CompeteUp Review


CompeteUp Review


Blog, video, webinar, or graphics is cool but you know what’s even better? Contest! The contest is now one of the best ways to generate leads. According to Forbes, the demand for interactive content like contests will rapidly increase in the future.

This is no surprise as this type of content enables visitors to interact and engage with your business resulting in a huge amount of viral traffic flooding your website! It’s quite easy to understand: people love competition and getting prizes especially when huge prizes without spending a dime.

However, creating contest campaigns requires lots of effort including coming up with ideas, designing your campaign, generating traffic,… If it is too boring, visitors will never come back to it and undoubtedly, you will have to waste all of your money and efforts!

The best thing is you don’t have to go through that! Because I have a solution for you – CompeteUp. If you want to get to know about it, please check out my CompeteUp and see what’s in it for you!



Creator Karthik Ramani
Product CompeteUp
Launch Date 2021-Apr-30
Launch Time 11:00 EST
Official website Click Here
Front-End Price $32 – $34
Bonuses Yes, Huge Bonuses
Skill All Levels
Guarantee 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Niche Tools & Software
Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend Highly Recommend!


CompeteUp is a groundbreaking Software App that enables you to create Viral contests and Automate Traffic Generation across Social Media platforms. This Drag-and-Drop Contest Software comes with a captivating Rewards Library so that you can put the fuel to the flames and build a massive audience base.

Curious yet? Let’s move on to the next part to see who is behind this product!



Karthik Ramani is well-known for his profound knowledge of the digital marketing industry. Many of his products and services have been in the center of attention for their universal success. During his career path, people see him as an inspirational icon and always come for his advice.

This is understandable since several of his products have become phenomenal, some of which are Covrr Studio, Social Marketing Suite, One Links, Lead Monster, Channel Authority Builder, EverFunnel

This time, together with his partners, Karthik Ramani is back to bring you CompeteUp. Please scroll down to read the detailed features of this product and figure out if it’s a good match for you or not!


With CompeteUp, you can create 2 types of Contest including:

   ♦   Contest Type 1: Instant Rewards

Everyone WINS with the Instant Rewards contest. CompeteUp allows you to create social media BIG Contests that catch the player’s attention right away making sure that everybody wins!

They will sure to share your content with the world. They are going to have a blast doing it because they get to use social media sites to bank the points. After that, they are issued the badge and receive the reward.

Here are just some rewards that do not cost you a lot of money but have a perceived value to your audience:

   [+]   eBooks

   [+]   Interviews

   [+]   Templates

   [+]   Case Studies

   [+]   Courses

   [+]   PDFs

   [+]   Checklists

   [+]   Graphics


   ♦   Contest type 2: Overall Prize Contest

There are 2 types of contests that you can run inside this contest:

   [+]   Entry contest: You can determine how many points are required to equal an entry in this contest. The software will then choose the winner for you so there is absolutely nothing you need to do. CompeteUp will automatically choose the winners and notify them.

   [+]   Most points: you can set up this contest completely hassle-free. The players that have the most points will win the prizes that you have set up inside CompeteUp.

Here are some kinds of prizes that you can give away in this contest: cash prizes, coaching calls, live event tickets, gift cards, anything physical…


So how is your audience going to earn their points? The answer is you can determine how many points they can receive for each type with:

   ♦   Contest Signup Through Special Link

The participants will be given a special tracking link that they can share with all their friends, family, and colleagues or anywhere they want. When another participant signs up for the contest, they earn points in the system.

   ♦   Web URL Entries

When a prospect visit pages you set up in the system, the person who brought them in the contest will receive points for those visits.

   ♦   Twitter Entries

When a participant sends out a tweet, retweet, posts a hashtag, or follows you on Twitter, they can earn more points!

   ♦   YouTube Entries

If you want to use YouTube, you can set it up so that points are issued when a prospect watches a video, submits a video, or subscribes to a channel.

   ♦   Pinterest Entries

If a participant follows your Pinterest account or pins an image to your Pinterest channel, they can earn more points.

   ♦   Custom Entries

You can also create a special entry for your campaign and customize everything including your tab and icon just for that entry!

   ♦   Bonus Entries

You can give a bonus number of points when the user reaches a certain level of points. This serves as an additional incentive to help them unlock your prizes and be excited about your contests.

Now that you know how CompeteUp works, let’s now take a look at its detailed features:


Enter your registered email to log in to the system


You will get access to the main dashboard like this seen below:


Click on the “Create Contest” button to start creating a new one.


STEP 1: Campaign Setup

After clicking on the “Create Contest” button, you need to adjust information for your campaign.

First of all, enter the contest name and choose the type of your contest.


Then, adjust the duration


Next, design your contest:



Then, adjust the policies:


STEP 2: Contest Setup

Click on the “Contest Setup” section to come to the next step.

In this setup, you have selected an “Entries” contest. This means that every point the user earns counts as an entry in the contest drawing when the contest ends.


Next, enter Ribbon Text


STEP 3: Entry Settings

In this section, you need to provide some information like this seen below:


STEP 4: Email Settings

In this step, you’re going to customize contest notification emails. This is the email that your contest participant will receive when they get registered for the contest.

You will need to set up: Registered, Referral Signup, Badge Unlocked, and Daily Summary.


STEP 5: Set Up Rewards

Click on the “Rewards” section and choose “Add New Rewards” to start adding new ones.


Next, you have to choose a reward type:


For example, I would choose “External URL”, then you need to provide:


Then, your created rewards will be presented here:


CompeteUp Review – The Demo Video


It’s newbie-friendly and totally easy to use

As you can see from my using instruction, you can find this product easy to use. Even if you are a complete newbie, you can totally get started with CompeteUp right away to create viral content and generate unlimited leads from these social media platforms.

The best thing about this platform is it does not require any previous technical or design skills! Just follow my instruction and then you can hands-free create your contests within minutes!

CompeteUp is the ultimate Viral Traffic solution that allows you to generate eager-to-buy leads

People love competition and contests! That is why there are so many internet marketers who are passionate about driving traffic using contests. The following case study shows how they can generate 24,292 leads with CompeteUp using ebooks and webinar replay WITHOUT any expensive ads:


You know, the number of that targeted subscribers is GOLDMINE in the future when you promote relevant offers or marketing your own product. That said, using contests is a super exciting and engaging way for the visitors which has proven to bring about a huge amount of traffic.

Other types of content like video, image, or blogs,… works but a contest campaign is what takes traffic generation to the next level by getting visitors actually to interact with your content!

I have to say CompeteUp is absolutely worth my money and EVERYONE should totally check it out! Just give this product a try and see how it can transform your life!



CompeteUp comes with 2 pricing options:

   ♣   Starter: $32

   ♣   Commercial: $34

Please have a look at the images below to see the differences between these two options:


You can choose whichever option that best resonates for you. However, if you want to run your own business, I suggest you go with the Commercial one! With an additional $2, you can get to use CompeteUp for your client’s projects and generate a massive consistent online income!

For both options, you only pay once and that’s it. I know for this price, consideration is a must. However, I believe from my review, you know how comprehensive this software is. Honestly speaking, I have never seen such a top-notch offer that comes with such a low price tag.

The price will increase shortly after so be sure to grab this chance quickly. I know you don’t want to miss out on it and then regret it later! Please note that the price above is only applicable for the early price only. After that, it will increase by $1.

Don’t hesitate because if you are not satisfied with this product, you can always get a FULL refund within 30 days of your purchase. Thus, this is not only a low-cost but also a risk-free investment! I promise that you are only paying LESS for much MORE!



If you purchase CompeteUp now, you will be able to get these TOP-NOTCH BONUSES:



Apparently, CompeteUp is a good match for anyone who wants to create attention-grabbing and professional-looking videos. Especially, if you appear on the following list, you should really take this into consideration:

   ♥   Small or Local Business

   ♥   Product Creators

   ♥   Freelancers

   ♥   Marketers

   ♥   Entrepreneurs

   ♥   Professionals

   ♥   Newbie

And the list goes on and on…



   ♥   ​High converting contest page gets upwards of 83% of your visitors to opt-in

   ♥   Automatically link to your favorite autoresponder to build a huge list

   ♥   Excite your members by running a huge contest with prizes

   ♥   Run an instant rewards contest where everybody wins

   ♥   One-click point set to determine when your badge is issued

   ♥   The first contest app with gamification

   ♥   Very simple intuitive prize gallery that is displayed inside of the app

   ♥   Players will now see a beautiful built-in rewards gallery

​   ♥   No previous tech or designing skills needed

   ♥   30 days money-back guarantee


   X   I have no complaints about this product.


I hope my CompeteUp review has given useful information for you. Please put in mind that this kind of product cannot be any cheaper. This product is a pearl of great price and I’m sure you don’t want to regret it later missing it.

Once again, I hope you can make a wise choice. Thank you for your reading my review!



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