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FunnelMates Review


In an ideal world, most of you would all have an ideal funnel for each and every ideal situation in the moment you desire to develop your online business.

HOWEVER, creating a marketing funnel always takes your TIME. Normally, in a basic lead capture funnel you need:

   [+]   A lead magnet as the incentive

   [+]   Your landing/opt-in page

   [+]   Your thank you/download pages

   [+]   Sales copy written for the pages

   [+]   Follow up emails in your sequence

   [+]   Emails loaded into the autoresponder

   [+]   Emails written regularly when the autoresponder sequence runs out

Moreover, creating a funnel costs much MONEY.

You need to have software to build the pages, design the graphics, format the PDFs, etc. Then you might need to pay (monthly/yearly) for:

   [+]   A domain name

   [+]   Hosting

   [+]   Autoresponder software

All of those issues make you tired and want to give it up, right?

I know making funnels is hard work and Creating, Writing, Designing, More Writing, Uploading, Testing also make you exhausted!

BUT don’t rush to stop your startup idea! I am here to help you solve your problem. There is a software named FunnelMates giving you a constant supply of instantly monetized, fresh lead magnets on your topic. You absolutely make it big online with FunnelMates without having to make a website, needing to learn code, writing a single goddamn word, or even a single design strand in your DNA.

Let’s check it out!



Creator Cindy Donovan, Gary Alach & Kim Torrefranca
Product FunnelMates
Launch Date 2021-Apr-20
Launch Time 09:00 EST
Official website Click Here
Front-End Price $33.94 – $46.95
Bonuses Yes, Huge Bonuses
Skill All Levels
Guarantee 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Niche Tools & Software
Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend Highly Recommend!


FunnelMates is a cloudbased SaaS (software as a service) that gives users completely done-for-you lead capture, affiliate funnels. Pages are built (and hosted), emails are written and queued (with their affiliate links embedded), and traffic tools are at the ready.

Each funnel contains ENDLESS handwritten promotions by the creator team, promoting top selling offers on JVZoo, W+, CB, Thrivecart, Shopify, Amazon and more in ANY niche.



This package was created by Cindy Donovan and her awesome teammates – Gary Alach and Kim Torrefranca.

Cindy Donovan, who is not a strange name in the field of online marketing, is a charming lady who started her online career 13 years ago. With solid experience now, she is well-known for her creativity and great expertise expressed through the high-quality products she created. 

Also, Cindy pleases customers by providing high quality products at reasonable prices. Perhaps you are familiar with the names like ViralDashboard, InstaGenius, Covert Commissions, Text Delive, Drop Gecko, Traffic Ivy, Funnel Joy, and many more.

On top of that, she has developed multiple award-winning software tools and help over 100,000 customers find easier, faster, and better ways to market online.

I personally believe that FunnelMates is no exception becoming her next boom on the market. Move on to the next part and you will realize it is the tool that you can count on.


Access the continuously growing library of done for you affiliate marketing funnels and create & publish your own in any niche:

   ♦   Cloud Hosted Funnel Templates

Select your lead capture funnel type (standard, video, webinar, review, quiz, or social) and then choose which of those templates you’d like to use.

FunnelMates will automatically install landing, thank you, confirmation, and download pages for you ready to customize.


   ♦   Classic Lead Magnet Funnels

Choose these for traditional style lead funnels. Give away an incentive and automatically deliver the offer along with relevant affiliate promotions.


   ♦   Video Lead Funnels

These funnel templates are designed with engaging video in mind, so you can embed your video and capture attention faster.


   ♦   Webinar Lead Funnels

Promoting high ticket webinars while still being able to capture leads is now a cinch, connect using the webinar integrations to let affiliates promote your webbie and build lists.


   ♦   Review Lead Funnels

Create product review or bonus pages with the option to link directly to the offer as well as having them subscribe to your lists.


   ♦   Quiz Lead Funnels

Entice your webpage visitors onto your lists with these clever quiz-style landing page funnels having them opt-in to get their results.


   ♦   Social Lead Funnels

Use these funnels to create lead capture pages for share-worthy content, using curiosity and education to cleverly guide your website visitors onto your email lists.


   ♦   Click & Edit, Drag & Drop

Editing is as simple as clicking to open the settings and changing things however you like.

Add headlines, bullet points, videos, maps, icons, testimonial blocks, HTML blocks, images, countdown timers, number counters and so much more…


   ♦   Animate Your Elements

Every piece of your page can use attention grabbing animation. You can:

   [+]   Fade in or out, right or left

   [+]   Slide up, down, in, or out

   [+]   Zoom, bounce, rotate, and spin

Or you can flash, pulse, shake, swing, jello wobble, roll in, pop and zoom your choice of text, images, videos, or call to action buttons and opt-in forms to make your page look professional and noticeable.


   ♦   Affiliate Network Integrations

Choose an offer from any of the connected networks and we’ll specifically code the links so that when a member activates your funnel, it automatically adds their affiliate links.

There’s nothing technical to puzzle out, just add your product, or any affiliate product you choose. We’ll turn it into an affiliate link for members who activate and make sure their links are added to the emails.


   ♦   DFY Email Sequence Templates

Freaking out about the idea of writing emails for an entire email sequence?

Don’t worry, we’ve taken care of that too. When using the email builder you’ll find a collection of handcrafted templates for any mood, style, or requirement.

Need to deliver a download, easy. Want to put together an affiliate promotion? Or connect with your audience using highly engaging storytelling emails. Just fill in the blanks and it’s done, set up, and ready for delivery!


   ♦   Easy Link Management

Set up your download and affiliate links in the easy to use link management dashboard.

If you need to update a link, like if a product you’re promoting isn’t available for sales anymore or you find something better you’d like to recommend we’ve made it easy.

Simply update in your dashboard and we’ll instantly update it on all of your pages and emails to redirect to your new link.


   ♦   Funnel Request Board

Want to build a funnel, but not sure if people will buy it? We’ve made it easy by adding a funnel request form in the members’ area.

Members can suggest niches and offer lead magnet giveaways to create funnels with buyers all ready to hand over the cash. Find resources and more in your dashboard.


   ♦   Buyers With Money To Burn

Speaking of people requesting funnels, we’re giving all of the members (you too…!) money to spend, that unlocks these powerful, profitable instant funnels in the FunnelMates marketplace.

They’re excited to start building lists and have funds at their fingertips. There’s no need to entice people or convince them to buy. You have a targeted audience, with money ready to spend on exactly what they want to buy – so give it to them!


   ♦   Connect With Your Buyers

You’ll see each transaction in your sales history with links to every person who’s activated your funnel (either free or paid).

You can connect with them in the chat groups, add them as friends and if they accept your invitation, find out ways you can help them get more out of their funnel or how to grow bigger and better funnels. You could even message your previous buyers to let them know you’re releasing a new funnel!


   ♦   Get ‘Paid’ Subscribers!

You can choose to give away your funnels to members and instead of having them pay you for using your funnel, they’ll share their leads.

Simply connect your autoresponder, make the funnel available for free and any leads your funnel activator captures will also be automatically added to your own, integrated autoresponder platform too.


You see, right now you can get instant access to breakthrough software with just powerful features that lets you plug and play your way to automated affiliate commissions:


This software is very easy to use. There’s nothing to download, nothing to install. Just log in and get going. You can start using FunnelMates just moments after you complete your order!

Step 1: Log In

Enter your account and password to start.


After logging in successfully, you will see the main dashboard below:


Step 2: Settings

Click on “Settings” to start setting up your GENERAL SETTINGS and also Custom Domain, Mail Lists Setting, Webinar Integration and Autoresponders.


Then, fill in all information in settings page.


Step 3: Choosing Your Funnel

In the left side, go into “Store” and select the funnel you want to unlock.


After that, activate your selected one.


The funnel that you unlocked in the previous step will be listed like the below picture.


Your whole funnel is now ready to launch. Let’s first take a look at the sample lead magnet created for you:


Thanks to FunnelMates, you will be able to build lead magnets like that one without doing any manual work to collect leads & build your list.

Besides, you can customize the funnels by clicking on each of the included options:

  [+]  Promotion Links

Here you’ll find the request link to get your own affiliate link:


  [+]  Download resources


  [+]  Autoresponder integrations


  [+]  Funnel Link & Traffic Kit:


  [+]  Clicks % Conversions


  [+]  Rate & Review


FunnelMates Review – The Demo Video


No matter whether you are a 100% newbie or a professionals in the field of online marketing, FunnelMates is perfect for you, for sure. You can discover affiliate marketing and list building with absolutely no learning curve. You have your first account signed up, got your first subscriber, and see your first affiliate commissions hitting your accounts quickly smart.

I have to admit that it is the faster, easier way to build your own funnel without hassle. You will spend less time messing around doing all the manual work – and of course, have more time to reap the benefits! With FunnelMates, there’s no pressure whatsoever. You’re completely welcome to stay or proceed at your own pace.

You can SELL the funnels you create to other members right inside the FunnelMates member area by using available templates and easy-to-use drag and drop builder to create custom funnels for your own personal use or add to our marketplace. FunnelMates will pay you CASH every time a member activates your funnel.

In sum, you are still successful in your niche although you do not waste time or money to design the pages, create the lead magnet or write the email follow-ups.

Need more proofs? FunnelMates has allowed lots of people out there to earn their first commissions online from scratch, will you be the next one?







This product comes with 2 payment options:

   ♣   FunnelMates Access: $33.97

Access to all features as outlined above

$10 to spend on your choice of FunnelMates funnels

   ♣   FunnelMates Deluxe: $46.95

Access to all features as outlined above

$20 to spend on your choice of FunnelMates funnels

Honestly, for whatever version you are choosing, this price is so cheap compared with its top-notch quality. Come to think about all the struggles of creating content, designing a lead magnet, having a free giveaway, and building a complete campaign to promote affiliate offers. With FunnelMates, there is no more guesswork or trial & error as it provides you will the DFY funnels with proven to convert offers.

Please note that the price above will not remain the same and will rise in just a short amount of time.



The creator also offers some handy bonuses for your purchase.  Hopefully, you will grab something really helpful for your business:


As the software is completely newbie-friendly, I would say it’s possible for everyone who wants to make money online. They’ll show you everything to get up and running in just a few minutes.

That’s why I would recommend it for the list here:

   ♥   Complete Newbies

   ♥   List Builders

   ♥   eCom store owners

   ♥   Agencies

   ♥   Freelancers

   ♥   Bloggers

   ♥   Anyone who wants extra income

And the list goes on.



   ♥   Fully hosted

   ♥   Automated email promo sequences (with your affiliate links)

   ♥   True one-click activation in MANY niches

   ♥   Connect your autoresponder account to capture leads

   ♥   Integrated with JVZoo, WarriorPlus, and Clickbank, with the opportunity to add links to ANY offer you choose (high ticket webinars, own coaching offer, etc)

   ♥   Activate done for you funnels from our member-generated marketplace

   ♥   Create your own funnels using our customizable templates in any niche

   ♥   Create and publish max of 3 funnels per month (either for yourself or publish in the marketplace)

   ♥   Activate 2 free a month or unlimited paid (according to funds available) funnels

   ♥   Add follow-up emails in your email sequences (fully hosted)

   ♥   Capture an unlimited number of leads

   ♥   Can use your own custom domain


   X   Up to now, there is none


In sum, this is a must-have in any online marketers’ toolkits. I know you have many options out there to do the task but FunnelMates offers the simplest, craziest, and most effective method which both saves time and money in the market now.

Trust me, giving FunnelMates a chance to prove itself to you means you are giving yourself a chance to get close to success.

Hopefully, my review has given sufficient information for you, and wish you have a wise choice.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to visit my website.



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