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In recent times, people love short consumable content like printables, tip sheets, checklists, cheat sheets, and more – that’s the in-demand type of content being referenced here.

However, when it comes to creating these types of content, you have to face a host of difficulties including time, effort, and skills to make it impressive. And if you don’t have the right content tool, it is a recipe for failure!

So, do you desire to become successful in this low content publishing niche? TipPub Creator is the best way for you to be the winner!



Creator Amy Harrop
Product TipPub Creator
Launch Date 2021-Apr-20
Launch Time 11:00 EST
Official website Click Here
Front-End Price $27
Bonuses Yes, Huge Bonuses
Skill All Levels
Guarantee 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Niche Tools & Software
Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend Highly Recommend!


TipPub Creator is an innovative web-based app that allows anyone to click their way to content.

Simply select your category, tips, and output to create cheat sheets, checklists, journal pages, worksheets, lead magnets printables, report content, book content, and much more.

   [+]   Over 2000 done-for-you tips in multiple categories.

   [+]   Add your own categories and tips, individually and in bulk.

   [+]   Edit any tip to make it unique in seconds.

   [+]   Download in PDF, Word, or PPT format.



In case you haven’t heard of Amy Harrop, she is a gifted vendor, to be honest. Since an early stage of her online career, Amy set up a website under her name and from that successful blog, Amy gradually gained her reputation for outstanding writing skills.

This has been demonstrated through successful products such as Beyond Printables, 21 Day Book Promotion, Easy Printable Traffic, Plug and Play Journals, QueContent Composer, Planner Publishing Profits, EDU Print Profits, Amy’s Product Blowout Bundle, Easy Content System, Instructo, AutoMagic Content and many more.

This time, I strongly believe that TipPub Creator is another level of a master she has achieved from her years of work experience up to now. No doubts this product will continue her success.

Let’s follow the next part of my TipPub Creator Review!


   ♦   Preloaded with over 2,000 tips

Thanks to these tips, you can click and create hundreds of different content pieces without any outside research or writing! 


Add your own categories and subcategories on any topic you want! If your business is focused on a specific niche, you’ll be able to organize all of your content and topics with just the click of a button. Talk about a time saver!

   ♦   Customize Page Layouts With Just A Few Clicks

You also have the ability to easily customize how your content will appear on the exported document:

   [+]   Choose how many tips will be displayed per page

   [+]   Determine how much blank space will be left between tips

   [+]   Add lines for your users to write on

   [+]   Create custom margins for formatting flexibility

   [+]   Select a variety of paper sizes

   [+]   Add borders, bullet points, and more!


   ♦   Import Your Own Bulk Content

Add your own bulk content in a snap using a .csv file. Simply save your content as a .csv file and click the import option. Your content is uploaded and ready to go.

You can also easily add individual tips or tweak the pre-loaded content directly in the software. This is a great way to use all of that PLR sitting on your hard drive.

   ♦   Customize And Create Unique Content FAST

Duplicate and modify any of the 2,000+ included tips to create unique content fast. Over-the-shoulder training provided!

Easily add bullet points, checkboxes, or numbered outlines to create tons of content types instantly-to-do lists, checklists, outlines, and more!

TipPub Creator also allows you to add content to any category. Simply type the tip or content you want to add to a section, hit submit, and your new tip will be added instantly.

   ♦   Multiple Content Exporting Options To Meet All Your Needs

TipPub Creator gives you multiple options to export your content. You can choose from:

   [+]   PDF

   [+]   PPT – which you can open and edit in any program that supports .pptx files.

   [+]   Word – which you can open and edit in any program that supports .docx files.


   ♦   Quick Start Video Tutorials

Even though it’s incredibly intuitive, you are still given an instruction video for all set-up.


Once you successfully get a login, you will get access to the main dashboard with available categories like this seen below:


STEP 1: Decide your topic

There are various categories, so you need to do is to choose a particular topic. You have 2 choices:

  [+]  Pick the available category


  [+]  Adding a new category

You need to think about the name and description of your created topic and “Save”.


STEP 2: Select your content

After choosing your own topic, you will select the content for your campaign:


In case, you want to add content to your new created category, follow my below instruction:


And upload the file from your device you want to add content through “Select CSV”:


STEP 3: Customize your page

In this step, you completely customize the font, the total pages, the number of writing lines per tip, … easily on the website of TipPub:


Then, your introduction needs to be done with the title, intro, font family setting, and font size:


STEP 4: Export and publish

After following all steps, just pick the kind of document you want to export and select the size of the page and bullet. Your content file will be downloaded directly to your personal device:



Some highlights of this amazing invention that you might not notice will satisfy you, for sure. With a plethora of functions that save you time, effort, and energy to produce content for your own business, with a vast amount of resources and functions, you surely don’t want to miss this opportunity out. Believe me, with this tool, things would get really easier for you.

   ♥   Automate The Heavy Lifting

By tapping into the power of TipPub Creator, most of the hard work is already done. Just select your tips for your content item, click a few buttons, export, and you’re done.

   ♥   Printable And Low Content Publishing Made Easy

If you want to sell any type of low-content items, (printables, worksheets, checklists, etc.) then you’ll absolutely love TipPub Creator. It’s true, where it might have taken you hours to create one of these items before, you’ll now be able to create the same item in mere minutes. By this way, you can fill your Etsy or printable store fast. What used to take days now takes mere minutes.

   ♥   Dominate The Etsy Marketplace

While everyone talks about the power of the Amazon marketplace, you should also know that there is a ton of profits to be made over at Etsy too. Etsy is the perfect place to sell all kinds of printables, worksheets, and more.

By using the power of TipPub Creator, you could totally overwhelm the competition and assert yourself in a number of niches. Did you know that Etsy has over 46 million buyers? Get in front of them quickly and easily with TipPub Creator.

   ♥   Make Your PLR More Unique

One of the fastest ways of creating content is to use private label rights. By combining your PLR with TipPub Creator, you can make it more unique and stand out from other people who are too lazy to use the PLR to create a better product. Either insert relevant tips into the content or repurpose the PLR content itself into tips, prompts, and more!

   ♥   Create Passive Income

Every single month you could collect royalties from all of the content items you have available. All it takes is just for you to follow a proven workflow. Just imagine adding more items every single month that bring in more revenue. Before long, you could be looking at revenue that snowballs into truly passive income!

   ♥   Grow Your Audience With High-Quality Giveaway Content

This is a literal push-button solution for the creation of lead magnets and content you can give away to grow your list. With TipPub Creator, you can create high-quality giveaway content such as worksheets, printables, and more. You need to use these as attractive lead magnets to build a following for more subscribers and sales.

Those are all the reasons why it makes sense to add TipPub Creator to your content toolbox today.




I am glad to say that this revolutionary tool is currently available at a completely reasonable price – $27. Honestly, compared to the benefits you will get when you get such a powerful content-creating tool like this, $27 is definitely a profitable investment.

As a matter of fact, not many products in the market nowadays provide you with over 2,000 pre-loaded tips and over-the-shoulder training videos like TipPub Creator. I don’t think you have any reason to hesitate, all you need for creating awesome and unique content is right here!



I’m sure anyone working online will need this content creation tool. From my user experience, this wonderful product is perfect for everyone, even newbies.

Especially, if you appear on the following list, you should really take TipPub Creator into consideration:

   ♥   Printable and Low Content Creators

   ♥   Publishers

   ♥   Content creators

   ♥   Authors

   ♥   Bloggers

   ♥   Affiliate marketers

   ♥   Anyone who needs content!



   ♥   Web-based: Nothing to download and works for both Mac and PC

   ♥   Intuitive: You barely need directions but I do include complete training

   ♥   Automated: The fast and easy way to create and publish content

   ♥   7-day money-back guarantee

   ♥   Massive & exclusive bonuses

   ♥   Video tutorials and content creation training

   ♥   Add and upload your own content! A great way to reuse your old content, PLR content, and more!

   ♥   Adjust font, margins, writing lines, and blank space all from one intuitive menu.

   ♥   Easily organize all of your topics with just the click of a button.

   ♥   Add borders, adjust fonts, and more to make your content match your brand!

   ♥   Create checklists, outlines, tipsheets, cheat sheets, and more with a bullet, box, and number selection.

   ♥   Export in three different file formats for quick printing, uploading, or distribution. Word, PDF, and PPT!

   ♥   One-click tip sheet and checklist content options, simply select and export.


   X   I am 100% satisfied with this product


No matter whether you’re a content master or a complete newbie. I’m sure that every single piece of content you’ll ever have can be enhanced by TipPub Creator quickly.

Hopefully, my review has given sufficient information you need to start your own online business without content creation.

Finally, thank you for taking the time to read my review.



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