12 Elements Needed For Website Homepage

12 Elements Needed For Website Homepage

Good website homepage design is important. Whether customers continue to return to the website or not depends on the Homepage. Beautiful homepage will attract customers and will increase conversion rates.


Here are 12 important elements that should be included on the Homepage. Factors that provide both useful information and charisma.

Clearly express the website message

Website gives customers the type of products, services… must show clearly on the home page. Do not let visitors to the page must go through pages 2 and 3 to know what is the starting value.

The first thing to see when customers visit your site is the logo. It is usually located at the top left corner of the Homepage. Please adjust the owner to display the logo clearly and nicely.

Recommended Tools for Logo: >>>PixaLogo 3.0 Review – Create Your Own Professional Logos Quickly & Easily<<<

Links to your Social Media

This instructs people to follow and interact with the business on social media. Place the icons and insert the kink to Social Media in a visible place.

When social sites increase the number of followers and interactions, the audience from this channel will go to your website more often.

Intuitive navigation

Navigation on the Homepage must be easy to understand for first-time visitors. The navigation should clearly show information to the exact destination, not confused.

It reflects typical user behaviour on the page. You know exactly where on the page the most traffic makes it easy with the navigation bars. Do not hide it!

Contact Information


Contact information is usually found in the footer. These include basic information such as email, phone number, office address, website.

This information does not merely provide contact to the user. It also shows the credibility, transparency and legitimacy of the business.

Feature the Blog page

The content strategy focus is built through blogs. Encourage viewers to watch by highlighting it on the page.

Blog content is the place to provide all the information about products and services. It is the bridge to start the relationship between your brand and customers.

If you do not have a writing team, you can outsource to update content regularly for blogs. This helps the blog with a variety of information and perfect SEO support.


A quick introduction video about the business or the office, the staff on the Homepage will attract more users. Because video is the most popular media today.

Note, the video should be less than 3 minutes so guests do not lose interest in other content. The video is just a small piece of content, not the whole story. Surely, you also need customers to know more important information.

High quality image

Large images will be more attractive because they are displayed clearly, without blur. Besides, the actual image will bring more authenticity than the symbolic image. Photos will contribute to the level of professionalism and attention.

Overview of services and features

The message and video will partly provide an overview of the company. But in terms of content, there is still a need for additional information about services and products.

This information on the page provides more detailed information for customers. At the same time, useful for implementing page SEO.


Research shows that 79% of consumers trust online reviews and opinions from customers. So if the company has a positive review then take advantage of them.

This helps you validate your achievements, build trust and allow people to feel for themselves.

Awards, certificates

If the company has ever received prestigious awards, do not leave them taciturn in the office. Put them on the screen now!

Prizes will replace your words. It represents the credibility and quality of products and services. Certainly, customers will evaluate you as a reliable partner.

Call to action

What is your ultimate goal? Is it increasing customers? Call to action now. Call to action can be by consulting registration form, buy button now…

Above are 12 main factors that should be included on the Homepage. In addition, you can balance the knowledge as well as the aesthetics of the page to add some other factors. You need to consult many subjects to build both an attractive and quality Homepage.

That’s the end of the article. Thank you for your time on my website!

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