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AdPlify Review


Running Facebook Ads is proven to be an ultra-effective way to drive traffic and increase conversions. However, one of the biggest problems that many online marketers suffer from is low RoI on Facebook ads.

Creating a profitable Facebook ads campaign is hard work so it is no surprise that the majority of business owners choose to outsource for Internet marketers to do that for them at any price!

If you are struggling with Facebook ads, you are at the right place because I’m going to get your problem solved today! It’s time for you to get higher conversions, save up to 50% on your ad expense and find your perfect customer with laser targeted efficiency to make even more sales and more profits from your Facebook ads!


If getting results like this is your dream, just check out my AdPlify right now and see what’s in it for you!



Creator Cyril Gupta
Product AdPlify
Launch Date 2021-Jan-18
Launch Time 11:00 EST
Official website Click Here
Front-End Price $9.95 – $37
Bonuses Yes, Huge Bonuses
Skill All Levels
Guarantee 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Niche Tools & Software
Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend Highly Recommend!


AdPlify is a powerful package of 7 groundbreaking SAAS Tools for Total Facebook Ads Domination. Thanks to AdPlify, you can make any business profitable with Lower Ad Costs, Higher Conversions from Facebook Ads.

After that, you can get Leads, Buyers, generate sales and stand out from the competition regardless of your niche!

With AdPlify, the sky is the limit as you can:


Excited yet? Let’s move on to the next part to see who is behind this amazing product!



This product is brought to you by Cyril Gupta. He has been in the Internet Marketing industry since 2012. During this period, he has accumulated a bunch of experience and gained a stable reputation in online business. His name is definitely not strange if you have been in the IM space for long enough. Specifically, he is in the top 2% of seller and made almost thousands of sales online.

His products mainly focus on dealing with the issues for digital marketers across multiple niches, some of which are: CloudFunnels, Email Jeet, Crediresponse, Reach Multiply, SeoNeos, etc. These products have gained tons of positive reviews from not only customers but also from other expert Internet Marketer.

This time, Cyril Gupta decides to launch AdPlify which I am certain to be no exception.


Let’s take a closer look at what you can benefit from AdPlify:

   ♦   Module 1: AdPlify Page Watcher


   [+]   Track ads from your competitors and gurus

   [+]   Gain insights into ad angles and promotion strategies being used by your market

   [+]   Instantly notified when your competitor goes live with a new ad

   [+]   Create your own ad strategy with perfect knowledge – no more competition hollow!

   [+]   Get updated with the latest ad trends and conversion strategies

   [+]   Build your own library of ads (you will never be lost in thousands of irrelevant ads)

   [+]   Reveals everything including the headline, pitch, image or video, call to actions, and links to the final landing page

   [+]   Explore new ideas, angles and trends for your own ads.

   ♦   Module 2: Hidden Insights And Audiences Finder


This tool allows you to find tens of thousands of ad audiences that Facebook never shows you!

   [+]   Find the best audience for your niche or product

   [+]   Find an audience for any country or language

   [+]   Create your audience collection in campaigns and implement them in your ads in one go

   [+]   Lower costs and better results with audiences that are not over-exploited by the competition

   [+]   Explore relevant audiences and stand more chance to run profitable ads

   [+]   Carry out more ad experiments to discover your most profitable market

   ♦   Module 3: Behavioral Retargeting


With this tool, you can create your perfect retargeting for ultra-high conversions.

   [+]   Retarget potential customers based on their behaviors on your site or landing page

   [+]   Figure out your best customers and maximize conversions

   [+]   Increase clicks, sales and engagement while spending less on ads

   [+]   Target on behavioral factors including how much time they spend on your site, which pages they visit, how much content they read and many more

   [+]   Run split tests for your ads and conduct market trials on best customers

   [+]   Boost profits per click (beneficial for those who want to make high-cost markets profitable)

   ♦   Module 4: Page Targeter


Thanks to this tool, you can find top pages for any topic or keyword and exploit their audiences.

   [+]   Search for any niche and find the top pages in that niche

   [+]   Exploit public audiences on large competitor pages by advertising to their followers

   [+]   Run ads targeting the audiences of pages and sell to a highly targeted audience

   [+]   Get to know your customer demands and create the best offer for your market

   [+]   Gain insightful information about what your competition is up to and use their ideas

   [+]   Increase click-through rate, conversions and sales with a lower ad budget

   [+]   Figure out your potential customers and reach out

   ♦   Module 5: Email List To Audience


This tool enables you to continuously turn your autoresponder email list into your ad audience.

   [+]   Immediately engage every sign-up on Facebook and skyrocket conversions

   [+]   Higher retention, engagement and get lost customer go back to buy from you

   [+]   Promote your funnel upsells, offers and make extra profits per customer

   [+]   Connect with all market-leading autoresponders

   [+]   Run special offers, time-limited promotions and discount codes to fresh list signups

   [+]   Follow a customer around and reach her via mailbox or Facebook

   [+]   Lower ad budget with an internal audience

   [+]   Fully automated – connect and forget!

   ♦   Module 6: Ad Decorator


This amazing tool lets you create stunning Facebook ads that are attention-grabbing and stunning.

   [+]   Set your business apart and pull your customer in with the eyeballs

   [+]   Keep your ad content well-organized by categorizing them into sections and lighting.

   [+]   Easy-to-use tool saves your time

   [+]   Increase the number of people on your landing page

   [+]   Turn boring copy into an engaging, brilliant, and attractive one

   [+]   Draw your customer’s attention exactly where you want and make reading your ad a pleasure

   [+]   Increases CTR and drops your ad costs

   [+]   Promotes urgency, scarcity and drive more traffic

   ♦   Module 7: ROI Calculator


With this Final Tool, you are able to estimate your expenses and returns without running your ads.

   [+]   Budget-friendly as you can analyze the minimum amount you must spend to get the results you want

   [+]   Make projects and scale your ads

   [+]   Compare the profitability of different campaigns and find out which will do better if scaled

   [+]   Save dozens of hours that you will have to spend in analysis otherwise

   [+]   You will easily estimate your ad costs and costs for your clients

   [+]   No more running a campaign blindly again as you can now make proper use of the tests you run

   [+]   Reduce costs and save money while getting better results

   [+]   Groundbreaking algorithm designed to get you the best results

Apart from the 7 modules mentioned above, if you grab AdPlify today, you will also get these Limited Time Offer:

   [1]   Limited Time Offer 1: Commercial Rights

This offer authorizes you to do Facebook ad marketing for your clients. You can run their ads, get them market intelligence and help them get profitable on Facebook. Of course, you will get to keep 100% of the profits.

   [2]   Limited Time Offer 2: Training To Maximize Your Traffic

This is a powerful video course that the creative team has created to help marketers like you grab the maximum traffic and profits from Facebook.

Use the software, learn the training and you’ll get 3x or 4x the results from AdPlify.

   [3]   Limited Time Offer 3: Unlimited Access To The Biggest Stock Collection Of Images, Cliparts, Gifs, Videos And Audio Files


Want to make great ads? You need great graphics.

This offer is which is the biggest collection of stock media assets with images, clipart, animated gifs, videos, and audio files.

Make amazing static or video ads without spending 100s of dollars buying stock assets from expensive websites.


Once you successfully get a login, you will get access to the main dashboard like this seen below:


PART 1: Get Access To AdPlify Ad Watcher

Click on the eye icon on the left sidebar or click on the “Ad Watcher” on the main dashboard


Here, you can discover the latest ad trends and conversion strategies of your competitor.

Simply click on the “Add new” button and enter the page URL or ID, hit the “Add page” button to add your competitor’s ad into this dashboard.


Then, you can freely recheck and view the ads, this process will take you some time to notify you as it will process your competitor’s ads.

In the same place, the specific market’s notification from their ads will also pop-up your notification:


Watch the demo of AdPlify Ad Watcher:

STEP 2: Find Hidden Audience

Click on the “Interest Finder” section to start finding your hidden audiences:


Next, enter the keyword and click on the “Search” button and you will be able to get hundreds of results:



After saving the campaigns into your favorite section, click on that section and here you can optionally export them into Text or CSV:


Watch the demo of AdPlify Audience Finder

PART 3: Retargeting

Click on the “Retarget Filter” section and click the “Add New” button to start adding a new FB ad account:


Click on the “Sync” button so all your pixel code count will be synced:


Click on the “Custom Audience” to start creating a custom audience by clicking on the “Add new” button:


Here you have to provide some information and click on the “Creating Audience” button. And now, your audience will be added:


Watch the demo of AdPlify Retargeting

PART 4: Page Targeter

Click on the “Page Targeter” section and here you can find top pages for any topic or keyword and exploit their audiences:


After click on the “Search” button to find the page, the other steps are quite similar to the previous parts of finding a hidden audience.

In the end, you can export your campaign into different types of files:


Watch the demo of AdPlify Page Retargeter

PART 5: Email To Audience

Click on the “Email To Audience” button and you will be able to continuously turn your autoresponder email list into your ad audience:


Firstly, you need to click on the “FB Ads Account” and click “Add new” to add a new FB ad account. Follow PART 3 to process this section.

After finishing adding a new FB ads account, click on the “Email To Audience” section and click “Add Custom Audience”


Next, provide some information and click “Save”:


Then, your audience has been added, click on the icon like this seen below to connect autoresponders lists to your audience



Watch the demo of Email List Audience

PART 6: Create Stunning Facebook Ads

Click on the “Ad decorator” to start creating stunning Facebook ads that grab your viewers’ attention.


You can automatically decorate the ad text by using Unicode symbols.


Watch the demo of AdPlify Ad Decorator

PART 7: ROI Calculator

Click on the “FB ROI Calculator” section.


Here, you can estimate your expenses & returns without running your ads


Watch the demo of AdPlify RoI Calculator


All the tools included in AdPlify are totally newbie-friendly allowing you to set up profitable Facebook Ad Campaigns in minutes

As I have mentioned above, AdPlify is truly easy to use. Even if you have little knowledge or skills in running ad campaigns, there is absolutely no worry as AdPlify will do them all for you!

This is truly a comprehensive toolkit for any struggling marketer or complete newbie!

If you are not interested in running Facebook ads campaigns, you can still cash in big with your digital marketing service

There are more and more businesses jumping into making money online. Thus, the competition is getting tougher and tougher every day requiring any business owners to do anything possible to stand out. Facebook marketing is undoubtedly an in-demand service that most business owners are willing to pay you!

If you grab AdPlify now, you will get a FREE Commercial License allowing you to generate online profits totally hands-free with tons of online ads-related jobs:


Are you curious about what the current users are thinking about AdPlify? Let’s take a look:





Let’s recap what you will be getting with AdPlify:


The front-end product comes with 2 pricing options:

   ♣   AdPlify Elite Monthly: $9.95

   ♣   AdPlify Elite One-Time: $37

You can choose the pricing option that best resonates for you. I would recommend choosing the AdPlify Elite Yearly as it would obviously be more economical if you use it for the long term.

In addition, these are the limits for the FE version:


I have to say that never have I seen such a comprehensive toolkit for optimizing Facebook ads. Especially, if you grab AdPlify now, you can get Commercial Rights to run ad campaigns for your clients and earn profits totally hands-free.

Of course, without AdPlify, you can still get to run FB ads, however, this is the catch:


This price will go up soon so be quick to grab this golden opportunity and start earning profits right away. I know you don’t want to miss out on this chance and regret it later!


Obviously, AdPlify is a perfect match for anyone who wants to make money online. Especially, if you belong to the following list, you should seriously take this into consideration:

   ♥   Product vendor

   ♥   Affiliate marketer

   ♥   Email marketer

   ♥   Business owner

   ♥   Ecommerce business owner

   ♥   Advertiser

   ♥   Entrepreneur

   ♥   Freelancer

   ♥   Newbie

And the list goes on and on.



   ♥   Get fresh ideas and capitalize on trends that your competition is targeting.

   ♥   Find hidden audiences that aren’t overexposed to your competitor ads yet.

   ♥   Target pages in your niche to grab their audience and marketing.

   ♥   Feed your leads into audiences and get a huge conversion boost instantly.

   ♥   Fine-tune your retargeting to target your super-customers and get an insane RoI.

   ♥   Save your money by making projections that tell you what you can scale and what you can’t.

   ♥   Commercial License Included

   ♥   Low-cost investment

   ♥   The detailed training course included

   ♥   Support guarantee

   ♥   30-day money-back guarantee


   X   Up to now, there is none.


I hope my AdPlify review has given useful information for you. Please remember that this is a golden opportunity for you to get a stream of income. Everything is all set for you. Grab your chance now or you might regret it later.

Once again, wish you all have a good choice. Thank you for your time on my website!



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