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FLIIK Review


Dear future online marketers, do you often look at the growth in online shopping (ecommerce) and think that starting your own online store is the ‘answer’ to making huge amounts of money online. Because it looks easy, doesn’t it?

But the truth is that setting up your own online store isn’t easy and doing so is a MISTAKE if you don’t have what it takes to become a real business owner and sell your own products.

Most people have little to no idea how much time, and work is involved until they get into ecommerce: E.G. Bagging up orders, posting them, responding to customer queries, dealing with postal delays, refunds and everything else.

But that opens a new door, a new approach to earn money from the Internet!

Consumers love buying from websites like Amazon, Ebay and digital marketplaces like ClickBank. They trust them, they know they will get their product quickly and know they are getting good value for money.

So rather than risking tens of thousands of dollars trying to compete with industry giants. The easiest way to start making money from today’s online shopping trend is to work with these platforms (as a marketplace affiliate) and generate income at the same time!

I can promise you that comparison shopping online is massive, comparison videos are huge and they result in stacks of evergreen commission payments for 1000s of savvy marketplace affiliates. Today FLIIK – the newly released web-based software will allow you to deploy this gold mine and stand out from others.

Let’s jump right in my FLIIK review now!


So, if you’re serious about sacking your boss and working from home, or you simply want a sustainable second income then please pay close attention as in the review today, I will reveal a special tool to find a shortcut which makes it possible for you to ethically hijack a percentage of those online sales without experience or any technical ability.


Creator Venkata Ramana
Product FLIIK
Launch Date 2020-Oct-29
Launch Time 11:00 EST
Official website Click Here
Front-End Price $17
Bonuses Yes, Huge Bonuses
Skill All Levels
Guarantee 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Niche Tools & Software
Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend Highly recommend!


FLIIK is a cloud based ‘Self Contained’ Income System unlike anything else.

It automates a proven formula enabling anyone to generate income from other people’s products through comparison/options without needing any experience. Users can expect to generate real results within the first 7 days of use (on average) with the potential of ongoing results when users continue to use the software

FLIIK Comparison videos and landing pages are designed to be quick and easy to populate making this system the perfect choice for newbies

You can activate the app in just 3 steps:

   [1]   Choose comparable products: Research and select products from top affiliate sites – like Amazon, eBay & Clickbank

   [2]   Create: Software creates review/comparison videos including 2-3 products at a time while auto building corresponding product landing pages.

   [3]   Turn on instant targeted traffic. Direct Youtube upload followed by syndication. FLIIK includes built-in syndication for ranking power and instant traffic.



Venkata Ramana is rather a new name in this field but do not underestimate him as he is a young gun who extremely experienced and talent software builder and a witty online marketer. With just a few launches recently, he has gained quite a reputation for reliable and effective products

Here are some of his products and let’s look forward to his upcoming products in the near future: Fusedd, ARVO, VViral, VS Evolution, Skriibe, Cyclone, Raiid.


In just a few minutes, FLIIK enables anyone to create ‘product comparison videos & product hubs’ that deliver the power to automatically generate passive affiliate commissions 24/7/365. When you try FLIIK Today you get instant access to:

   ♦   FLIIK Cloud Based App

When you purchase FLIIK today you get instant access to our cloud based App. There is nothing to download. You simply log-in to your personal dashboard and start using FLIIK.

It also includes full training which you’ll find it inside your dashboard.


   ♦   Product Finder

   [+]   Quickly find the best products to focus your comparison videos on with FLIIK built in product finder.

   [+]   Find the products people are using their built in ‘Best Seller / Most Popular algorithm.

   [+]   Search for and select 2-3 comparable products to compare.

   [+]   When you try FLIIK Today you get the lot, only without the cost.


   ♦   Create Your Comparison Video #1

FLIIK extracts all of the product details, images and everything else directly from the listing platform via API so you can create great comparison videos with just a few clicks in a few minutes.

All without tech or video skills and without appearing on screen.


   ♦   Create Your Comparison Video #2

Video creation #2 is slightly different and designed to be used specifically for digital products.

For digital (non-tangible) product comparison from ClickBank for example we’ve included our unique select and crop tool.

The select & crop tool enables you to quickly build your own video slides if you wish to.


   ♦   Direct Upload To YouTube

   [+]    FLIIK connects with your YouTube account (you will need a YouTube account to use FLIIK).

   [+]   Once your video is ready all you have to do is click upload to YouTube inside your dash and FLIIK takes care of the rest.

   [+]   Your comparison videos rank in YouTube and Google for your comparison phrase which equates to targeted organic (FREE) traffic / views.

   [+]   The traffic you get organically is 100% targeted..

For example: only someone who is very interested in ‘Sage Barista’ coffee machines is going to search for reviews / comparisons on ‘Sage Barista’ coffee machines.


   ♦   Auto Ranking Tags & Descriptions

When you upload your videos FLIIK will extract the ranking factors from the top videos and integrate them into yours. FLIIK also gives you the option to add any link you choose to the description. Or auto insert your product page link.


   ♦   Additional FREE Traffic

By doing nothing more than uploading your comparison videos to YouTube you are almost guaranteed views.

When you purchase FLIIK today they’re also including a built in syndication feature which will blast your links to multiple high traffic platforms for additional traffic (instant in many cases) as well as creating zero effort backlinks to give your comparison videos even more of a boost.


   ♦   Auto Built Product Page

   [+]   Every time you choose a new product and create new comparison videos FLIIK does a little magic in the background.

   [+]   As soon as your video is ready FLIIK will create a product specific page containing your video, comparable product details and your affiliate link embedded in everything.

   [+]   You don’t need to do anything, it’s all done for you.

   [+]   They even host all of your pages for you so there are no hidden or additional costs.




Let me walk you through the stages of how to successfully exploit this product.

Let’s get started with a quick login:


STEP 1: Create a campaign

When you arrive at the dashboard, click “Create campaign” to start:


Enter your campaign’s name so that you can find it easier later:


STEP 2: Set up campaign

There are 2 kinds of campaigns you can set up: comparing products or featuring clickbank products.

I would prefer “Compare Products” as I think people will be more interested in seeing the differences of products


Then, simply enter a keyword to see how high the demand is or are many people searching for it:


Any key word you type in will generate the analysis table where you can see the date of Google competition/ Youtube competition or the number of videos in top 10:


Choose at least 2 products from either Amazon or eBay to start comparing and click “Proceed” when you’ve done:



STEP 3: Have your campaigns automatically generated

Breath…Just kidding! Now all you need to do is wait for the software to start making video automatically for you. See, you can skip all the hard work!


Now that the comparison video has been produced for you, you are free to make any adjustments from choosing the content, setting the layout and other aspect related to video making.

Spend about 5 minutes exploring the tool bar and you can be a master immediately!





And that’s it, now you have a content of your own with just a few minutes making minor changes. The material is ready to be posted on various platforms right away and you can start making money from there.





If my demonstration is not clear enough for you, please watch the full walk-through video below:


My opinion about this FLIIK software

To start off, I cannot ignore the fact that FLIIK capitalises on one of the biggest, easiest and perhaps most profitable consumer trends in the 21st century.

The comparison business model will take time, effort, you’ll need to find the comparable products, you’ll probably need to have your face on camera, and there will be additional costs.

Therefore, FLIIK is the best option for you to remove all the obstacles and you’ll never need to record a video or have your face on screen.

But don’t worry as FLIIK takes care of the entire process for you and is 100% newbie friendly. It’s super effort and time-saving for you as FLIIK extracts the video content from the actual platform listings so you don’t need to source anything or appear on screen.

This clever app even lets you find the biggest selling, trending products at any given time. And that’s why this is perhaps the easiest, most effective and potentially lucrative approach to generating a consistent income from the explosion in online shopping for you.

FLIIK is more powerful than you have expected

FLIIK gives you the power to turn online shoppers into your own ethical, evergreen business. Providing product comparisons is a service and not a pitch. Consumers will appreciate it, and the platforms that benefit from the sales will be more than happy to pay you for sending those sales their way.

Its a win -win situation for the consumer, the platform and most importantly YOU.

And the most important thing is you can create a side (second) income or scale things up to a job replacing income. It’s really up to you how you use FLIIK and the comparison system. And given the current worldwide situation there has never been a better time to capitalise on the online shopping boom.

This is your chance to make 2020 a memorable year for a good reason!


FLIIK Review – FE 

Take a look at what you’ll access after purchasing FLIIK:


Before revealing the bottom low price of this product, I want you to know that you can totally purchase with confidence have peace of mind when you do as the vendors give you a full 30 days to try FLIIK out. That’s one whole month! If you use FLIIK and don’t get results, let them know and they’ll send you your money back.

All you have to do is try it right now with the huge discount they’ve included. For a starting price of just $17, it’s a complete no brainer.

You should take some time to consider but I advise you not to take too long to decide because the price rises very quickly after the launching period.



Here are some upgraded versions for you to choose from if you are interested

FLIIK BIG – OTO 1 (Price: $67)

   [+]   Unlimited Keyword/Product Research for amazon, ebay and clickbank

   [+]   Auto create an additional 10 corresponding landing pages (15 per month / Hosted)

   [+]   Create additional 10 Videos and upload (YouTube & Vimeo) (15 per month)

   [+]   Add your own Voice Overs

   [+]   Add Watermarks to Videos

   [+]   Schedule videos for future uploads

FLIIK Compare – OTO2 (Price: $47)

   [+]   FLIIK Compare enables users to expand on their comparison affiliate business model by building fully stocked WP comparison stores.

Each product listed has a comparable product, comparable products are listed and show visitors where to source the best deal live. Users affiliate link is attached to all products via global link set up enabling the store owner (User) to profit from any selection the visitor makes.

   [+]   This process has proven to be one of the most powerful sales tools online… It works seamlessly while providing the visitor with useful, actionable information.

   [+]   2 Retailer API Comparison: Amazon & Ebay.

   [+]   Store Plugin

   [+]   Store Theme

   [+]   Price Comparison Engine

   [+]   2 Platform API (API: Amazon & Ebay)

   [+]   Live Search & Profit

   [+]   Reviews (genuine product reviews pulled from actual (Amazon & Ebay)

   [+]   Store builder – Create fully stocked stores without any cost

   [+]   Built in Premium product Sliders

   [+]   Full store customization

   [+]   Global affiliate links

   [+]   Store build from keyword

   [+]   Traffic Module – Free traffic to your FLIIK Compare store

   [+]   Training & Tutorials

   [+]   Install on 10 sites/domain to capitalize on multiple niches with dedicated/relevant stores.

FLIIK Instant Mega Traffic – OTO3 (Price: $97)

   [+]   User Pixel is added to FLIIK sales page enabling them to build a large targeted audience.

FLIIK Agency Unlimited – OTO4 (Price: $67)

   [+]   Reseller package – Unlimited Sales

   [+]   Full suite of DFY affiliate tools included

   [+]   2x Traffic Training

FLIIK 1k Week V3 – OTO5 (Price: $127)

   [+]   1k Week V3 video tutorial with Done-for-you products. 7 Products

   [+]   Reseller commission on all 7 products

   [+]   All the user needs to do is fill in the blanks, generate and give away high quality pre-configured products. Each product becomes unique to the user after filling in the blanks.

   [+]   Users benefit from an inbuilt promotional structure and high reseller commission percentage for all products.



Please add to your consideration that you will receive just NUMEROUS valuable bonuses from both product creator and my team. This section features the creator’s bonuses which will go on well with today product.

Mine – most surprising bonuses, which are divided into different types, are presented in the last section. So that after you already understand the product through today FLIIK Review, you can by the way pick something helpful for your business:



Do not worry if you don’t have any experience as this can work for everyone:

   ♥   Newbies

   ♥   Experienced marketers

   ♥   Part time marketers

   ♥   Techies

   ♥   Students

   ♥   Retirees

   ♥   Stay at home parents

   ♥   And anyone else…



   ♥   Unique customer friendly revenue generation application

   ♥   Cloud based. Use on any device, anywhere…

   ♥   Simple 3 step ‘evergreen formula’…

   ♥   Automatically generates ‘product comparison videos & hubs’…

   ♥   Genuine income 24/7/365 potential …

   ♥   Hijack commission for any product purchased…

   ♥   Works on both physical and digital products…

   ♥   Instant free traffic via organic placement and multi-platform syndication

   ♥   Delivers rapid, ethical results…

   ♥   Works in thousands of niches…

   ♥   100% newbie friendly…

   ♥   No additional costs…

   ♥   Includes full training…

   ♥   Low monthly subscription. Pay once, get full ongoing access


   X   I am perfectly satisfied with this product


Hopefully this FLIIK review have brought enough information about this useful software. Buying or not is your decision but remember that this is a good deal with a good price for a bundle of functions that make it easy for you to make money online even if you’re a total newbie.

I’m not wasting more of your time by finishing my review here. I would love to say thank you for reading this review till the end.


Yes! Order Now


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