz, just reach out to the support team and they’ll get back to you instantly. There is absolutely no worry as you will never be alone on your MMO journey with MessagePayz!

MessagePayz Review & My Opinion

  • MessagePayz Works Absolutely Perfect For You Even If You Are A Complete Newbie With Zero Budget!

As you can see from my demo, MessagePayz is absolutely easy to use. Even if you have zero previous experience in making money online, you can still “rock” with MessagePayz.

In addition, MessagePayz does not require you to buy any additional software or services to make it work like hosting, domains, page builder, or web design. This means you can keep every single penny you make with MessagePayz and never have to worry about these expensive costs eating up your profits!

  • This System Has Been Through An Intensive Testing Period To Make Sure That Everyone Can Generate Profits!

Not only does the creator but also his students use this system to generate online income over the past months. Over $282,046.95 is earned by his students so this means you can, too!

In order to make this system as simple as possible, Wesley has spent months working and streamlining this system. Thanks to this, his students were able to see incredible results as below:


You can also take a look at other users’ comments on this software:

MessagePayz-feedback-6 MessagePayz-feedback-2





Let’s first take a look at how much these newbie marketers can earn in 24 hours with MessagePayz:


As you can see, MessagePayz will quickly pay for itself and get your profits in just a short amount of time. Of course, you can expect to get tens of dollars to hundreds of dollars per day, and then once you are used to this system, you can easily scale up your business to earning $40,000/month!

I know it makes sense if you need time to consider buying MessagePayz. However, thanks to the 365 days money-back guarantee, you are not taking any risk buying MessagePayz. Just give yourself one year to try out this system and if you are not satisfied with it, you get a refund without any question asked!



  • Cash in on Facebook’s 2 billion users
  • Compatible with windows and mac
  • Proven to bring about real results by other users
  • No extra expenses required
  • No writing involved
  • 100% newbie-friendly
  • 365 days money-back guarantee


  • This system is proven to bring real amazing results so what can I complain about it?


Thank you for reading my MessagePayz review. I hope my review helped you on your way to financial freedom. If you think MessagePayz is useful for you, please hurry up and grab it now to enjoy the best price. Thank you again and please stay tuned for my upcoming digital product reviews!

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