6 Types Of Statistics On Google Analytics For Affiliate Marketing Campaigns

6 Types Of Statistics To Research On Google Analytics

To Analyze Affiliate Marketing Campaigns

Data reports from Google Analytics provide website owners with quite a lot of useful information in website development orientation. So, what are the important statistics that website owners should be interested in.

Currently Google is increasingly optimizing search results by individual users. It means that two people in two different positions, with different search histories, even though searching the same keyword, will produce different results.

Because keyword rankings are sometimes only relatively accurate. Some people have started to care Google Analytics reports to show the growth of the SEO project.

6 Types Of Statistics To Research On Google Analytics To Analyze Affiliate Marketing Campaigns

There are 6 main types of statistics you need to see in Google Analytics

  1. Counter statistics
  2. Geographic statistics
  3. Statistics of used equipment
  4. Statistics evaluation article
  5. Statistics of visits sources.
  6. Conversion rate statistics.

First, to view Google Analytics statistics, you need to log into your account:

  • Go to Google Analytics: https://analytics.google.com/
  • Enter your Gmail address and password

After logging in successfully, you will see a list of websites that have Google Analytics.

Click on the website you want to view statistics. Select the desired view (usually Master View)

The Google Analytics interface is divided into 2 parts.

  • The left column is a list of statistics types.
  • The right side is the details of that statistic

6 Types Of Statistics To Research On Google Analytics To Analyze Affiliate Marketing Campaigns

Note: Choose a timeline to view statistics

Depending on the timeline, the statistics will produce different numbers. The statistical timeline is in the upper right corner of the table.

6 Types Of Statistics To Research On Google Analytics To Analyze Affiliate Marketing Campaigns

To change the timeline, click the down arrow. First you choose a start date by clicking on the desired date on the calendar. Similarly, choose an end date, then click Apply.

6 Types Of Statistics To Research On Google Analytics To Analyze Affiliate Marketing Campaigns

Once we have chosen the desired timeline, we will see the statistics.

Statistics of website visits

This is an overview statistics of the number of visitors.

In the left column select Audience > Overview.

6 Types Of Statistics To Research On Google Analytics To Analyze Affiliate Marketing Campaigns

Here you can see:

  • Users: the number of people accessing the website.
  • Sessions: number of visits to the website.

1 visit (or called session) in Google Analytics lasts for 30 minutes.

A person can access the website many times. Therefore the number of visits is always greater than the number of visitors.

In addition to the two numbers shown above, you can see:

  • Pageviews: total number of page views on the website.
  • Pages/session: how many pages a website visits.
  • Avg. Session Duration: The average time a visitor spends on your website.
  • Bounce rate: Percentage of traffic to your website and leave the site without seeing any other pages.

6 Types Of Statistics To Research On Google Analytics To Analyze Affiliate Marketing Campaigns

So, what can we draw:

Firstly, looking at the graph in the image above, you can see that although the traffic is up and down. But not too much difference.

If there is a day of unexpected decrease in traffic, you need to check the website. Is the website accessible, is the website hacked, domain name, hosting has been fully renewed yet.

Secondly, the pie chart below shows the ratio of new visitors to returning visitors.

  • If you have built a website that provides useful information for viewers. The ratio of old viewers should be high.
  • If you have a website that sells products, such as fashion and home appliances, the percentage of new viewers should be high.

Thirdly, if the bounce rate is as close as 100%, that means your website may not make viewers stay longer, it may be due to:

  • Articles, images are not attractive.
  • There are no links or more suggestions to navigate them through to view another page.
  • The page loading speed is too long.

Geographical statistics

Indicate who your website visitors are coming from: which country, which locality. Based on this, some people will get data to run Google Adwords.

The left column select Audience > Geo > Location.

6 Types Of Statistics To Research On Google Analytics To Analyze Affiliate Marketing Campaigns

You will see which country the visitors are from. If you want to see a specific country, click the country name.

In the list you will see which state/city/province has the most visitors. There have the following figures:

  • Bounce rate
  • Pages/session: how many pages on your website a visitor will see
  • Session Duration: The average time a visitor spends.

Statistics of used equipment

Indicates who accesses the website or which device is used to view: desktop, mobile, tablet.

Go to the left column and select Audience > Mobile > Overview.

6 Types Of Statistics To Research On Google Analytics To Analyze Affiliate Marketing Campaigns

Here you will know which device users visit your website the most. If there are many mobile device, you should check the mobile standards.

  • Is the display on mobile text clear?
  • Images are broken or oversized.
  • Website loads quickly or slowly.

Which device users visit the website with the highest bounce rate? The reason may be that the website does not display well on that device, the page load speed is slow….

For example:

The above statistic results show that the highest number of users using mobile devices to access this website accounted for 52.70% of the total number of devices.

However, when looking at the exit rate on mobile is also quite high 83.58%. This indicates that the website is not optimally optimized on mobile devices. You need to check and optimize to reduce bounce rates for the site.

Statistics and reviews of articles on the website

Indicate which articles are viewed the most.

Left column select Behavior > Site Content > All Pages.

Based on this statistic you can check:

  • Are your products/services pages one of the most viewed? If not, you need to review content that is compelling, has applied the principles of SEO standards yet.
  • For pages that are viewed a lot, but not services/products, can you direct viewers from those to the ones you want? If not, can you remind your brand in the content of those pages?
  • Can the pages with lots of traffic retain customers? If the time on the page and the bounce rate of these pages are too high, they need to optimize immediately.

Statistics of website visits

This is an expanded statistic of website visits.

You want to know what are the sources of most visits to your website. Are these channels you are running ads for, or doing SEO?

Step 1: Go to Acquisition > All traffic > Channels.

Step 2: You look at the channel list as below

  • Organic search: is the amount of traffic gained from searching on tools like Google, Bing, Yahoo…
  • Direct: is the number of direct visitors such as users typing web addresses directly, accessing from bookmark links…
  • Social: is the amount of traffic gained from social networks
  • Paid search: the amount of traffic gained from running Google Adwords.
  • Referral: is the amount of traffic gained from another website. For example, your website link is placed on another website, someone reading this website and interested in clicking on your website, that is called Referral.
  • Other: other access, not in the above groups.

Based on this report you can identify the effectiveness of each marketing campaign you are implementing. For example, doing SEO, the source of Organic search must be high.

You run Facebook or email ads, the number of access to these two sources must reach the target that you set initially. Similarly, other access sources must be relevant to the campaign you are deploying.

Statistics of conversion rates

The conversion statistics report will record the goals you have set for the website. Such as the number of customers who register for an account, customers who buy products, or simply target the click to a landing page on the website.

To view this statistic, go to Conversions > Goals > Overview.

Information in this statistics table includes:

  • Goal Completions.
  • Goal Value.
  • Goal Conversion rate.
  • And all the goals set for the website.

With this statistic, you can assess the level of completion of the goal on the website. What goals have a too low conversion rate, you need to review the current website status (content, page load speed, calls to action, etc.) to optimize what to improve conversion rates.


Thus, with only 6 basic statistics on Google Analytics, you have an overview of the situation of the website, as well as the channels to promote the website you are investing. Based on this data you will come up with the right strategy, development orientation and improve the bad issues on the website.

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