6 Types Of Intelligent Copywriting That Promote Conversion Rates

6 Types Of Intelligent Copywriting That Promote Conversion Rates

Without good copywriting, you somehow generate traffic but the conversion can only be dripping.

Conversion rates may vary depending on the industry. However, in order to increase revenue, you need to increase traffic and improve conversions. Achieving this result is not easy. You may have to use a variety of ways, including very good copywriting.


Here are 6 clever copywriting techniques that help convert visitors into customers.

1. Determine the wishes of the customer

The decision to buy is due to desire. Basically, it is very difficult for you to create customer expectations. However, you absolutely can increase that desire. And first, we need to identify what that desire is.

Through measurement, identify psychological behavior to analyze, identify exactly the desired.

Data usage in Google Analytics

Go to Acquisition > Search Engine Optimization > Queries, you will receive information about key phrases that customers often use to search before coming to you. Phrases will help you identify the desires of your target audience.

The evaluation, the survey

Through reviews or surveys will help to record customer feedback. Through this, you will partly understand the psychology and thinking of people. And it helps you have a good idea to deliver convincing messages.

If you already have a steady stream of traffic, surveys are a great way to identify what you want.

If you conduct a survey, please pay special attention: Do not ask closed-ended, yes-no questions. Instead, the following question should be asked:

    +    What is the biggest problem we can help you with?

    +    What solution are you looking for?

    +    What questions do you have before you buy the product?

2. Make promises, commitments

Once you’ve determined what you want, you need to satisfy your biggest guests and most popular wishes with promises and commitments. Ideally, you should do one of the things your opponent can’t do for your users.

To make the promise more attractive, try the following:

    ♦    It’s simple: with another word, don’t use pattern language. The 3 formulas that should be used for this case are: 1-Promising what; 2-What you can do; 3-What guests will get.

    ♦    Be specific by the statistics: For example, in 5 years of operation, we have 5000 clients, of which 4,000 SEO projects have been successful as expected.

    ♦    Difference: The bigger the competition, the more difference you need.

    ♦    Personalize your goals: For example: SEO is very effective for every small business.

    ♦    Intimate: Names you can use as friends.


3. Positive message

The positive always spread

Most content that reaches viral will contain the following characteristic:

Firstly, content makes people emotional

Second, content makes people feel positive emotions.

And it helps sales

Intelligent copywriting promotes sales. According to the psychology studied, consumers tend to use emotions rather than logic to evaluate brands.

And the emotions that come from the text influence buying decisions more than the emotions from the ads.

Moreover, positive emotions affect consumers’ behavior more than rational judgments. 

How to create positive emotions?

They come from:

  • Joy
  • Trust
  • Attention
  • Hope
  • Inspiration

And create them by:

    +    Through positive phrases: remarkable, more advanced, wonderful…

    +    Focusing on solving difficult problems: citing achievements, situations of successfully handling obstacles in the project…

    +    Written by spoken language

    +    Give compliments to customers

    +    Application of humor

4. Tell a compelling story

Consumers are becoming more sophisticated and seem immune to many things. But compelling stories stimulate your customers’ emotions, engaging and drawing them back to you.

How to create your own interesting story

The best brand storytellers use classic description structures to create content, showcase and engage their audience. Unfortunately this is a skill that few marketers are trained.

But the truth is, any skilled writer can still make a story as long as they understand the basic structure.

For example:

American mythologist Joseph Campbell wrote “Hero’s Journey”. And it has been used in many successful Hollywood movies like The Wizard of Oz to Star Wars. “Hero’s Journey” has 12 stages from start to finish. But based on that, we can restructure ourselves into 5 segments.

Hero: The hero of the story is not you! It is your customer, or the person they can identify.

Goal: What is the hero trying to achieve? Again, their goals must be what customers want.

Obstacles: What is standing between hero and target?

Mentor: Now this is you. This is where you come to salvage and solve obstacles

Victory: Your heroes achieve their goals. And all thanks to you.


5. Take them to action

The ultimate goal of copywriting is to make visitors act on your will. The best way to get customers to act is to ask them. By the end of the content, don’t be afraid to ask and ask guests to take action. Of course, you have to make a strong call to action (CTA).

Remember a well-known principle of human psychological behavior. When we ask people to do something, we have to give a compelling reason. So in CTA’s words, don’t forget the reason.

6. Overcome opposition

If you have acted, that is consent, prefer what you show from beginning to end. But there are many people, though interesting CTA, they still do not act. It is possible that they disagree with one of your content.

    +    What must you do to overcome this objection? Give them the content of their query:

    +    How to make sure I should do this? Put satisfied customer quotes.

    +    How can I trust you? State how long you have been in business. Display industry standard certificates. Demonstrate toughness to reassure.

    +    Why is the price high? Provide workflow, technology use or for trial…

    +    Why take action now? …

Always remember to tweak last

What copywriting put forward always needs tweaking to finalize. The tricky part is figuring out what to fix. But work hard, as it will help you improve conversions significantly.

Spend time tracking and measuring effectively for the above copywriting, you will get many surprises!

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