Couponify Review


Couponify Review


Post-pandemic shopping craze continues to grow and rise to the next level. People are shopping online more than ever before which then leads to their obsession with coupons. Hawk Incentives also revealed that 97% of consumers search for online coupons when purchasing something.

A lot of big brands such as WikiBuy, Groupon, Rakuten, RetailMeNot are using coupon websites to make money. In fact, they are making thousands of dollars on a daily basis with this exceptional biz model. This indeed seems like a lucrative and easy model but in fact, it’s not!

If you are a newbie or a struggling marketer, this is a huge problem as you need to invest a huge budget on building your website, outsourcing, designing, hiring freelancers, paying for ads… not to mention the hard work behind that. The thing is we want to be online marketers to achieve financial freedom and this is a lot of hard work that is going to make you as miserable as any tiring 9-5 job.

You know what… my job is to figure out a way to help you through these barriers. Therefore, I’d like to introduce you Couponify. Let’s get right in and see what’s inside for you!



Creator Rick Ng
Product Couponify
Launch Date 2022-Mar-31
Launch Time 11:00 EST
Front-End Price $18.5
Skill All Levels
Guarantee 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Niche Tool & Software
Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend Highly Recommend!


Couponify is a unique app that allows you to create 100% Automated Coupon Affiliate Websites with over 60,000 coupons with a few clicks of the mouse. All you need to do is just choose from Done-For-You templates, enter your affiliate IDs, choose your niche and that’s it!

Couponify is so powerful that it can transform how you do your affiliate marketing:

From This To This
what-is-Couponify-1 what-is-Couponify-2

Let’s scroll down below to see how this product works in detail!



Rick Ng is the creator behind this product. His name should be familiar to you if you have been in the online space for long enough as he has 12 years of experience working as an online marketer and product vendor.

You can check out some of these outstanding products: HelloNews, Blogify, Quizzify, Banklify, Videlify, Borrowify, FunnelzPro, Videfit, Contentify, MultiSociFit, Multi-Profitz, WP ProfiTent

Being a top 5% affiliate marketer on WarriorPlus, Rick has been through ups and downs to understand how to become a successful affiliate. This is why he decided to launch Couponify to help you fast-track your affiliate marketing career and achieve your financial freedom dream.


Just picture what it would be like to have your coupon affiliate website at the top of Google. How easy would it be to get massive free traffic flowing in like a broken dam to your coupon affiliate websites?

Coupon sites are one of those great internet business models. You don’t need to create a physical or digital product to sell. In fact, there are no deliverables in this business whatsoever. Couponify is what you need to create a profitable coupon affiliate website from scratch

The Key Features Of Couponify App

Let’s now take a look at the detailed features of this product:

1/ 60,000+ Done-For-You Coupons From Multiple Categories

You can easily choose which DFY coupons you want to add to your site from a library. Once you publish your campaign, these coupons will be automatically embedded with your affiliate links.

2/ Done-For-You Blog on your Coupon Affiliate Site


Couponify comes loaded with DFY High-quality blog content which is relevant to coupons on your site. This blog is on Drip-Feeding mode so your visitors will get daily updated content to read. You can enjoy a huge stream of traffic coming from Search Engines thanks to this feature.

3/ Instantly Approved To Promote Affiliate Products On 1,000+ Programs

Newbie marketers usually find it hard to get affiliate approval. Understanding that, Couponify provides you with instant approval to promote more than 1,000 affiliate programs so that you can be up and running within minutes!

4/ Generate Extra Commissions From Promoting Products Of 100s Of Stores & Brands


You can automatically generate commissions from different brands and stores with your coupon sites including Amazon, FlipKart, Dell, GoDaddy, NameCheap, Lenovo, Puma, LG, Reebok, SkincareRx…

5/ Never Have To Pay For Hosting And Domain Again

You’ll get a free domain name and hosting with Couponify so no extra expenses to worry about!

6/ Couponify Sites Run On 100% Automation

Even when you are asleep and away from your computer, your Couponify sites will automate your way to hands-free commissions from multiple platforms using daily updated coupons.

7/ Compatible With Windows, Mac, And Mobile Phones

You can access Couponify using any device you want. All you need is the Internet and that’s all!

Never worry about getting confused! Thanks to the training series, you can get the most out of the app as it shows you all the ins and outs of this software.

In case you have any questions or issues with Couponify, just reach out to the support team and they will help you out instantly.

Here is the list of bonuses the creator will give you inside the member area:


Couponify Review & How It Works

I experienced this app and now I would like to show you how to use it for the first time.

After logging into Couponify, you’ll see its dashboard as below. First, you can get started with creating your own site by clicking on “Build a New Site”.


Build A New Site

All you need to do is just enter your website name and choose any category you want.


After that, hit “Submit” and your site is created!


Adjust Your Website Settings

Click on “Website Settings” and click on the “Edit” icon below to adjust your website settings.


You’ll be able to customize your website settings as well as website header and sidebar settings.


Once you are done adjusting the settings, just hit “Save website”


Blog Campaign

As I have mentioned above, you can let Couponify create unique blog content to pull traffic to your site.

To get started, click on “Blog campaign”, choose your website and a content source type. You can paste in your own RSS Feed URL/Choose from Couponify RSS Feed database or enter a simple keyword to generate related content.


Ad Manager

You can place ads on your site to promote any products and generate commissions. Just enter the website list, choose its position, and the type and you are good to go!


The Final Look

This is how the demo site looks. When visitors access your website, they will be shown an opt-in form to subscribe to your list.


There are thousands of coupons that your visitors can choose from. In order to get the coupon, they only need to click to show the code.


And then click on the code to copy it into the clipboard. Voila, your visitors can then paste this code once they check out and enjoy the best price!


Your visitors can also see your blog content by clicking on “Blog” in the header. In my demo site, I chose to fetch content from a technology site but you can totally choose any type of content you want!


The full demonstration video of Couponify:


The Quickest Shortcut To Building Your Own Affiliate Marketing Empire

As you can see from the features above, Couponify is totally easy to use which is such good news for newbie marketers. This is because the creator wants to make Couponify as simple as possible for you. All you need to do is just enter a few details and voila… you have your dream affiliate sites ready in minutes. Not only does it come loaded with attractive coupons but also attention-grabbing unique blog posts! It automates your way to hands-free commissions

Moreover, using this app, you don’t need to pay for any extra expenses to be up and running with your coupon sites!

It is often the case that many people buy a digital product and just to realize they need to pay huge loads of money for additional software and services to get started. However, that is not the case with Couponify. Everything you need is inside this product. Supplementary services like hosting and domain are covered by the creator team so there is no need to worry.

The best thing is Couponify will drive traffic for you so you don’t need to suffer from a headache trying to think how to get people to your sites or paying for ads. Couponify’s users have seen amazing results with this top-notch feature:

Couponify-feedback-2 Couponify-feedback-3

You can also take a look at what other expert marketers talk about Couponify:


Couponify Review – Consider The Pros & Cons

Before going to the details of how much it cost, let me summarize the advantages and disadvantages to make it easy for you to decide:


  • Cloud-based – there is absolutely no heavy downloading!
  • Preloaded with 60,000+ done-for-you coupons in any niche you can ever imagine
  • Automatically embeds each coupon with your affiliate link
  • Free domain, blazing fast hosting included
  • Build a 100% automated affiliate coupon website in seconds
  • Get instant approval for 1,000+ affiliate programs
  • Automatically create a blog full of related content based on the coupons on your sites
  • Over-the-shoulder training included
  • Absolutely newbie-friendly
  • 30 days money-back guarantee


I don’t have anything to complain about Couponify. There is one thing to emphasize is, although this app covers everything from offer selection, the content to website building, I think you should learn a little bit to design good-looking coupon graphics as well as collect interesting content ideas. This will help your website stand out, impress and produce good profits!



Let’s just take a look at the results Couponify users are getting right now:


In order to get the same result, you only need to pay a low one-time fee of $18.5 only. I’m sure there is no extra software or expenses you need to pay for in the future – Just Couponify alone is enough for you to rock your affiliate marketing business!

Apart from that, Couponify comes with a $2 OFF COUPON “COUPONIFY2” for fast action takers so be sure to grab it fast! If you are doubting whether this product really works or not, just give it a try because you are not going to lose anything. In case you are not satisfied with this product, simply reach out to the creator team within 30 days and get your money back.



Thank you for reading my review and I hope you find enough information to make a purchasing decision. If you consider this product helpful for your business, please don’t forget to grab it now and enjoy the best price possible! Especially, if you grab Couponify now, you’ll get these exclusive bonuses below.


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