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Easy Pro Azon Review


Because of the COVID pandemic, online shopping on Amazon has witnessed a growth tripled. People who previously declined to shop online now not only start doing it but do it regularly. To be honest, the floodgates of online shopping have been well and truly opened, and there is no way to block that flow of online sales.

So yes, now is a fantastic time to start as an Amazon affiliate or if you are already an Amazon affiliate then now is the time to ramp up your business.

And I have a way for you to do exactly that.

We all know that product review pages are considered the best way to sell Amazon products. In fact, the top 50 Amazon affiliate sites all use product reviews to drive thousands of sales every day.

Now you can use the same techniques and get the same benefits as the pros with Easy Pro Azon.

Curious yet? Please pay your attention to my review today to figure out how amazing it is!



Creator IM Wealth Builders
Product Easy Pro Azon 
Launch Date 2020-Nov-24
Launch Time 11:00 EST
Official website Click Here
Front-End Price $17
Bonuses Yes, Huge Bonuses
Skill All Levels
Guarantee 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Niche Tools & Software
Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend Highly recommend!


Easy Pro Azon is a web-based software that makes it super simple to create a video and text based review page for almost any Amazon product.

You can create added value review pages with your associate links embedded and your own visual product ratings. Especially, it’s designed to allow easy add-on to your existing Amazon approved WP blog or any other website.

So you’re able to build a huge online presence of high converting review pages for your Amazon niche.



The man behind this app is IM Wealth Builders, also as known as Matt Garret.

Matt is a super marketer who has been around the block for some time and is well respected by the best of the best in European Marketing circles. Also, he gains his reputation in the online marketing industry for his broad vision in making products that aid digital marketers in running their campaigns smoothly.

Some of the most high-quality products which have been previously released and have generated more than millions of dollars in online software sales can be named WP Video Magic, Cloud Defender Local Edition, Convert Video Press V3, Smart Links, Ultimate Content Plugin, Viper Cache and heaps more.

This time, Matt Garret launched a new product – Easy Pro Azon and I promise it’s not an exception!


Here’s exactly what amazing functions you will get access to:

    [+]   Full Access To Easy Pro Azon

This great new software makes it crazy easy to create professional Amazon product review pages. You simply select any Amazon product and the software will find you a review video.

It allows you to easily add your own review ratings, features list, specifications, video transcript, review summary, additional how-to articles, and of course automatically embed your Amazon affiliate links.

The result is beautiful, professional, compliant, and high converting Amazon product review web pages.

    [+]   Full Commercial License Included

Easy Pro Azon comes with Commercial License so that you can create and sell your stunning review pages to your clients. Honestly, this is a complete business in its own right.

    [+]   Step-By-Step Training Videos:

This product offers you full training videos to ensure you can use and get the most benefit from your Easy Pro Azon.

    [+]   Includes Free And Paid Traffic Sources

Traffic is the life-blood of any business. With Easy Pro Azon, you have the right to approach available free and paid traffic sources that make your business at a higher level.

    [+]   Use It Anywhere, Even On The Mobile

Easy Pro Azon is on the web and will go with you wherever you want. It’s 100% mobile compatible and you can use it on a PC or even on mobile without any hassles.

    [+]   Easy Pro Azon Review – The Bonuses

First, during the launch discount, you will also get access to the powerful bonuses. They will save you hundreds of hours of researching for getting traffic, affiliate product FAST!



Once you get inside the member area, you will see different sections to access tutorials, bonuses, review pack or directly create review page

Now let me show you how to create a complete review page with this Easy Pro Azon.

Step 1: Enter The Niche

Start with a keyword of the product or niche you would like to sell.

Then you can choose the country of Amazon website for the product (it’s optional)


Step 2: Fill The Details Of The Review

Don’t worry! You don’t need to manually write a whole review article about the product.

This Easy Pro Azon will show and help you to create a proper & professional review page quickly with the available sources.

After you choose the product in the step 1, there’s a box showing up and you just need to fill in what it requires.



   [1]   Enter your review brand name

   [2]   Enter Product title

This title is important because the name decides whether buyers can find your review or not.

So, in order to find the name that has high search volume, click the “Amazon” icon below:


Then you will be taken to the amazon page selling the product you choose before.

In my case, as I entered guitar, I will be taken to the page selling different guitars.

I will choose the one with high stars meaning a lot of people buy this item…


Visit its salespage and copy its name…


…and paste it into my review


   [3]   Add youtube review video

You can make your own or add others.

Thanks to Easy Pro Azon, I don’t need to go to YouTube and manually search for guitar reviews, I just need to click the YouTube icon…


…and I can instantly find relevant review videos for the product…


…just copy the link…


…and paste on my page:


You can decide how long the video play by setting up the start time of end time of the video

   [4]   Add background image




   [5]   Add Video Scripts

The scripts can be copied from YouTube

   [6]   Add Thumb

Use these thumbs to highlight the biggest advantages of the product

   [7]   Add SiteStripe link

These links are taken after you log in Amazon Associates like below:




   [8]   Add the content of review

So, the next sections requires you to enter some descriptions, pros & cons or articles of the product.

I highly recommend you go back the salespage of the product on Amazon (like in the Product Title I search) to copy content.

Also, you can search the review of the exact product on Google to scan some ideas and put in here:


Step 3: Generate The Page

Okay you don’t need to do anything next. There will be no customization, designs, coding needed, just click “ Click to create review page”


Here’s the site sample I created.

Honestly, I just spent around 5 minutes to create it so it might not look good… but I believe the page will look more attractive if you put more time in it.

Okay let’s take a look:




Within minutes, I have a review page completely set up and ready for me to make money!

Easy Pro Azon Review – The Demo Video


Obviously, one of the reasons you should buy Easy Pro Azon is it super easy-to-use. This software was intentionally designed to be extremely user-friendly, there is no learning curves or skills needed. Everything is laid out in a simple and accessible manner.

It also comes with comprehensive video training that shows you how to put it to best use and get the best possible results for your business. You’ll learn all the methods, all the tricks, all the systems that you need to know to create beautiful and powerful digital product review pages with Easy Pro Azon.

And the best part is that this app comes with full Commercial Rights. Not only you can create stunning review pages for yourself but also sell them to anyone they want and then keep 100% of the profits.

Honestly, you have everything you need in just one product to create high quality, great looking, and amazon compliant review pages with just a few clicks. So, don’t miss this deal and get Easy Pro Azon now!!!


Easy Pro Azon FE($17)

Easy Pro Azon is available for a short time at a super low price – $17.

You just need to pay it once and get this product to do all the work for you. You can create beautiful and powerful digital product review pages in minutes without technical or design skills needed.

Honestly speaking, you will receive is worth at least 10X in potential profit than what you will invest today.



Besides that, depending on your needs, you can choose the upgrade that can best resonate for you once you check out:

OTO 1: Easy Pro Funnels – $27

EASY PRO FUNNELS V2 gives you everything you need to build professional sales funnels, promote affiliate products, offer and deliver bonuses and free offers and build a subscribers email list – and all with a few clicks of your mouse.

It is far more than a simple sales funnel builder though. All the tools you need to compete with the top marketers on their own level are included right inside Easy Pro Funnels V2.

OTO 2: Easy Pro Funnels Continuous Growth Monthly Packs – $27 RECURRING

This upgrade will be like a giant marketing machine that churns out hot winning internet marketing campaigns at the click of a button.

You will get the continuous growth campaign packs including:

    ♦    Every month you will get 10 new affiliate campaigns.

    ♦    That’s 10 new affiliate product promotions with a free offer.

    ♦    Each campaign has a free offer, an affiliate product, customizable landing, and thankyou pages, and follow email swipes.

    ♦    In fact this month you will get a double pack. So 20 new affiliate campaigns all done-for-you.

    ♦    Each campaign will be added to your Easy Pro Account.

    ♦    You can import and upload your campaigns in just a couple of clicks.

    ♦    Every month you will get full access to one of our top products for your own use.

    ♦    Plus additional marketing training every month.

OTO 3: Easy Pro Reviews & Webinars Double Offer – $47

With Easy Pro Webinars, you are able to create automated evergreen webinar sales funnels in a few clicks without:

    ♦    Spending a single second in front of a camera.

    ♦    Having to buy expensive video software

    ♦    Making any presentations – EVER!

    ♦    Creating a single video – NOT ONE!

    ♦    Paying a ridiculously high monthly fee – NEVER!

    ♦    Spending weeks understanding the technicalities of the system

    ♦    Needing to create your own products

With Easy Pro Reviews, you can generate beautiful, customized, digital product review pages. It will allow you to create these high converting sales pages in minutes with a few clicks and some copy & paste.

OTO 4: Reviews & Webinars 140 Bumper Pack – $97

Inside, you will get:

    ♦    40 Product Reviews Pages & 40 Evergreen Automated Webinars that’s 80 DONE FOR YOU affiliate campaigns

    ♦    Full Commercial Licence

    ♦    Free Cloud Hosting

    ♦    Fast Action Bonus: Massive 100 Video Traffic Master Class Plus & Review Pages Strategy Guide



   ♥   No technical or design skills needed

   ♥   No need to create your own videos

   ♥   Full commercial license

   ♥   No monthly fees

   ♥   Reasonable price

   ♥   30 days back guarantee


   X   Up to now, there is none.


Thank you so much for taking your crucial time to read my whole review today. Through my Easy Pro Azon review, I hope you can get enough useful information to easily give your purchasing decision.

Once again, wish you all have a good choice. Thank you for your reading!


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