ClientFinda Review


ClientFinda Review


Dear online marketers,

We haven’t heard of a single business that doesn’t need customers right? Whatever your niche may be, lead generation is every business’ lifeline. No matter what your subscribers do online, they need a consistent stream of targeted buyer leads. With the free commercial license included during this launch special offer, you can use ClientFinda for you or for clients.

The real problem you and other struggling online marketers have is “How to generate buyer leads” because some of you may have bought several apps in the past with agency and commercial rights but they all led to nowhere.

Now with ClientFinda, you can effortlessly find laser-targeted & pre-qualified leads that you can sell your services to. This AI-assisted software I am going to review in full detail today holds the ability to search & finding ultra-targeted leads for you and your clients in seconds. This is a breakthrough app that automatically finds laser-targeted buyer leads in profitable niches using AI-assisted deep search.

If you are looking at getting quality clients for your business no matter the niche you serve whether it’s a service or product-based business, then this new ClientFinda App is tailor-made for you.



Creator Ifiok Nkem
Product ClientFinda
Launch Date 2021-Jul-26
Launch Time 11:00 EST
Official website Click Here
Front-End Price $37
Skill All Levels
Guarantee 14 Days Money Back Guarantee
Niche Tools & Software
Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend Highly Recommend!


ClientFinda is a groundbreaking software that uses the combined power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Natural Language Processing (NLP) & Machine Learning (ML) to carry out a deep search for quality buyer leads across the USA, and for profitable niches, you can think of. All you need to do is answer a few questions and you are good to go.

   [+]   Target Audience

Enter your target audience filters (location, niche, social media presence, online reviews, etc.)


   [+]   View Results

View businesses that are most likely to buy your services (results powered by ai, nlp & ml, ensuring 99.99% accuracy).


   [+]   Close Clients & Profit

Contact the clients that are most likely to buy your services so you don’t waste resources on dead leads.




Let me introduce you to the amazing creator of this software: Ifiok Nkem.

He is a passionate online marketer and also a very prominent figure.

Over years of working in the online marketing field, he is known for the fact that he always had a flair for technology, and that reflects in the launches that you may have heard of: ADA Bundle, ListGrow, DesignBundle Local, AdaComply, Content Burger, Socicake v3, VLF – BIG LAUNCH, MailConversio, VideoTours360.

This time, he teamed up with an amazing team to launch this super-profitable product so make sure not to miss it.


After purchasing, you can find out if your potential lead is running ads along with the kind of ad they are running. The ad medium identification is done for you across platforms – Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Adwords.

Based on their brand needs & preferences, you then can reach out to them with ready-to-use ads OR an ad service proposal if they don’t run ads at all! Find Targeted Leads Based On.

You will be able to experience the following rock solid features:

#1: Laser-precise lead generation in sync with client websites & domains

   ♦   Website URL

Does the lead have a website? If no, then you can offer them a web design service.

Many local businesses & established brands have a website but having that website is simply not enough. Now reach out to such businesses with the help of ClientFinda URL search to increase their client conversions by enhancing their websites.

(Name your price for this service that is the need of the hour in the wake of the pandemic)


   ♦   Website Technology

Simplistic websites do nothing except serving an aesthetic value. Dive right into providing the right technology to the right business to raise their sales through the roof.

Use powerful integrations like Shopify & WordPress to give them what it takes to succeed in the digital world.

(Help businesses & your bank account grow at the same time)

   ♦   Domain Registration Date

This powerful search option lets you find newly launched products & services based on their domain registration that desperately needs to create an incredible brand image. Now provide services like logo creation and digital marketing solutions to businesses that have registered their domain less than a month ago…

(Scale your business by helping new businesses prosper)


   ♦   Domain Expiry

You will be surprised to learn how many businesses quit the digital world owing to all the hassles that come with it.

Find & connect with businesses that have an expired domain… Re-ignite hope by offering them your expertise & get paid.


   ♦   Domain Registrar & Name Server

Convert multiple clients at once through a domain registrar and nameserver search, and close businesses that need your services.

NameCheap,, GoDaddy are a few such examples.

Get access to all the businesses that need your services to create an impactful digital presence.


#2: Social Media Footprint Tracing For High-Converting Leads

Get to know their important factors like account name, number of followers, number of accounts the business is following as well as their activity details like the number of photos posted, average likes & comments per post.


#3: Deep Lead Search Based On Email Service Provider

Track leads based on which email service provider do they use. Are they using Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Hotmail or others emails?

Find out instantly and leverage to provide your appropriate services.

#4: Ad Type & Analytics Filter For Lead Generation

   ♦   Ad Status

You can now find out if your potential lead is running ads along with the kind of ad they are running. The ad medium identification is done for you across platforms- Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Adwords.

Based on their brand needs & preferences, you can reach out to them with ready-to-use ads.


   ♦   Ad Pixels

They have ineffective ads? Sell high converting ads to them as soon as you connect with them almost like you read their mind!


   ♦   Google Analytics

Instantly understand if your lead is using Google Analytics to track and grow their brand on their website.

If not, jump in & save the day & get paid doing so.


   ♦   Linkedin Profile

Find out if the business has an existing LinkedIn profile along with details about their connections.


#5: Review Based Target Identification

Check out the stars & reviews shown on different platforms about the business to provide your services accordingly…


#6: Criteria Specific Lead Provision


ClientFinda’s additional features

On to of that, below are the uniques benefits that make this software stand out from all others in this competitive market:

   [+]   ClientFinda is powered by artificial intelligence, natural language processing & machine learning.

   [+]   The advanced algorithm helps you to find and pre-qualify only those leads that are most likely to need and buy your services.

   [+]   Mass appeal solution; lead generation is your business lifeline! All your subscribers need clientfinda to close laser-targeted buyer leads to stay in business.

   [+]   Anyone that has bought any app with commercial or agency rights in the past needs this to start closing clients and start making money from those purchases at last.

   [+]  ClientFinda helps you to stop trying to sell the wrong services/products to the wrong businesses.

   [+]   Boost your conversion and sales simply by contacting only those leads that are most likely to buy from you.

   [+]   ClientFinda will literally 10x your cold calling results… Contact only those that are interested in your service, plus learn all there is about your lead before you even make contact.


Now, follow me to discover this advanced lead generation app!


Let’s start finding high quality leads for your service by clicking to add a new project:


Step 1: Target your audience

You need to fill in some information related to your niche, location, available services and the value of your service. By getting these details, ClientFinda will figure out who will be your targeted leads:


Simply enter your niche:


Choose the location of your business:


Briefly explain the services you offer and the service value:


Step 2: View results

Just within seconds, ClientFinda loads the businesses that are most likely to buy your services, displaying them with full analysis reports and contact information:


Use the filtering options to filter out those which are not related to your services:


Let’s go inside one lead to discover what ClientFinda has for you.

Once you click on a specific lead, you will access a lot of data about the lead.

As you can see, this lead already has a website which allows you to know more about their business (if they don’t, you can offer them your website creation service, for example)



When you scroll down, you will find out even more about the business’s online presence. Just look at the report and you will instantly understand what area they’re doing good and what they’re missing

This means that you are able to offer the exact solution they need, resulting in better conversion and more chances to close the deals:


Step 3: Close client & profit

From what I already demonstrated in my ClientFinda review, there is so much you can do thanks to the data about your prospect, optimizing your offers to fit their needs. Click to choose the leads you think will buy your service, export, or directly add them to your email list to start reaching out:


You can expand your search and get even more leads by changing the niche, country or city:


If you already have an email autoresponder account, simply add to your lists to start promoting:


ClientFinda Review – The Demo Video


First of all, I want to say that ClientFinda is a mass appeal solution because the obvious fact is that every business needs buyer leads. Moreover, it’s exactly what you need right now to start making money off all the commercial and agency rights you have bought over the years.

On top of that, no matter what your audience type is, from Video, SMM, Content Marketing, Website Builder, Paid Ads, Email Marketing, SEO, Ecommerce, Traffic,  Agency & MMO, etc, his offer is perfect for you because everybody needs buyer leads.

The reason I review ClientFinda and highly recommend it:

ClientFinda lets you dominate the virtual world by providing you a shortcut to find & sell leads for all niches. Within minutes of the purchase, you will have something that others are yearning to get their hands on. Moreover, it’s exactly what you need right now to start making money off all the commercial and agency rights you have bought over the years.

ClientFinda has been tried and tested to provide amazing results by independent Beta users. It is uper easy to use and includes training videos to help ease your way around as well. This exciting software enables you to find your prospect’s location & niche of businesses, their social media profiles, their online reviews, their GoogleMyBusiness status, and more

ClientFinda AI wizard generates laser-targeted and pre-qualified buyer leads targeting only those leads with specific requirements and that are most likely to buy your services.

For instance, you can find out if your potential lead is running ads along with the kind of ad they are running. The ad medium identification is done for you across platforms – Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Adwords and many more. Based on their brand needs & preferences, you then can reach out to them with ready-to-use ads OR an ad service proposal if they don’t run ads at all!

What’s more, you will receive automatic upgrades and a 24×7 available team of technical geniuses to solve any queries and issues that you may have.

Just imagine pitching to a prospect you already have prior knowledge of the problems their businesses are facing, closing will be a breeze! 



Don’t lose this opportunity to grab ClientFinda at the lowest one-time cost of only $37 to assert your authority while others are left wondering! That’s is a very tiny bitty fraction of its true value, market cost, not to mention the income potential!

Plus this little investment is backed by a solid zero risk 14 days money-back guarantee, so you can test run the software with all the risk on the product creator and catch a glimpse of how much money you can make.

Commercial Rights are included which means you can sell laser-targeted leads to any business & make huge profits with zero hassle. So why not give it a shot?



Developing such a great tool allowing you to figure out the problems businesses are facecing and get paid by fixing them, the vendor also offers some handy bonuses which combine perfectly with ClientFinda.




   ♥   Search & find ultra-targeted leads using our advanced algorithm

   ♥   Experience the combined power of artificial intelligence, natural language processing & machine learning

   ♥   Easy to use. No coding or technical skills required

   ♥   Fully cloud based. Nothing to download or install

   ♥   Save time, money & other resources by targeting only hot leads who are ready to buy your service gigs.


   X   So far I am totally happy with this product


It doesn’t matter if you are a dropshipper, if you are using JvZoo, Warrior Plus, Shopify, selling health, physical or digital products. If you belong to the following list, let’s take this software into consideration:

   ♥   Affiliate marketers

   ♥   Stay At Home Mums

   ♥   Ecommerce Store Owners

   ♥   Local Business Owners

   ♥   Clickbank Affiliates

   ♥   CPA Marketers


I advise you to act quickly on this or you will miss out on this amazing launch and regret greatly later. This is definitely a cost-effective product for you to help you get on the right track of making money online. Thank you for spending time reading my review today!


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