Clicko Review


Clicko Review


Welcome to my Clicko review

Are you looking for something to bring in more income online? If it’s Yes, you have probably watched endless videos on YouTube on how to make money online or tried software after software, business after business. But nearly nothing ever works, right?

In fact, there are dozen of existing methods to make money like doing eCommerce, doing Surveys, selling with Solo Ads, Making Videos… These methods may have worked in the past, but they are not as effective anymore due to saturation.

So how about building a money-making affiliate site and get daily profit without selling anything? It sounds too good to be true. But actually, this is probably the easiest and fastest way to earn your first online money straight away.

Even so, creating a website is never an easy game for beginners without any technical skills. Not until you met Clicko, everything has changed.

This is a proven & simple system that allows you to rake in hundred dollars a day by making affiliate video sites on autopilot. How does it actually work? What does it bring to you? Let’s check out my review now to discover!



Creator Jason Fulton & Seun Ogundele
Product Clicko
Launch Date 2021-Aug-20
Launch Time 09:00 EST
Official website Click Here
Front-End Price $19
Skill All Levels
Guarantee 365 Days Money Back Guarantee
Niche Tools & Software
Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend Highly Recommend!


Clicko is a complete solution for you to create a professional website and earn affiliate commissions with your website videos. Worry about traffic? This app will ultra-blast any link with free traffic in 59 seconds and makes you 30 bucks every time someone clicks.

This software works for anyone regardless of experience so whether you’re a green as grass newbie or an experienced marketer who isn’t seeing the results they want online, this will work out for you.



Let me introduce the creator behind this amazing product Jason Fulton & Seun Ogundele. They are both reputable vendors on WarriorPlus and well-known in the field of online marketing.

They have knowledge with regard to many things regarding online marketing and have positioned himself as top vendors by launching several brilliant digital products. Some of their remarkable products such as Flix, Zend Profitz, Tocked, Crypto Profitz, Fast Commission Generator, ProfiTorial 2.0, Ghosted, Phizz, Scratchz… and many more.

Let’s figure out what exactly this product brings to you in the next part!


Now let’s come into the crucial part of my Clicko review – the striking features:

   ♦   Clicko Web App

This lets you use Clicko on any device of your choice. Whether it’s a PC, Mac, or even your mobile phone, Clicko can run on ANYTHING.

There is no install or skill needed to create such a profitable website like this:


   ♦   Clicko Monetization

This is what allows you to get paid $30 or more every time someone clicks your link. This product allows you to activate a variety of traffic sources right inside the cloud-based app for free traffic to a ‘done for you’ money-making website in seconds that makes commissions on autopilot.


   ♦   Clicko Automation

With this feature, you can fully automate Clicko and create a passive stream of online income. This is what allows Clicko to run by itself, on complete autopilot. Set it up once, and forgot about it!


   ♦   7 Ways To Make $500 Daily With Clicko

Besides that, this product also includes 7 methods that the creators are currently using to bank an easy $500 per day within minutes of actual ‘work’ required with Clicko so you can follow along and replicate their results.


   ♦   Clicko Step-By-Step Video Training

Follow along with the video training, it will show you exactly how you can use Clicko to make big money with no hard work required. You can do this in your spare time, so it is perfect if you don’t have a lot of time, or you have a day job.

   ♦   World Class Support Team

Clicko is cloud-based and easy to use, but if you ever need help with the software, their dedicated support team is just an email away 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year.


In this part, I will show you a quick demo of how to use this software. Firstly, Using your registered email to log in to the system.


Once you successfully log in, here are all of the information you can see on the main dashboard like this seen below:


   ♦   Create New Video Sites

Click on the “Video Site” section and choose “New Video Site” to start creating a new one.

Here, you need to provide some information like this seen below:


Then you need to customize categories. To add more categories, you click on the button “New category” then set it up as below.


Then it will show you many videos involve in the keyword you want to search, you just click Add video and that’s it.


Then you fill in all of the rest information as below and click the button to finish creating your video site.

There are various actions to monetize your video sites like Image Ads, CTA Button, Buy Button, Optin Form, Google Adsense Banner, Google Video Ads…


After setting it up, click Create a new site and it’s done. You can check your sites here and generate unlimited buyer traffic straight away.

It will post your link to major social media and send people to your site. So you can blast your link with free visitors by only pressing a button.


Your affiliate video site will simply look like this. You can make it more impress and attractive by adding more categories.


Besides that, there is an easier way to build your site by using DFY sites. this software automatically customizes your site with DFY templates. All you need to do is just add some new categories and add videos that you want. It is super easy that anyone can do it.

Moreover, this software also includes Banner Ads and Ads Builder so you have more multiple ways to make online money.


For more details, please check this demo video:

Clicko Review – The Demo Video


 [+] You don’t have to be frustrated with the complex functions of other site builder software

Clicko app is an all-in-one system that gives you all the resources you need to start succeeding with affiliate marketing. This product is dead easy to use whether you are a newcomer or an experienced marketer. Simply click and submit. That’s all.

This is the simplest tool packed with necessary features for most marketers. Meanwhile, Clicko offers you the best viral content as well as suggests automatically the most profitable videos for your sites in seconds. Everything is automated and you just need nearly a minute to set it up once and forget it.

 [+] And how much you can earn with Clicko? I can tell you that’s unlimited.

You can maximize your passive income with multiple streams like affiliate commission, list building, advertisement in any niche you want. And so much more if you keep using it. So you can quickly scale up your income and make more money while doing less work.

Furthermore, this platform includes a built-in unlimited traffic system. It means you can send the traffic anywhere you please. For each new post, it will automatically send to major social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter… You just sit there and enjoy never-ending free buyer traffic.

So if there is a shortcut way to put yourself on the fast track to online success, Clicko is the closest one. There is no need to wait months or years to see results, this app shows you passive income straight away.

And because it actually works, here are some compliments and real results from newbies (and of course you can do the same):



If anything of the following is right for you, then I would highly recommend you to consider buying this product:

   ♥   You’re busy due to a day job or have other commitments, and want to make money online without it taking too much time

   ♥   You’re tired of constantly waiting for results, and want something that would finally make you profit for once

   ♥   You’re looking for something that doesn’t require any extra expenses to make money

   ♥   You aren’t the best with computers and hate anything that involves technical skills

   ♥   You want a system that you can count on, that will deliver results every time you use it

   ♥   You’re still struggling to get traffic and turn it into profits


Clicko FE: $19

I am glad to tell you that the price of Clicko is much cheaper than all of what you can get inside this package:


Honestly speaking, this one-time investment is a super affordable price that grants you full access to Clicko. That is not much to ask for a profitable method that allows you to earn more than that. With this breakthrough product, you are possible to make affiliate sites straight away and start exploiting for-profit day by day without hard works.

Please put in mind that this discount will probably be available to the early bird users of Clicko. So take your action now to close the best deal instead of paying a steep price.

If the low one-time investment wasn’t enough to get you off the fence, the 365 days money-back guarantee will protect your investment. There is no way for you to lose. Grab this product right now and enjoy the results you deserve.


Besides developing such a great app to assist you in building a video website and profiting from your site, the creators also offer some handy bonuses which combine perfectly with Clicko.

The bonus list of Clicko:





   ♥   Free autopilot traffic in 59 seconds flat

   ♥   24/7 Clicko traffic – you get paid while you are sleeping

   ♥   33 beta testers banked $23,983.25 with Clicko

   ♥   100% passive, set up it once and let clicko run on autopilot

   ♥   Works in any niche

   ♥   Zero extra expenses, you are profiting with nothing but Clicko

   ♥   Your fast track to the laptop lifestyle

   ♥   100% newbie-friendly

   ♥   365 days money-back guarantee


   X   There is no complaint about this product


For the reasons listed above, Clicko is almost worth the investment that you should take immediately. With this product, you will say goodbye to failure and put yourself on the fast track to success.

I really want you to be totally happy with your purchase. Hence, do not dismiss this lucrative opportunity!

Thank you for reading my review from beginning to end. I hope this can help you with your decision.


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