5 Basic Tactics To Optimize Conversion Rates

5 Basic Tactics To Optimize Conversion Rates

Even if the site is very well optimized for search engines and gets a great deal of traffic, you may not be able to achieve a positive conversion.

In this case, you need to optimize the conversion rate for the site. Be it fixing fonts, forms, optimizing images, landing-page landing page layout…

Once you find the defects that make fewer conversions, you need to conduct research and change for the better.

Here are the most basic tactics to help optimize conversion rates.

1. Pay attention to the notification messages

Using messages to advertise information to customers is a common practice. To win conversions from this way, you need to be interested in:

    ♦    Replace content for different promotional messages. It means the same product or service but the customer receives different title and description content.

    ♦    Create a consistent experience between ads and landing page landing pages. Consistency on content, images, colors…

    ♦    Combine keywords in ads. It helps you reach customers from ads and organic search.

    ♦    CTA (Call to Action) is suitable for the target audience.

2. Pay special attention to personalization

Now, customers themselves like to be more personalized in the process of shopping, receiving marketing information.

Whatever problems which send to customers, please personalize as much as possible.

Personalization makes a difference to yourself. And it makes the relationship between the company and customers closer, do not be disturbed.

3. Attract customers with specific commitments

Create interaction and transformation through the specific commitment of the business to its customers.

Committing to what you are sure to do for your customers is a way to increase trust and credibility. Moreover, it captures customers by the most practical value you give them. This is also a way to limit the nostalgia of customers, especially in online shopping.

The following are common types of commitments that help with conversion optimization:

  • Free, best discounts for customers to share, like your link
  • Special offers for pre-registered customers
  • Break down payments with high cost products

In general, commitment depends on resources or type of product or service. But, all commitments are the same, forcing you to comply.

4. Check the vitality of the page

That means you need to optimize your landing page. In addition to optimizing for search engines, you need to optimize both in terms of aesthetics, attractiveness… of it.

All optimizations, you need to time markers to test that the job will significantly increase conversions.

5. Survey, probe and feedback

For all customers who have visited your website but have not yet converted, you need to survey and survey them.

This can be done by, after a certain amount of time on the site, you can turn on pop-ups for exploration. Pop-up example of “Did you forget your shopping cart?” or you need “detailed advice on…”.

Remember, only pop-ups are available at the time the customer is near the exit.

You can then send emails that remind you of the content that pop-ups sent to them while they were on the site. And do not forget to ask questions with the content form “You need us to explain more” Or “What are you not satisfied”…

In addition to the basic tactics, you can find other advanced ways to improve conversions. And do not forget to measure after each tactic to evaluate the effectiveness.

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