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Crypto Commissions Review


Traditional affiliate marketing is getting HARDER everyday forces online marketers to look for the next big thing for a long time.

What is the reason for failure in 2020?

Since 2020, competition has exploded due to the pandemic. More and more people become unemployed and change to online business. But it is not as easy as they think because paid traffic keeps getting more expensive and quality free traffic is harder to find. What’s more, most affiliate offers are boring or outdated.

And in order to improve their profit, they have to waste MORE time researching new profitable niches, spend MORE time & money on traffic and work much harder but making less.

So today more than ever, there’s a whole new INDUSTRY for making insane amounts of money online. That is CRYPTOCURRENCY.

Getting started right now as a crypto affiliate is about the smartest move everyone even 100% newbie could ever make.

You do not need to worry about how to set up your own Crypto site or Create content as the more exciting is that the latest launch namely Crypto Commissions can develop a 100% DONE-FOR-YOU commission-ready site built ENTIRELY around crypto.

If you are curious about this, let’s scroll in my Crypto Commissions review thoroughly!



Creator Glynn Kosky, Rod & Leigh
Product Crypto Commissions
Launch Date 2021-Apr-26
Launch Time 09:00 EST
Official website Click Here
Front-End Price $17
Bonuses Yes, Huge Bonuses
Skill All Levels
Guarantee 180 Days Money Back Guarantee
Niche Tools & Software
Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend Highly Recommend!


Crypto Commissions is a web-based software that creates 100% Done-For-You CRYPTOCURRENCY affiliate sites for you with free buyer traffic from 100 million visitors. You will be able to earn commissions and FREE crypto when you get this product today!



The genius behind this product is Glynn Kosky who is well-known as a familiar vendor of many 6-figure launches in the market. This guy has acquired a reputation as an entrepreneur, an investor, and a digital marketer.

During his career path, he has released many high-quality products such as WiFi Profit System, Traffic Takeover, EMBASSY, LEVELS, Commission Pages, Xmas Commission Bundle, Profit Product Creator, New Year Profit Bot, 10X COMMISSION STACK, etc.

He worked with Rod and Leigh, the two other big names in this field as well to launch the latest product.

Coming from the desk of these famous developers, I strongly believe that this Crypto Commissions will certainly do wonders for you.


   ♦   Done For You Fully Optimized Crypto Affiliate Sites

Pre-monetized DFY crypto sites… ready to go in 60 seconds flat!

Pre-loaded with content, affiliate offers, stunning graphics & design.

Powerful technology automates everything for a truly set & forget solution.

Your very own authority sites in the explosive crypto niche, zero experience or updating required!

   ♦   Built-In Crypto-Targeted Free Traffic

Forget paid ads or wasted time… your Crypto Commissions sites come with multi-source BUYER traffic built in!

Including laser-targeted Google traffic plus multiple viral sources at your fingertips.

   ♦   Cutting Edge Viral Cryptocurrency Content

You’ll be an INSTANT authority in the crypto niche without the research or homework!

Your sites are loaded with hot crypto topics & content to keep visitors coming back for more…

And of course each piece of content is pre-monetized with YOUR links!

   ♦   Effortless Scaling & Customization

Your DFY sites are built to take advantage of the huge growth in the crypto niche… to maximize your results!

Effortlessly customize colors, backgrounds & logos to match your brand

Easily change banners & affiliate offers

Add your own crypto articles to scale your site & free traffic!

   ♦   Stand-Alone Crypto Site-Builder App Included

On top of the DFY sites, you also get the 1st-ever “Crypto-Site Builder” app to create your own sites from scratch!

Perfect to diversify, scale & grow your business as this market continues to explode!

   ♦   Top-Converting Commission Offers With Automatic Approval

The vendors’ve loaded your site with the latest top-converting crypto-offers to maximize your results with diverse income stream including RECURRING offers for the ultimate laptop lifestyle!

Crypto Commissions also gives you the unfair advantage in the hot crypto niche with:

   ♦   Built-In Lead Generation

Now, you can start collecting your own list of crypto customers! The profit potential from this is STAGGERING.

These people are investors or regular buyers who always looking for the latest offers. Therefore, be one of the 1st marketers with your own crypto-list & scale to levels never before possible.

   ♦   Commissions In Cash Or Crypto

Crypto has been an amazing investment, especially recently, you could multiply your profits many times over as the market keeps going up with this product!

   ♦   DFY High-Ticket Offer Included!

This DFY offer will help you to instantly skyrocket your results. Visitors to your site will be invited to attend a free crypto training webinar – then have the option to buy advanced training. You will get fat commissions with these high ticket offers.


Let me walk you through the software to see how it works in action to start your affiliate business with cryptocurrency. 

Once you successfully get log in, you will get access to the main dashboard like this seen below:


The tutorial video included will be shown in the left menu. You can go into this to find the way to set up your site effectively.


Step 1: Set Up Your Own Site

Firstly, you need to get API to establish your site by going into “Tutorials” and clicking on “Get API” that takes you across the coin market cap.




Once you successfully signed up, you will go through a process where you need to get code from your email. As you can see, your API key will be appeared on the screen. You just click “Copy Key” and you go back to the “Site Settings”, then paste your copied key in the blank of Coin Market Cap Settings. Don’t forget to click the “Save changes” button at the end of this page.



When you back to visit your site, the six biggest currencies will be shown at the top depending on what is displayed on the coin market cap.



Besides that, you can change any section of your site in “Site Settings” such as site name, site theme color, site logo, etc:


Step 2: Connect An Autoresponder

Going to the top right hand corner where you’ve got the small menu and pull down, you’re going to click on one that says Integrations.


Then you will see a load of integrations that you can connect into. And what you’re going to do is clicking on one of these, next you will see a series of steps that you need to go.


Each of integrations has different steps to follow.

Step 3: Create Extra Articles

You’ve gone into the menu on the left side, click on “Articles” and all the articles will be displayed


Pick any one you want to add into your site by “Edit” and put in all necessary information including article name, article menu title, banner ads, site ads, article button URL to set it up.


After finishing, click in the button “Save changes”.

Step 4: Create Ads

If you want to promote different offers on your site, click on “Ads” on the left hand menu, you will see the ads that are already populated.


If you need to edit any ads, click on “Edit” and customize the ads form you like.


In case you need new ads, going into “Create new” and fill in all information including Ads name, Ads type (Banner or Square), Ads URL…


Crypto Commissions Review – The Demo Video


First off, Crypto Commissions REALLY is the most exciting breakthrough software you’ve ever seen to get you started as a superstar Crypto affiliate! You now have your own stunning website about your chosen cryptocurrency, filled with great content, pre-monetized for you with done for your ads for 50% lifetime revenue share cryptocurrency affiliate offers! This is such a profitable investment ever.

This 100% DFY platform lets you profit from the world’s MOST LUCRATIVE niche with zero learning curve or experience needed. Thanks to the cutting edge automation technology, YOU can have your own monetized crypto sites indexed in Google earning free bitcoin & commissions and your DFY custom site can be live and commission-ready in seconds WITHOUT learning a single thing about cryptocurrency, building your own website manually, wasting much time and effort creating content, or paying much on ads to get traffic.

Why don’t you expand your knowledge and gain yourself a lot more opportunities to make even more money, like six-figure or seven-figure income TODAY?




You might be shocked with the price of this Crypto Commissions as it is much cheaper than all of what you can get inside this package:


For the front end price of this product today, you only need to pay at the price of $17 instead of total value of all the stunning features packed inside is up to $14,464. To be honest, this price extremely affordable.

You ought to purchase it now as this price will increase significantly steadily after the special launch ends. Also, this is such a risk-free investment for you as your investment will be protected by the 180 Days Money Back Guarantee policy.


Apart from the main features, the creator also has offered 5 HUGE bonuses for you to skyrocket your affiliate business:



Since crypto is a smoking hot niche today and this method really opens a door to make this goldmine yours, I would recommend you to take Crypto Commissions, no matter what area you’re currently in.

Especially, if you belong to the list below, you should seriously take this product into consideration:

   ♥   Affiliates

   ♥   Business owners

   ♥   Website owners

   ♥   Product creators

   ♥   Digital marketers

   ♥   Social media marketers

   ♥   Bloggers

   ♥   Freelancers

   ♥   Entrepreneurs



   ♥   Get in front of the hottest new niche in years

   ♥   Automated system works from anywhere

   ♥   Custom-built especially for beginners

   ♥   No monthly costs (when you get in now)

   ♥   Built huge lists of crypto buyers

   ♥   Grow your own crypto portfolio for even greater gains

   ♥   No website, no tech skills, no experience needed

   ♥   Brand new 1st-to-market system

   ♥   Unlock the laptop lifestyle

   ♥   Proven method developed by elite affiliate marketer

   ♥   Earn over $400 per sale you bring to the funnel!

   ♥   Over $3,500+ in affiliate cash prizes to be won

   ♥   High converting sales copy & VSL constructed by industry experts!

   ♥   High converting sales funnel guaranteed to make you money!

   ♥   Ethical software & training you can be proud to promote

   ♥   Regular affiliate updates & fantastic customer support

   ♥   Perfect for all types of email lists & traffic – send a quick blast and see for yourself!

   ♥   180-day money-back guarantee


   X   I am totally happy when using this product


Hopefully, my Crypto Commissions review could help you have a deeper understanding of this product to make a wise decision. Remember that the price will only available for those who are early comers. So the sooner you grab this product, the more money you can earn.

Once again, thank you so much for taking your time reading this review thoroughly. Have a nice day and see you in the next review!




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