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http://offsecnewbie.com/2018/06/18/oscp-journey-part-1/ IS IT POSSIBLE TO GET PAID WITHOUT SELLING ANYTHING?

Welcome to my pectinately Flare Review

Have you ever thought of making money online without selling anything? It is an irresistible idea because you don’t need to convince everyone to buy and pulls out their credit cards while your bank account still increases like a fat cat.

And this great idea will be shown in a brand new app I will introduce you to today – Flare. Getting big fat income no matter what people buy anything or not, is it possible to achieve? The answer is definitely yes.

That is exactly what Flare can do for you. This is unlike anything you have seen before and it will be revealed in my Flare software review today. So let’s check it out!



Creator Venkata Ramana
Product Flare
Launch Date 2021-Jun-21
Launch Time 11:00 EST
Official website Click Here
Front-End Price $17
Skill All Levels
Guarantee 100 Days Money Back Guarantee
Niche Tools & Software
Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend Highly Recommend!


Flare is a web application that lets you make money without selling. Instead, you get paid $20 or more every time someone clicks their mouse regardless if they buy or not.

All it takes is 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Login

Firstly, you will get Flare for a low one-time price & login into your account. Do this now, as they will be going back to a monthly price shortly.

Step 2: Link

Now you copy the pay link they give you inside of Flare. This is the special link that ensures you are getting paid.

Step 3: Activate

Turn on the built-in traffic to start flooding your pay link with FREE clicks. Once people start clicking on this special link, you get paid.



Venkata Ramana, who is the gifted creator behind this product, is a popular name in launching digital products. He gains a reputation in this field thanks to many outstanding products on Warrior Plus. There is no doubt that he is currently a top 1% vendor and trusted by many users and gurus.

Some of his remarkable products have launched like Wave, Infinite Hosting, Magnum, Kabali, Breeze Funnels, Wizzard, Omni, EMPIRE, Thriive, KGF, Swift, Etc.

Let’s scroll down to have more details of this!


Here is what you will get inside this helpful product:

   ♦   Flare Web App

You will receive access to the Flare Web App, which can be used on any device of your choice. Mac, PC, iPhone, Android, and all other devices work. Flare software allows you to create blogs that can bring you unlimited traffic and online revenues. 

Moreover, there is a big surprise inside. Flare is powerful, obviously, but it is more valuable when coming with the additional tools which help you deal with different online tasks. They are:


So, for the first time ever, you will get an app, with multiple functions built-in, at a dirt-cheap price which enables you to create, host, and monetize a blog. There is no better time to start your online business in 2021 than now with Flare.

Forget all the hefty and complicated services like hosting, autoresponder and deploy all the tools inside Flare to get traffic, engage the audience, and get paid without selling anything (of course you have the right to sell things to skyrocket your income)

   ♦   Unique Paylink Technology

This exclusive technology lets you get traffic by putting your link in front of hundreds of visitors. Everything is taken care of for you. All you need to do is just enter your link to start sending traffic and Flare does the rest of the work for you.

Let me reveal a little bit about how to make money with this system. As mentioned, you can make passive income without selling by creating blogs with Flare. In addition, you can make EVEN MORE with this blog content. Simply add a pay link (which will be shown inside Flare) into your DFY content and make commissions from the offer! The sky is the limit of the profits you can generate with Flare software!


   ♦   Built In Traffic System

Inside of Flare, you will be able to get your link in front of hundreds, if not thousands of targeted visitors while stopping paying for:  


   ♦   Comprehensive Training

To make sure you get the most out of Flare, they are going to show you all the ins and outs so there’s no room for confusion.

   ♦   Dedicated Support

If you experience any issues with Flare, their support team is ready to help you out. Simply hit them up and they will assist you right away.


Enter your registered email to log in to the system:


As soon as you log in to Flare, you will see its dashboard that looks like below. You can go through the training video first so as to have an in-depth understanding of how the system works.



In order to create your new blog site, you click to Add a blog and follow the simple steps:


Here you fill in the subdomain, site title, Meta author name, description, keyword of your site. Then click to Add to create a new site.



The blog site you have just created now has nothing inside. So your click to setting to customize some of its features. Here I will show you how to add more categories to your site. This part is so important as it will decide your site looks attractive and the information will appear on your blog site.


After adding a new category as above, you click on the poster to create your post. You can search any videos or keywords as you want. This product offers you the right topic, the right keyword and you just easily click on:


Your post will look as below. Flare automatically fills in all the information in your post such as Video title, post title, post tag, post content. Especially, the content inside is unique and created by this software so you don’t have to worry that Google will have penalties on your post:


Then you complete the rest information and click the button to finish:


Your blog site will look like this. The more categories you create, the more attractive and information your site looks like:



This product provides you a long list of social channels that your link will be put in front of more than 110M buyers. All you need to do is just turn on the built in traffic to start flooding your paylink with free clicks. Once people start clicking on your link, you get paid.


For more details, please check out this demo video:

Flare Software Review – The Demo Video


First of all, this breakthrough product lets anyone get paid without selling anything. I really love this idea. Why not? I know many beginners keep struggling to make money because they can hardly make a single sale at first. Especially when you are lack technical skills or information, it is impossible to start and keep doing well, which means you can easily give up the chance. This product will resolve a lot of pain points for struggling beginners looking for a clear, concise approach to generating commissions consistently.

Besides that, for each blog site, you create with Flare, it also creates your own content. By checking plagiarism, the system shows that your content is almost unique without any effort. Flare is 100% automated that you just set it up one time and have the ability to drive traffic and get paid anytime.

And the best part which sets this apart from other push-button apps is this product instantly puts you in front of up to 110M buyers with the help of AI and automation. So you don’t need to have an existing audience on the top platform. This amazing app will spread your store to multiple social channels and you can get free traffic inside. This is definitely a must tool you should bring to your home immediately.

Flare’s users are loving it and so will you!



If you belong to the list below, I would highly recommend you to consider buying this product:

   ♥   Affiliates

   ♥   Online business owners

   ♥   Consultants

   ♥   Digital Marketers

   ♥   Product creators

   ♥   Local businesses

   ♥   Social media marketers

   ♥   Agencies

   ♥   Bloggers

   ♥   Freelancers

And the list goes on and on.



I am glad to tell you that the price of Flare is much cheaper than all of what you can get inside this package:


You only need to pay $17 – which is crazy low compared with all of the benefits this product gives you inside. By one-time investment, you will start seeing results right away and forever. Please remember that this exclusive offer is available for the early adopters and the price will go up soon. Make sure you have the best deal instead of paying a steep price.

If the low one-time investment wasn’t enough to get you off the fence, the 100 days money-back guarantee will protect your investment. There is no way for you to lose. Grab this product right now and enjoy the results you deserve.



   ♥   Get paid when people click on your links, regardless if they buy or not

   ♥   Flare is 100% automated, you can drive traffic & get paid while you sleep

   ♥   Create an additional stream of passive income

   ♥   Start getting clicks with the built in FREE traffic included inside

   ♥   Zero hidden fees, flare gives you everything you need

   ♥   It only takes 12-24 hours to get clicks coming in with Flare

   ♥   100 days money back guarantee

   ♥   Required no technical skills


   X   Up to now, there is none.


I hope my Flare review can help you make the best purchasing decisions. This product includes everything you need to see the results. Making money online has never been easier while you just need to activate it, sit back, and enjoy the massive victory.

Finally, thank you for taking your precious time to read my Flare review.


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