ClipsReel Review


ClipsReel Review


Welcome to my ClipsReel review!

“Show your readers it all, don’t tell them” Hemingway once said” Video Marketing is a perfect tool to demonstrate the power of images and help businesses bring products to market. It can be said that in the current 4.0 technology era, it has the “capacity” to gain the upper hand.

You may not know, there are 10 billion views per month on Youtube, which is enough to prove why video is an effective method in expanding user reach. Compared to other traditional media, video is likely to be shared more and more.

Meaningful messages will always hit the viewer’s psychology, it can be seen that touching stories will attract more people interested in your videos. This is the way to make Marketing videos that businesses love to use today: communicate more messages, impact viewers’ emotions directly.

But with traditional ways, you can spend a lot of time and have to hire content creators to write scripts for your products. While this is an important stage of your campaign, do you want to reduce the load and simplify every step?

If what you are looking for is speed and efficiency, then the product ClipsReel that I am about to introduce today may be right for you. It is equipped with state-of-the-art features to help you produce a wide range of videos quickly with guaranteed quality.



Creator Abhi Dwivedi
Product ClipsReel
Launch Date 2021-Sep-28
Launch Time 11:00 EST
Official website Click Here
Front-End Price $35 – $37
Skill All Levels
Guarantee 14 Days Money Back Guarantee
Niche Tools & Software
Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend Highly Recommend!


ClipsReel is a one-stop-shop for creating stunning animated videos using your blogs posts, articles, or any webpage. ClipsReel helps you create amazon affiliate review videos, marketing videos, promotional videos for your blog posts, tutorials, course videos, VSLs, sales videos and so much more.

It lets you turn any URL into a video using machine learning & adaptive AI technology, within minutes with 100% customization. Keep following today’s ClipsReel review to discover more features of this product.



ClipsReel is made by Abhi Dwivedi, who has been an online marketer and software developer for over 15 years now, having done multiple six-figure product launches, webinar promos, and running multiple successful YouTube channels. You can experience all the other cool things he did. In the past few years, he has had constantly multiple Best-Seller software products with thousands of users actively using and benefiting from his products.

His products deliver real-life results with real experiences and lessons so that you will be satisfied with these practical features. That will be expressed through his previous launches such as Sonority, AgencyReel, AIWA, ClickAd, VideoDyno, CourseReel, etc.


Video content is important right now as much as your regular blog posts or text-based articles. But creating videos for your articles, websites is not easy, often time taking. ClipsReel makes it hands-free for you to turn your (or any) blog posts, article, webpage, amazon products, Shopify pages, or any content piece into a stunning-looking video automatically, saving you tons of time, effort and money.

Because ClipsReel uses a well-trained A.I. model to create videos. The A.I. improves itself automatically every time a video is created, hence when you try to create a video using the same URL used earlier, ClipsReel understands it and tries to create a unique NEW video every single time.

And here what ClipsReel comes packed with:

   ♦   ReelURL Technology

Simply enter any URL, your own or a public webpage, amazon product, etc; and ClipsReel will use Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to capture relevant text from the article/page, curate it with relevant images and video clips and create a stunning video with animation and transition added to it, which then can be customized by you as needed.


   ♦   Full & Detailed Customization Of Each Video

Never worry about ending up creating the same video advert as someone else. ClipsReel lets you easily customize each video as per your own needs. Change or add new images/video clips to timeline, add text, add call-to-action, change the background, update background music, add voiceovers, text-to-speech, subtitles and so much more.


   ♦   You Can Access The Reelimage Library Powered By A.I.

With ClipsReel you get access to the Reelimages library that generates UNIQUE images using A.I. These images are synthetic images, never-seen-before, and copyright free.


You also get access to the massive library of millions of images that you can use in your own videos, as you like. These images are high quality and stock-free.

   ♦   Get Access To ReelClips Library

With ClipsReel you get access to the massive library of millions of background and abstract video clips as well. You can use these clips as you like, in any video you like.


   ♦   Access To ReelMusic Library

Just like the Reelimages library, ClipsReel also gives you access to the background music library with over 10,000 background music files to choose from and use in your videos.


   ♦   Access To ReelFonts Library

Your call-to-action, your watermark, and your text message are only as powerful as you present it. With 1,000+ professionally selected fonts, you can now add that professional look to your texts in the video.


   ♦   You Can Add Your Watermark

Import your own logo or add your own text, adjust transparency, and turn it into your own watermark.


   ♦   Import Your Own Voice-Over, Image, Video Clip Or Background Music

Want to add your own voice-over, image, video clips, audio, or music? With ClipsReel you can easily do that too.


   ♦   Use The Text-To-Speech With Multiple Voices, Accents & Languages

Hate doing voice-overs? Just paste your script or text and ClipsReel will convert the text into a high-quality voice-over with multiple accents and languages to choose from.


   ♦   Create Square Videos, Stories or Standard Rendering Output

Turn any video into a square video with top and bottom where you can add your own text, FB reaction icons and customize it as you like. These types of videos are very powerful when shared on Facebook:


ClipsReel is designed to give you a variety of dimensions and formats you can export to so you can easily publish your video on Facebook. Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Stories, etc. without the hassle:


You will see full details in the demo part of my ClipsReel review!

   ♦   Choose Video Quality To Render Your Video Into

While exporting, choose whichever quality you want your video to be. Helps create videos for the web or for playing on bigger screens.


   ♦   It Is 100% Cloud Based. Nothing To Download

ClipsReel is a cloud-based application. There’s nothing to download or install or configure. Simply log in to your accounts and start creating videos and sharing them in minutes.

   ♦   100% Whitehat And Approved Software

ClipsReel is a 100% whitehat video adverts creation app and in no way violates any TOS, making sure your accounts are fully safe.

   ♦   SyVID. LIVEreel, Sonority, Facebook & YouTube Integration

ClipsReel comes with SyVID. LIVEreel, Sonority, Facebook & YouTube integration as well. This means you can seamlessly push your video adverts into your SyVID account and start sharing them on 8 different video sites and 15 different social networks to get more viral traffic, leads, and sales.



You can also turn your videos into LIVE videos using LIVEreel, create synthetic human voice-overs using Sonority, and share videos on Facebook and YouTube in one click.

   ♦   It Is An Established & Evergreen Product

With over 100+ beta testers and 3 years in research and development, ClipsReel is a stable product that is here to stay for the long run and bring in recurring commissions for you.


Login to your account to unlock ClipsReel.


The dashboard will appear, where you can have 3 options to start creating videos by using: copy & paste your content, blog post or articles, and e-commerce details page.


Option 1: Creating video by using copy & paste your content

You need to add a name and paste the content for this campaign.


And there are 3 dimensions you can choose: Regular, Story, Square.


And then choose one template for your video:


And your video is ready to edit: You can change the font styles, color, background and size when clicking on Text.


If you go through “Media”, you can change the images, videos from the library. Or you also can upload them from your PC. As long as you can have suitable media for the campaign.


and move to Audio, firstly you will go to Library Audio, there is unlimited audio so you can listen and select one. You will use this audio for the entire video.


Then switch to Robo Voices: You can use Text-To-Speech with multiple voices, accents & languages. Just paste your script or text and ClipsReel will convert the text into a high-quality voice-over with multiple accents and languages to choose from.


Or Want to add your own voice-over, with ClipsReel you can easily do that too.


The style section will let you upload the logo, watermark and swap the template design.


and credits help you to select how your logo shows up at the end of the video by using the outro template design.


When you’re done, click save the project to move to other parts.

Option 2: Creating videos by using blog posts or articles

Enter your Blog post URL here:


You will do the same manipulations above. You need to add a name for your project, choose dimension,s and start to edit: changing fonts, adding media, audio, applying styles, and inserting credits.


Option 3: Creating videos by using e-commerce details page

You copy the link of the product you want to make a video and paste it here.


And all the steps are the same. Just follow step by step to make video easily with ClipsReel.


ClipReel Review – The Demo Video


   ♥   You Can Create Videos From Just The URLs

ClipsReel allows you to turn any article, website, blog post, amazon product page, Shopify pages, AliExpress products, eBay, or Walmart products into an animated video. You may feel crazy but with the help of the SVRAI tech and open, it will help you turn those lifeless texts into animated videos in seconds:


Imagine, instead of your customers having to scroll to read long articles and still can’t find the focus, now they just need to watch videos with music and colorful fonts. I can guarantee it saves customers time and especially videos attract them more than text. Just copy and paste those pages, blogs into ClipsReel, you will have videos that can be used for your marketing campaign.

   ♥   ClipsReel Review: Massive Music, Image, Font, Clip Library

That is what you need to create a video, right? You will have never-seen-before and copyright-free images so that you can use them to demonstrate for your products.

It is hard if you do not know how to set up the background, so you just need to get access to the massive library of millions of background and abstract video clips and insert music with over 10,000 background music files to choose from and use in your videos. I can bet no two videos will look the same, because you have such a diverse source of images and music, duplication is impossible.

   ♥   ClipsReel Is A Time-Consuming Product

If you want to create quickly and easily professional yet gorgeous looking videos for your marketing, without spending hours designing, editing, recording, or a fortune on them, if you have no time to write a video script or design all those other video elements, you can refer to ClipsReel today.

It is really easy to set up and start, even a newbie can simply generate and create videos. Creating a profitable video without being an expert, creating your own content, and literally spending less than 10 minutes. The following videos will feature this advantage of ClipsReel:



There are two options: $35 for Personal and $37 for Commercial with the differences shown below:


You need to pay $35 – $37 for all the amazing features inside ClipsReel. It’s definitely an unprecedented opportunity at a decent price – so don’t let it slip through your fingers. After going through this ClipsReel review, I am pretty sure that you are quite clear about how powerful it is!

You must be in a rush and hit the buy button below to get instant access to ClipsReel now because this is a strictly LIMITED TIME discounted offer! The price will jump significantly – likely to up to $200 per month.

(After early birds @ 5 pm EST, remember to apply the $2 discount coupon “clipoff”)


Everyone needs videos for their marketing strategy and wants to save time and money for this stage. ClipsReel not only helps you solve those problems but also helps you create high-quality videos with outstanding features such as AI technology.

You will never be able to make a breakthrough if you don’t step out of your comfort zone and experiment with new devices. Please, give it a chance if you are:

   ♥   Video creators

   ♥   Web builders

   ♥   Social media marketers

   ♥   Product reviewers

   ♥   Affiliate marketers

   ♥   Video ad-makers

   ♥   E-com store owners

   ♥   Bloggers/content marketers/Youtubers

   ♥   Digital

   ♥   Product sellers

   ♥   Advertising agency owners

   ♥   Product coaches/trainers

   ♥   Brand influencers

   ♥   Webinars/seminar presenters

   ♥   Lifestyle trendsetters



   ♥   Create affiliate review videos promoting Amazon products.

   ♥   Turn Shopify Stores into animated videos. Use the video to promote your ecomm store on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and more.

   ♥   Start your very own Video Promo Agency for local businesses.

   ♥   Create 1:1, 16:9, and 9:16 videos… all kinds of videos you’ll ever need for 2021-22.

   ♥   Video created using the SVRAI tech and openAI. Automatically creates storyboards, adds images, video clips, text, formatting etc. Videos created in minutes

   ♥   Everyone who has a website or a funnel needs a video and using ClipsReel you can turn their pages into videos without any extra work or creativity.

   ♥   Create UNIQUE videos every single time using the AI in AIWA.

   ♥   Access to millions of copyright-free images and video clips. Access to thousands of fonts. Fully customizable videos created using ClipsReel.

   ♥   Multiple professionally create templates to create videos from.

   ♥   Create a video for yourself to promote your own brand and look professional.

   ♥   You can add your logo, customize the menu, change the color theme, create square, vertical or regular videos, edit the text, add images, add videos, customize the template, and pretty much anything you like.


   X   It can be a big mistake if you skip this launch.


All in all, everything is up to you. There are thousands of add-on products on the market but you can not find the same one again. You can sleep on it if you think big and know that ClipsReel will take you closer to your dream. The launching will expire soon, grab it as soon as possible.


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